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________ELECTION 2010_________

While we campaign in poetry, we should govern in prose.

Mario Cuomo


I have seen comments on an email from Mr. Meister about DeBaryPop editorial and my candidacy.

1- Understand I represent all residents of DeBary and have visited all parts of the City, not just DBCC. I even spoke to residents at beautiful Meadowlea.
2- Mr. Carson, my opponent, has a track record established during his two previous terms. He voted to raise taxes multiple times. He voted to hire grant writers, approve studies and consultants that wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money. He did nothing when the county's improper use of eminent domain was used during the Saxon Blvd. extension that threatened the residents of Terra Alta, Highlands, and Kings Lake. He did nothing when the floods hit Glen Abbey and DGCC.

This is not dirty politics but the facts.

My platform is clearly stated and I have worked with the City Engineer on both the Eastside and Westside Projects for many years and I continue to assist on the latest projects - Lakeside and Lake Susan.
I am proactive so that we can hopefully prevent the errors of the past.

It is important that all residents understand the threat to the City if a special interest group takes all 3 Council seats,- that's what I am trying to prevent.

Respectfully, Mike Kolba- Candidate for DeBary City Council Seat #1


From Norm: Chris Carson lives in Glen Abbey. When he served, did he only look out for Glen Abbey? This non-argument of only serving DGCC was used against Val Emerson. It's just thrown out there with no justification.




Generally speaking, “super-voters” are those individuals who have voted in both the primary and general election in the last 3-5 election cycles. They are, generally speaking, more informed and knowledgeable than non-super-voters.

If we can agree on those usually accepted premises, then here is my question: how will super-voters vote on Tuesday and what will that mean?

Of course, we’ll have to wait for those results – but those results whatever or whomever they are will be a reflection of the super-voters’ minds and/or emotions.

It will be very interesting to see how the supposed more informed and knowledgeable citizens will cast their vote and what it means.

Of course, who they do not select will also say something as well.

Norm Erickson



Clarification from Bob Waldorf

Recently the Beacon did a story on my past history which included some allegation of illegal activity. Shortly after the story came out the News Journal contacted me to go over it again, at which time I referred them back to the Beacon. The reason being is that each one is going to try and out do the other and make their story more scandalous than the other. Think about it, there is no other reason to write the story over and over unless you want to add ‘something’ to it to sell more newspapers.
I want you, the voters of Debary, to know from me what happened to me over 25 years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I was given a copy of an email that was being circulated about me by ‘unknown sources’. Even the person that gave it to me says he didn’t know who it came from. (strange). The report was a history name search which brought up numerous violations, under my name and names similar to mine, dating back into the 70’s. The violations were everything from bad checks to drug possession charges. Most of them were not me. There was even one allegation that I spend 1 year in jail, totally untrue. One allegation stated I was a fugitive to Louisiana, totally untrue. Others were untrue but I don’t remember exactly what they were. Here is what is true.

In 1986 my mother passed away unexpectedly and I did turn to drinking and doing drugs to numb the pain of losing her. Of course that did not work and I did not do that very long, but during that time I lost interest in everything. I was a lost soul that didn’t care. At one time I was charged with DUI that was reduced to reckless driving and I agreed to that. Three months later I was charged with drug possession because they said they found drugs in the police car that I had sat in and I was the last one to have sat in that car. My attorney Marc Lubet, now Orange County Judge, advised me to accept that allegation and take 6 months probation which I did because there was no way to prove my innocence’s. During my grieving period I did not pay attention to what was going on in the business where I was one of three partners. In fact I instructed the finance officer to sell my portion. He sold the entire business in late 1986. Five (5) years after the sale of the business, the IRS alleged that our corporation did not properly file its income for the years 1984 & 1985. There was no way I could financially afford to challenge their allegations so I accept responsibility, paid a severe penalty, and put that part of my life behind me. I feel it is very unfortunate that the IRS can use its power so harshly on a small businessman that makes a mistake but I used that mistake to my benefit and turned my life around and into a positive direction.

Since that time I have done volunteer work for my church, joined various volunteer organizations (F.O.E. & F.O. M), am a current member of CERT and was a volunteer for the last Debary Library Book Sale. I have held various state issued licenses including some that required me to be bonded. Additionally I gave support to my daughter to better herself in the Orange County School system and she is now an administrator. I put my son through Stetson and he graduated as a financial planner who currently works at Charles Schwab and I have proudly watched my grandson grow up to be an honor guard in his ROTC. I am very happily married to my wife of 31 years and am very content with myself, my wisdom and experience and my sincere desire to help all the citizens of Debary. I ask that you accept me for who I am now and not who I was, or alleged to have been, 20 and more years ago.

Thank you
Bob Waldorf, running for City of Debary, Council Seat 2.



The citizens of Debary will elect three new City Council Members on August 24, 2010. I support Mike Kolba for City Council Seat #1. I have worked side by side with Mike Kolba over the last two years and believe Mike is someone who the City of DeBary truly needs. Mike Kolba takes the time to review information, digest the information and formulates a workable plan for each and every issue that arises. We need council members who will be pro-active involved in any of their efforts as it relates to any issues within our city.
To that extent we need accountability, we need change. Mike Kolba’s integrity, honesty and common sense approach makes him not only the best choice for City Council Seat #1 but the only choice.

Paul Setteducati
449 Quail Hill Drive
DeBary, FL 32713



Hello, I am Mike Kolba and running for DeBary City Council Seat #1.
I am a retired engineer with over 37 years in the engineering profession. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and specialized in the automation and validation for the pharmaceutical industry.I retired as a Senior Director for North American engineering and validation operations.Based on my background,I feel that I would be an asset for bringing high tech employers and jobs to our area.

I have worked with the City Manager and City Engineer on our flood control projects such as the Westside project and Quail Lake project and continuing Lakeside and Eastside projects. A single point fault analysis proved that the Council and City Engineer identified a weak link and corrected the problem by adding emergency generators to the Westside and Quail Lake projects. I am continuing these efforts for the next 2 years of work remaining, including new storm damage issues such as the collapse the Quail Lake weir after the recent 5" storms over a weekend.
I listen to the people and represent them honestly and with integrity.

I am opposed to any tax increases and feel we can maintain services thru competitive bidding, business sponsorships and county, state and federal funding assitance.
Our employment picture is bleak and that's where I will utilize my experie

nce to bring High tech jobs to our area by bridging the new Sunrail station with an upscale hotel with parklike areas to bring employers to our City and see business and indutrial opportunities here.
I am an independent voter, thinker and have no party affiliations or political party or special interest group backing. I serve the City presently on the City Streetscape Advisory Committee. I hope I can represent the people of our community well.

Come visit me at my website- www.mikekolba.com









The following is for publication on pop by MaryAnn Conoley   +++ All DeBary registered voters can vote on August 24, 2010.  While the Council races are getting a lot of attention, I would like to remind my fellow DeBary residents that all DeBary voters can vote in the school board race- District 5.  District 5 is our district and regardless of party affiliation, all residents can vote in this race.          +++    I support Rhonda Lochiatto, the challanger.  Rhonda is honest and has common sense.  With most of our property tax dollars going to the school board, I want someone who will see that our tax dollars go to educate our children. I do not want my tax dollars going to support a useless educational bureaucracy that deprives our children of needed monies!!       Rhonda supports fair, valid, and unbiased testing of all students.  However, Rhonda deplores the misuse of tax dollars to continuously "teach the FCAT test".      Rhonda Lochiatto is the right choice for all DeBary residents who want accountability in our schools.       MaryAnn Conoley, DeBary resident and retired teacher


I understand there are 11 candidates running for 3 offices. I am running for council seat #2. It is very hard for citizens to know exactly what each candidate stands for and sometimes they read information in the newspaper that is wrong or not complete. I do an online radio - call in talk show to let people get to know me. I also welcome all candidates who want to call in to speak to the people. My show will be on the internet every other Wednesday beginning July 14th @ 8:00 pm. Get to know me and get to know the rest of the candidates.

Bob Waldorf


Volusia county

District 5

Only residents of District 5 vote.

Alison Curtiss — Curtiss, of DeBary, has served as a law-enforcement officer, volunteer firefighter and USDA inspector.

James France — France lives in DeBary.

Pat Northey — Northey, of Deltona, has served as the District 5 representative since 2007. She previously served as the District 5 representative, and also as an at-large representative.


Seat 1

Chris Carson — a native DeBaryite who served six years on the council before reaching his term limit at the end of 2008.

Dawn Fitzpatrick — a member of the city’s Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Mike Kolba — serves on the DeBary streetscape committee and has been a regular at City Council meetings.

Seat 2

Nick Koval — serves on the city’s Code Enforcement Board and is vice president of the Glen Abbey community association; a regular at City Council meetings.

Bill Long — a funeral director elected to the DeBary City Council in 1999, where he served until he was elected to the Volusia County Council in 2002. Long had a colorful political career, and lost his re-election bid in 2006.

Bob Waldorf — a newcomer to DeBary politics.

Seat 3

Grace Carlton — a newcomer to DeBary politics.

Lita Handy-Peters — a Realtor who was just appointed to Seat 3 on an interim basis.

Dan Hunt — a newcomer to DeBary politics.

Mark Meister — ran for the seat in 2008; lost to Van Conoley; served on Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Ryan Rinaldo — just graduated from Deltona High School and plans to attend Stetson University. Rinaldo serves on the Public Safety Advisory Committee.