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Sandra Wilson has sat on the Cultural Council Committee for years. This Council recommends to the County Council that, among other expenditures, that they give money to the Gateway Center for the Arts whose President is, yes, Sandra Wilson. She probably recuses herself on particular votes because of the unethical practice – still, her friends on the Cultural Council vote in favor of her private corporation paid for and supported with public taxpayer money. When Mort spoke at the latest Cultural Council meeting, Sandra Wilson left before Mort came up to talk. When Mort asked if she was going to stay and listen, she said she had heard enough of what he had to say.

Thus her motivation of having Mort taken out by police not once, but twice. The first time was to have him arrested and given a mugshot. So, when this Cultural Council votes to recommend expenditures of funds in favor of the Gateway Center for the Arts, they are supporting a dictatorial corporation that is private, exclusive and not for all citizens – only citizens not disagreeing with the Gateway Center for the Arts.

When the County Council actually votes to give taxpayer money to a private corporation – Gateway Center for the Arts – they are supporting the evil of quashing a citizen’s 1 st Amendment Right and using your money to do so. That kind of behavior by Sandra Wilson should not be supported with taxpayer money. I’m going to be sending emails and trying to attend some of these meetings. It is difficult as these meetings occur on weekdays in the morning – wonder why.

Norm Erickson

From Mort Culligan:

To Volusia County and Debary taxpayers

   I would like to speak today about the money making private corporation.... Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary, Fl.  This corporation is a very political ,money hounding corporation operating from a public park.

    This corporation uses their  FREE  $3.5 million dollar building, primarily for making money for that corporation.  This corporation claims to serve the public yet also claims to be a private business when it wants to eliminate taxpayers such as myself from their premises.  Taxpayers that have been critical of their relentless greed and non stop hounding for  money from the community are not welcome at their taxpayer funded building in a public park. This money hounding corporation enjoys an almost free 5 acre section of a public park at 880 hwy 17-92 for its money making, political and religious activities. Schemes such as permitting the selling questionable food from food trucks on Thursdays, a flea market and bakery on Saturdays and regular church services at THEIR church/arts building on Sundays. None of this has anything to do with arts and culture in violation of their lease with the city, as I understand it.

    This non taxpaying, freeloading  corporation over the years has hounded the City of Debary, County of Volusia, State of Florida and every business and individual it could in the area for MONEY....yet pays no taxes because of its 501C3 status.   

     I am proud of speaking out against this manipulative corporation years ago when they tried to manipulate intimidate the City of Debary for a $600,000 grant.   The GCA Inc. manipulators flooded the city hall meeting with children and their arts projects during the meeting, but their strategy of using children, is an old political trick that did not work.

     Approximately one year ago thus same corporation tried to get the City of Debary to clean their bathrooms at taxpayer expense in violation of their contract with the city. Again they failed because myself and others spoke out against the manipulative leaders of this' money hungry' ugly political corporation.

     Since then this outrageous organization's founder has had myself illegally trespassed and arrested for coming on their property .....property leased from the City of Debary, property that I pay taxes on. This trespass arrest in 2011 was illegal and I was acquitted in  a court of law. Never has the vicious arrogant leadership of Gateway Center for the Arts INC. ever apologized for their manipulation of the police involved nor myself.    I will continue to expose every effort this manipulative political corporation uses to devour  taxpayer money from the City of Debary and County of Volusia, I have a civic responsibility to do stand up to all FREELOADING corporations that enjoy taxpayer money, yet pay no taxes.

    The political director of this money hungry corporation Sandra Wilson has since called the VCSO to have myself removed from a POLITICAL DEBATE they sponsored at that facility that is supposed to be for the ARTS . I said nothing to deserve this , it was a public meeting I was invited to by the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce of which Frau Sandra Wilson is a board member. BOSS and Founder of this money oriented Arts corporation,  Sandra Wilson is a considered by some to be a vindictive woman that is a disgrace to the Arts community and the entire City of Debary, Florida.  Others may think she is a nice old lady , I advise them not to get between this nice woman and a tax free dollar.  That is my opinion based upon the various police incident reports her and her flunkies have submitted against me over the years

     The Gateway Center for the ARTS is all about money,  religion and politics  and is supported by Pat 'FREE MONEY' Northey that was on their board of directors.... as this corporation manipulated for even more money from ECHO and the county.    It is unknown the amount of money this corporation has sucked from innocent taxpayers through their friends in politics, it is in the millions.   The people in charge of this corporation have a wild sense of entitlement to taxpayer money for their tax dodging business.

     In the opinion of this taxpayer and some others, the tax dodging corporation Gateway Center for the Arts Inc. does not deserve one more thin dime of taxpayers money....this corporation is not an asset to the general community it is an embarrassment to the City of Debary and County of Volusia

 MC – Mort Culligan


Debary Voters and taxpayers

     I feel much better about the Debary City Council  after the January 15th meeting and especially after reading The Deland Beacon's article on the subject. Reporter Pat Andrews did an excellent article on our new City Council member Rick Dwyer.  Perhaps you should read it, only a few clicks away.

         Rick claims to want to act as a fiscal watchdog for the city and that is a good thing, because we need people that are not just about the GD image of the city.   Many taxpayers are fed up with paying for image and events when we need fiscal responsibility ,limited government growth and jobs.  Mr. Dwyer looked good as a councilmember and may be the independent voice Debary needs.    The DebaryPOP.com website has a pretty good review on that meeting and of course you know I had something to say.  

      My rant was the usual about out of control government spending on anything. It appears that elected officials  are all about throwing borrowed money at everything.  $500 million for a center for the performing arts in Orange County Fl.......no big deal.  $600 million per copy for F35  fighter aircraft on the federal level... no big deal.       The Fraudulent States of America  just built an $8 billion dollar aircraft carrier maybe it can launch the $600 million dollar aircraft to bomb starving  peasants and empty mud huts in Afghanistan, as fat greedy American generals and admirals play golf in Washington DC near the Pentagon.   It is all being accomplished using borrowed money as we rape future generations and destroy the dollar with our ignorance and arrogance as a nation. As I said at the meeting ....God May Bless America but he ain't stupid and he will not pay our bills or wash our bloody hands.

      Hey...if a few Debary homes get flooded lets spend $17 million on a flood water system and ignore the fact that we have no flooding problem to begin with.  We have a problem of foolish people building on low land often near lakes that get bigger during tropical storms.  These 'suburban mutts' wanted waterfront property, they got it...now the taxpayers have to bail them out.   It seems that every city council meeting the council rubber stamps more money for CEI or Pegasus Engineering or who ever is milking the storm water cow.  Where does it end and is all this rubberstamping justifiable is a question the council needs to address.      When you build a house upon the mountain top do not complain about the wind and if you build next to the water..... expect water ....lots of water.

    The real estate salesmen/hustlers and developers that sold the 'swamp properties' in Glen Shabby and Debary Golf and CC are long gone and laughing at the taxpayers. These homeowners were outraged as their properties went underwater yet none have ever said anything about their own personal responsibility as far as being foolish enough to buy these properties to begin with.  Selling swampland in Florida is nothing new, developers would sell you a lot on the bottom of the St John's river if YOU were stupid enough to purchase it.  People that trust government to protect them are not very smart because government is for sale and under the influence of the influential.   

    Read the city budget....if you think that is bad, read the county and state budget...if you really want to stretch your imagination to its breaking point ,read the federal budget.......no fiction writers could think this stuff up.....it is beyond fiction and classic irresponsibility of epic/ biblical proportions.   Oh well... the future approaches with all its baggage...ready or not. Explain to your grandchildren how we are stealing from their tomorrow ...to satisfy ourselves today.

                   MC    Debary voter


To whom it may concern

    You can do it.......just visit the City of Debary website and click to the city council meeting videos.  Visit the last Dec 18th 2013 city council meeting and watch three DEBARY council members eat crow. Watch as citizen after citizen chews out these 3 arrogant councilmembers  CARSON, KOVAL and HUNT about their lack of judgment and compassion concerning a 3 year old boy's and his parents efforts to keep 3 chickens on an acre of land.  The Hart family stood up courageously for their child against the imperial city of Debary and won.

    These are the same three councilmembers CARSON.KOVAL and HUNT that embarrassed the entire City of Debary on nationwide television via the TODAY SHOW as Matt Lauer's crew had to ask for the compassion that these three councilmembers lacked.   Finally under a threat of a lawsuit did these three  disgraceful councilmembers relent and permit a child to have 3 chickens on an acre of land in the imperial City of Debary.  To their credit both Mayor Garcia and C/M Lita Peters stood up for what was the right thing to do in this case from the git go.

    Many citizens believe the most arrogant of all these council members is Vice Mayor Chris Carson....this person actually stated late in the Dec 18th  city council meeting at time stamp ...1:54... " Our job is to educate people".   This part time politician and full time idiot apparently does not even realize his job is to REPRESENT citizens.......all Debary citizens, even three year old children with disabilities.   Chris is famous for his foolish statements and his ability to represent his wealthy friends and so called non profit organizations he is associated with , above the citizens and taxpayers.   Perhaps ,  V/M Chris Carson needs to invest in an education for himself before he attempts to educate others.

     This is not the first time this elected representative insulted the citizens of Debary, if you go through the city tapes this person states on many occasions "his job is to educate the citizens of Debary". This person still has not figured out what an insult that really is , he in effect is calling the citizens of Debary ignorant. He also claims he works for the City of Debary...no ...Chris you work for and are supposed to REPRESENT  all the citizens not just YOURSELF and your manipulative greedy friends. You do not work for the city government CHRIS, you were elected to represent ALL the people.

      Mr. Carson is considered by some as a 'middle aged brat' from the country club that was re-elected because he is often a dupe for the country club crowd...this council member was even quoted as saying he has the "city by the cojones".

     Watch at this same meeting as a former councilmember points out how Chris Carson added time to a speaker's 3 minute time limit during the meeting without consulting anyone. The speaker was an instigator in the complaints against this child's having a couple of chickens and went well over his allotted time at the Dec 4th city council meeting and is a friend of  recently ousted Debary C/M Nick Koval. You have too see the Dec 4th meeting on tape it shows what kind of people are on the Debary council...look at the tape let it speak for itself.

    Carson , Koval and Hunt were also a  prime movers behind the waste of so much taxpayer money, watch the meeting where they and other councilmembers waste $503,000 on a unneeded park directly on dangerous Hwy 17-92,   this park attracts children to cross 17-92 with no crosswalks and is another embarrassment to the city.   Chris 'country club' Carson also voted for a $100,000 park in his neighborhood near councilmember Koval's house, not far from Chris Carson's mommy's house.

    The voters  rid the city of hardline councilmember Nick Koval yet somehow Chris Carson slipped in by 23 votes, which apparently means another 3 years if Chris 'country club' Carson's favoritism towards his friends, the wealthy and ' non profit corporate manipulators'  that haunt the city.

    Debary councilmembers Chris Carson, Dan Hunt and Nick Koval in the opinion of many citizens owe the Hart Family and the rest of the citizens of Debary, Florida a full public apology for their arrogance , ignorance and meanness as elected officials.  To my knowledge none of these elected officials have ever apologized for their arrogance and selfishness as elected officials and that fact will be remembered on election day...count on it.

        Morton Culligan, Debary voter




Volusia County & Debary Residents
      The QUEEN COBRA of Debary  struck again last night from her very own nest at Gateway park in Debary ,Fl. from HER very own $3.5 M building that YOU and I as  taxpayers paid for.
      Yes, the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce Inc.  invited basically everyone to a city council candidate forum at the Gateway Center for the Arts bldg. on Oct 24 2013 @ 700PM.    But that means little because the QUEEN COBRA of Debary does not like certain citizens in HER building in HER park that taxpayers paid for.
       The QUEEN COBRA of Debary, Fl. for the second time verbally harassed a citizen that said nothing at all to her at a public and commanded that person to leave HER building in HER park that we paid for even though that person had an invitation to the event from the WVCC an organization she represents.
      You guessed, it the QUEEN COBRA dialed the cops with her fangs again and called the Volusia County Sheriffs Dept. I explained to the cops and showed them my public invitation to that specific meeting but the QUEEN COBRA exclaimed..."but I did not invite him"....yes she did because she represents the WVCC.    The Queen Cobra is a liar and she is arrogant and vicious.  But she has talent dialing the cops with your fangs takes practice !
    The fact of the matter is the QUEEN COBRA and her wealthy political friends legally HIJACKED 5 acres of the State of Florida owned Gateway Park in Debary Florida for 50 years @ $300 per year. So the Queen Cobra got HER very own 5 acre park for roughly $25.00 per month...not bad for prime property  on Hwy17-92 @ Saxon Blvd.  FIVE acres of prime real estate on a major highway for less than you pay for your cell phone bill every month.....just ask them how they pulled that maneuver off back in 2004.
    That is how these non profit corporations often work, free facilities paid for by the taxpayers, yet they do not have to pay taxes. That is how the wealthy manipulators get their share as everyone else suffers in the depression. The poor are often excluded from Gateway's events by the price of admission check their website.
      Never...never  cross the Queen Cobra as I did at a Debary City Council meeting years ago when I spoke  out against the Queen as she tried to manipulate $600,000 from the Debary City council for her arts center. The Queen Cobra of Debary has a memory and will never let someone that has stood up against her manipulative greed come into HER building in HER park again. The QUEEN has a huge sense of entitlement to money...money ..and MORE money for her 'great cause' an Arts Center of all things.   An Arts Center that is mostly about making MONEY and avoiding taxes from their 501c3 non profit status.
      The Queen Cobra also sits on the board at the Volusia County Cultural Council an organization that votes grant money to the Queen's GCA corporation annually.   Not bad...when you can manipulate money from every level of government, every business and every individual and never pay taxes on the income.
     It is really sad how greedy manipulators like the Queen Cobra of Debary dominate and manipulate local politicians into giving them millions and then manipulate the cops into arresting people that have the guts to expose and stand up to the wealthy, the vicious and the greedy...the local political cobras of Debary. 
     Even the children will have to pay $5.00 to enter Debary's  public park at Halloween so the Gateway Center for the Arts can make even more money with their  Haunted Hike.  The Queen Cobra and her friends at Gateway never miss an opportunity to exploit a public park for MONEY...MONEY..and MORE MONEY.   Look at the events at Gateway Park...they are all about rentals, sales and fundraisers it is all about making TAX FREE money from a building and park paid for by hardworking taxpayers and businesses.
    The Queen COBRA that runs the Gateway Center for the Arts actually considers herself to be a Christian,  was CHRIST greedy ,vindictive and vicious?   Ask the people that operate this corporation in a public park about the twin fangs of GREED and GUILE hanging from the Queen Cobra's jaws.
    Ask the folks at Gateway  Inc.  386 668 5553..be sure to be respectful and nice some of the people at Gateway are good people that do not realize they work with a COBRA enclosed in an old woman's body.
    Now let us all pray for God to forgive the corporate Guile and GREED that has infected Gateway park in Debary ,Florida. We shall remember the good old days when that was a simple GOOD park for everyone , even the poor to enjoy.

Morton Culligan     voter   Volusia Co.   FSA

Debary Voters
      A question that Debary voters should consider...was the recent Debary Candidate Forum held at Gateway Arts Center rigged?
      The event was hosted by the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce Inc. a non profit political corporation of  questionable value to the community.   This corporation sells memberships and holds fundraisers yet pays no taxes and should have no right to represent the taxpaying community and taxpaying voters in any way whatsoever.
      This event was held at the very political Gateway Center for the Arts Inc. another non profit political corporation of very questionable value to the community at large.   This corporation's domineering founder Sandra Wilson also sits on the board at the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce as well. Was this her political forum or was it for the people of Debary?
      What influence did these two non taxpaying corporations the WVCC & GCA have over the questions being asked remains uncertain.  Why did they not let regular citizens ask questions of the candidates?
     They did NOT want voters to ask questions  because  the WVCC  wanted to control of the situation. That is exactly why the format was the way it was ......no honest HARD difficult or surprise questions from the audience for anyone , just a canned format sponsored by the politicians at Gateway INC and the WVCC Inc. two corporations that should not represent the community of DEBARY in any way whatsoever.
    Many officials and members of the WVCC do not even live in Debary. what right to they have to even have this event?  The Gateway Center for the Arts was paid for by the taxpayers as an arts  center not a biased political center or civic center.
    The one common denominator for this Candidate forum was Sandra Wilson, this person helped manipulate this forum into existence in HER building paid for by US taxpayers, yet owned by HER corporation.
   This was not a free event, there was no admission but it was not free because the taxpayers paid for the GCA Inc. and its FREE building, its electric bill and rent in a legally hijacked ex public park
    Ask yourself the question, why are non profit/non taxpaying corporations meddling in civic events in Debary,Florida.   Are these corporations the WVCC and GCA Inc. part of government as they hound businesses and government for money to fund their operations?
     Regular Debary citizens  should have been allowed  questions for incumbent or potential councilmembers but the  manipulative WVCC and GCA would never allow that because the truth might come out about.
    None of the officials of the WVCC or GCA Inc. have been elected to anything but were playing politics from a tax payer funded Arts Center commanded by a  clever  manipulative political person that sits on the board of  the WVCC, The GCA Inc. and the Volusia County Cultural Council.
    Non profit...money making businesses have infected this city and county with their political/ economic  influence in government and it is about time Debary and Volusia County citizens recognize these corporations for what they really are.    Many NON profit corporations are simply money making businesses that dodge taxes and unfairly compete with taxpaying businesses.  Some of these businesses have a cash flow that would shock the hardworking public to the core.  Lets drag them from the shadows and put them on the radar...non profit businesses are thriving as tax paying businesses are barely hanging on.  
               Remember...God may Bless America...but he is not going to pay our bills.
                                                                                                          Morton Culligan    Debary,Fl  FSA
I read the comment by Morton Culligan that asked the question: " ...was the recent DeBary Candidate Forum held at Gateway Arts Center rigged?" As a resident, I was concerned with the possibility that one candidate might be given an advantage over another. When I arrived at the DeBary Arts Center, I made it a duty to myself to meet and talk with the individual asking the questions and operating the forum. He gave me his business card, and the gentleman is a small businessman who is as irritated with government as I am. After talking with the moderator, Mr. Siegal, I am 100% convinced that he was a "straight shooter" and he clearly allowed all four of the candidates a fair amount of time. The world is not always fair, but Mr. Siegal was fair in every way.
R. Van Conoley, Editor of WWW.sanityandsense.com




Debary Residents,

        You just have to see the Oct 2  2013 Debary City Council Meeting,   ya gotta do it. Go to the city meeting video tapes located on DebaryPOP.com , have a barf bag ready, this meeting was another disgraceful embarrassment.

    The meeting starts out with a $100,000 money hustle from the president of the HOA at wealthy River Oaks subdivision on Dirksen Dr. The wealthy at that gated community want their canal dredged at taxpayer expense. The wealthy could pay for it themselves but why do that when you can get the taxpayers to do it through puppet politicians like Pat Northey and John Mica.    The wealthy HOA official Steve Bacon was at the podium for over 12 minutes, not once did any council member do anything to limit this wealthy manipulator from his time consuming agenda. No three minute limit for the wealthy HOA president as he manipulates for money from a county and city  that just raised taxes and a nation that is beyond broke. The Debary council has different standards for wealthy manipulators from gated and golf communities.

     Ashleigh Hart spoke up for the two new council candidates Dawn Pizzo and  Rick Dwyer as the Mayor made sure it was okay for her to speak.   This council needs new fair people that are honest and have no hidden agendas, Ashleigh was correct to speak up in their behalf.  We need a better class of councilmembers at seats 1&2 no question about it. At this time we have little independence on this council, we have people that just... go along so they can come along. 

     Ex Councilmember Norm Erickson spoke up and was almost immediately interrupted by an emotional outburst by councilmember Dan Hunt.  The Mayor had to calm Mr. Hunt down to let Mr. Erickson speak.  Mr Erickson was also rudely interrupted by councilmember Nick ' the enforcer' Koval twice, this rude little man also arrogantly strutted out during Mr. Erickson's talk.  Councilmembers Carson, Koval and Hunt have repeatedly displayed various amounts of rudeness and  arrogance towards members of the community that they do not agree with.   Later during Mr. Erickson's  3 minute talk Councilmember Hunt was good enough to apologize for his rudeness and it was appreciated by the people in the audience.  This council is very arrogant and has little respect for the taxpaying businesses and individuals in the community.  Council member  Hunt has voiced his support for Carson and Koval's re election on several occasions from his council seat, then so should residents from the podium voice their support for other candidates. We need more  fairness and honesty on this rude wasteful city council.  At least Dan Hunt apologized for the fact that he was out of line,  Nick 'the enforcer' Koval and 'Firecracker Carson' do not have the character to apologize for their UGLY outbursts, they are both too arrogant. 

    Another ARTIST promotion wasted the council's time, an  art hustler from Deland ,Fl got to promote her Funky Trunk Treasures business. Why the Debary council lets itself be used by the arts community to sell their junk art remains unknown, we already have a $3.5 M arts center for that business.  It is not 'Art in Public Places' it is Art Junk FOR SALE in government buildings.

   Pat 'Free Money' Northey gained some votes by introducing a new doctor to Debary I am sure the doctor appreciated the FREE Advertising by the foolish council for his business. 'Free Money' Northey also voted to raise county taxes , she forgot to mention that.  Why was this advertising garbage even on the agenda, ask City manager Parrott he knows.

     Saxon Cove Inc. got some free advertising in for its  apartments they are $810 to $849 per month ...why does this silly council let itself be used  as an advertising medium for business?   How does garbage advertising like this get on the agenda...can Auto Zone or Winn Dixie get their sales information  on the city  agenda..... Mr. Parrott , councilmembers?

    Call your councilmembers, ask them why they are so rude and arrogant. ask them why they raised your taxes and why they pay the bills for their friends in non profit organizations.  Ask them about the new park they had built in the Glen Abbey Golf community near councilmembers Koval and Carson's house. Ask Nick and Firecracker Carson all about how they take care of their wealthy  friends and turn their back on the rest of DEBARY residents.  The number is 386 668 2040 or Email them at their address on the Debary City website...that is what I do.   The never return emails because that is the type people they are.                                                                                                         

Morton Culligan   Debary Fl.     FSA


9/27: First Base...

  Dear local law enforcement

        If you will recall a couple of years ago Mr. Morton Culligan was banned from going to the publically funded Gateway Center for the ARTS INCORPORATED at 880 Hwy 17-92. He was verbally assaulted by members of the Gateway Center during a public meeting and had said nothing to provoke this assault. Mr Culligan is guilty of standing up against this Gateway corporations at  two Debary City Council meetings as Gateway's 'fundraising kingpin' and founder tried to get a $600,000 grant from the city of Debary and on another occasion tried to get the City of Debary to clean their filthy bathrooms at taxpayer expense.

    Mr Culligan was falsely accused of a trespass violation by the poorly trained VCSO 6th district at the time and was later AQUITTED of all charges in the court room of Judge Peter Marshall.  Judge Marshall correctly stated that I had never trespassed to begin with.

     I have never received even a hint of an apology from the  VCSO 6th district or the leadership at VCSO. Nor have I received an apology from the corporate headquarters of Gateway Center fro the Arts at 880 Hwy 19-92.   Neither of these organizations have the character to apologize for their mistakes.

      At any rate I request the following information...Is this trespass ban imposed upon Morton Culligan by the Gateway Corp.still in effect...YES or NO?   If it is may I see the paperwork, my attorney is interested and so am I.

Thanks Morton Culligan    Debary Resident



Volusia County Residents

           She did it to the taxpayers AGAIN...that is right   PAT 'FREE MONEY ' NORTHEY  voted to raise your taxes. She was not alone, yet this old woman wants is actually running for office again.    Only councilmembers Deny and Daniels stood with the hardworking taxpayers and voted against this tax increase

        Read all about it in the News Journal article by Andrew Gant 9/27/2013....

        What the article fails to mention is that  ' FREE MONEY' NORTHEY previously voted another annual gift of $250K for her friends at TEAM VOLUSIA INC.  Volusia County already has a Economic Development Dept with a staff of EIGHT people yet PAT 'FREE MONEY' Northey voted to give the EDC Team Volusia INC $250K again.    This is another example of the FREE MONEY politics of Pat and other politicians on the council.   Volusia County is so FAT it can afford to payoff two EDCs. The Volusia County Council is a disgrace and needs to BEGIN cutting blubber from its spending habits. Team Volusia Inc. pays no taxes and deserves no taxpayer money....tell Pat call her up and ask her why she pushes for money for this corporation.

      But wait there is more, Pat voted for another $610,000 for the WORTHLESS   Volusia County Cultural Council...so they could give thousands away to her rich culture friends in her district.  Fundraising Expert  Sandra 'Cashbox' Wilson sits on the board at the Volusia County Cultural Council, ask Pat Northey why she appointed 'CASHBOX' Wilson that council and how much money the Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary gets each year in welfare money.  Pat Northey helped the Gateway Center for the ARTs corporation get a FREE $3.5 million building and a $150.00 per year 50 year lease on prime HWY 17-92 property.   That property is now used for a fundraising circus, flea market , political forum  and Christian church as the Gateway people overcharge the community for events that should be free. This is all in violation of their contract with the terms of the City of Debary sweetheart lease of the park.  Debary has a sitting councilmember Chris 'Firecracker' Carson that collects money for the Gateway Corporation at events.  

     Patty also recently voted for an annual $50,000 expenditure to hire the law firm Gray and Robinson Inc. of Orlando,Fl for lobbying services. Call Patty Northey and ask her is she knows the founder of Gray and Robinson and his wife and has known them for years.   Ask her if  there is anyone in the Gray family on the board at the Gateway Center for the Arts INC. Ask her how much the GCA Inc. got this year from the Volusia County Cultural Council... ask her,  start making this aggressive old woman accountable for her voting record as an elected official.   She loves redistributing taxpayer money to her supporters and she ain't the only one.   Look at how Volusia County councilmembers give away money.....then have the nerve to raise taxes and claim they tightened their belts.

    Pat 'FREE MONEY ' Northey is a skilled politician and knows how to indirectly purchase votes and support  by voting taxpayer money all year to her friends and business associates. It is just the way things work in Volusia County, many other county councilmembers are just like Patty. The Volusia County budget is loaded with blubber and councilmembers have no respect for the taxpayers at all.

    Pat Northey is running for office again, will the voters in Volusia County ever look at her voting record at the County website and see how she gives away  taxpayer money.....then has the nerve to vote for a tax increase. Look at the section under council actions...keep scrolling watch the disgraceful waste of money by some of these council members.

     The entire Volusia County should be grateful to Pat 'free money'  Northey for one thing...... the fact that she does not put her picture on any of her campaign signs....

Mort Culligan



Debary residents,

          As you may be aware the Debary City Council censured Mayor Bob Garcia last year and failed to be honest about the real reason.  Mayor  Bob Garcia had  changed his mind and decided not to support the city TAX INCREASE.   How dare a politician try to change his vote on a single pre- arranged issue.   The Debary City Council members want NO dissent because they are arrogant and aggressive politicians that like to push around Debary residents then stuff a tax increase up their nose.

        At any rate look at the damage C/M Nick Koval has done to this city after only being a resident for seven (7) years. Last week he showed his violent temper and arrogance on tape by shouting at the audience during a city council meeting.  Mr. Koval does not like dissent in his city, he wants silent obedience.  Perhaps this emotional little politician has not read the first amendment to the US Constitution or maybe he does not respect it. View Councilman Koval's emotional tantrum on the city council video tapes last meeting  on the DebaryPOP.com website.

       Remember..... last year when a local business owner had to come before the city council and complain about Mr Koval and his unelected wife attempting to intimidate their paying customers about an alleged code violation in their Winn Dixie Mall business   Apparently  Mr Koval cannot control his desire to dominate and control others.  Mr Koval has earned the nick name ...'THE Enforcer'...because maybe  he intends to treat Debary like he does Glen Abbey, as a code enforcement busy body  from New Jersey.  Aggressive, arrogant, dominating politics may work in New Jersey are not welcome in Florida perhaps, some of our current old politicians need to go home and retire.

      Mr Koval is VP of the Glen Abbey Homeowners Association...more evidence of his effort's to control other people through a semi governmental organization   Mr Koval is responsible for partially replacing the code enforcement system for the City of Debary as well.  That cost the city another $7000 in annual legal fees for  another expensive unnecessary lawyer called a Special Master.....ask Mr Koval about his Special Master and how the taxpayers have to pay for that as well.

     Read Mr Koval's election flyer it is full of exaggerations, half truths and political hogwash under the section Achievements on the City Council. Go ahead 'sniff test' his accomplishments and how they cost the Debary taxpayers.

      I can think of 3 city council members that should be censured Nick Koval, Firecracker Carson and Dan Hunt for their behind the scenes support for non profit organizations they support with  Debary tax payers funds.  Ask City Manager Dan Parrott to account for distributions from the city contingency fund...ask them all, their numbers are on the City website.  Voters need to start asking tough questions of this dominant, free spending current city council of  arrogant liberals. Will the City of Debary come clean and announced how much money they have given away and to whom?

       The entire Debary City council should be censured for gross arrogance and ignorance according to at least one member of this community and many more that are actually watching what these people have done.

       The City of Debary has gotten larger, spent far too much money and raised taxes spent KNOWING how many retired people they are hurting. The City of Debary has an ugly elected council at this point in time that likes to push around both businesses and citizens through its code enforcement operations and ridiculous ordinances that the city is exempt from. 

        Will Mr. Koval apologize to the entire city council and population for his most recent temper tantrum ?  Will Mr Koval and Mr Carson apologize for the damage they have done and by supporting wasteful projects like the new park near their homes in Glen Abbey or the dangerous  $503,000 Splash Pad Park on Hwy 17-92?

        Many think Mr Koval and Mr Carson should step down from politics and just GO HOME because they are out of touch with the population.    This is not the City of Glen Abbey or Debary Golf and Country Club or the St Ann's Catholic Church it is the City of Debary and these two politicians need to start representing everyone and not just their friends and financial supporters.

               Morton Culligan    Debary /taxpayer voter for over 25 years



To whom it may concern or not

           It was another Rubber Stamp festival for Parrott's Parakeets.....at the 9/18/13 Debary city council meeting , finalizing votes for budget issues and a tax increase.

   Two citizens came to the podium and reminded our councilmembers of the recession and the fact that Volusia County is going up 10% on taxes as well, plus the staggering cost of living for those on a fixed income. No big deal to this council they do not care about taxpaying businesses and individuals, they want money .   They claim the budget is all about infrastructure and flooding issues forgetting to mention all the other wasteful spending.  We do not have real flooding issues...never did, we had an issue of  people building on land that was too low. 

   Local 'fundraising kingpin'  and lobbyist  Sandra 'Cashbox' Wilson showed up at the meeting as well.....she was seen hugging her very own little councilmember  Chris 'Firecracker' Carson , I knew I should have brought my camera, it was a touching scene.  When 'Cashbox' Wilson shows up at any city council meeting ....she wants something , this time it is a  Mosaic Hopscotch Court for the Splash Pad park .   Price tag $7,250 hopefully this money will be offset by people that are dumb enough to buy the bricks at $100 a pop.  The so called 'creative community' is partnering again, hang on to your wallets.  The last time 'Cashbox Wilson' and her political pals  partnered with the 'non creative taxpaying community' it cost $3.5 million and half of Gateway Park. Congratulations to Sandra as her corporation recently got another $21,000 from the Volusia County Cultural Council, she sits on that council and has been getting cultural welfare handouts for HER business for years.  Remember the  'non creative taxpaying community' has to pay  for the ' creative community' bums and their partnering schemes. The art of getting taxpayers to pay your corporate bills while avoiding paying taxes as a non profit corporation ......that is why they call it the 'creative community'.

   Later during the meeting  Councilmember  Nick  'the enforcer' Koval  lost his cool and started shouting making a donkey of himself . If a regular citizen had done that Firecracker  Carson would have told him to leave and called on the cops to escort him outside. I started to dial 911 but I was sitting next to two VCSO cops so why bother.  Anyways I appreciate the honesty seems, like people are always honest when shouting.

    Anyways the city council meeting video tapes should be out soon take a look , watch your taxes go up as they cram more junk into the Splash Pad park.  I am trying to figure out how we can waste more money on that park. perhaps a small rollercoaster,aquarium and a tree house....we could put 'Baby Shamu' in the aquarium....hey ...why not.                                                                                                             

MC (Mort Culligan).........Debary voter


To whom it may concern,

            The City of Debary council does not want the Mayor Bob Garcia to use the city logo on his truck yet is happy with a private corporation doing so.  It appears that  private corporations like Debary Little League INC. , the Community Partnership Program Inc. and Gateway Center for the Arts  have plenty of influence on the city council.  The Debary Little League Inc.gets free ads from the city and uses the city logo, why do they have so much influence yet dodge taxes other businesses have to pay to the city.

          Why do these 'so called'  non profits get their bills paid for by the city?   The City paid for over $7000 worth of sports equipment for the Debary Little League last year and routinely picks up part of the bills for events such as the Autumn Festival, The GCA's Youth Celebration for the Arts.  What are the totals of the bills that the city has picked up for these non taxpaying organizations, these events are actually fund raisers that the city should not subsidize without approval from the voters. Why is the city subsidizing fundraising events for non taxpaying local corporations?  What are the business relationships with current city of Debary councilmembers ,their relatives and friends with these non taxpaying influential corporations?

         Perhaps citizens should start asking questions about these corporations and their relationships with councilmembers Hunt,Carson,Peters,Koval and Garcia.    Do these councilmembers represent taxpayers or local  corporate intrests. how many relatives/ business associates does the CPPI or GCA Inc. for instance have on the city council?

          Ask Parks director John Fletcher what the city relationship is with his overfunded expensive dept. and the Debary Little League Inc. his number is 386 668 2040

          Ask City manager Parrott how much the city has spent on some of these corporate events starting with picking up the $25K tab for the 4th of July fireworks show, his number is 386 668 2040.

         Ask Councilmember Carson about his relationship with the CPPI and GCA Inc. and about his relatives in that org. his number is 386 668 2040

         In Debary, the taxpayers are always LAST as non profit corporations and their friends in the city council dip in to the treasury for their events.

         Will the City of Debary come clean and give the totals of money spent picking up the expense bills for these private corporations and other bum corporations that plague  Debary, ask Mayor Garcia at 386 668 20 40      


To whom it might concern,

     The City of Debary is proud to announce two brand new temporary job openings for scrap metal thieves in Debary , Fl. 32713.

   Case # 13-23132   8/22/2013  Residential  outside A/C units stolen at Wisteria Dr. and Dogwood Trail in beautiful Fraudbary ,Fl. 32713, the 2 thieves were apprehended during the caper, so that makes 2 temporary job  opportunities for local thieves until the two crooks  can bail out of jail.  The perps were going to recycle the stolen metal but the cops ended up recycling the perps thru the fraudulent criminal justice system, that way the crooks can victimize again and again.  The police are doing their best at 'criminal recycling' as the crooks are always on the job and need limited supervision .

   Case # 13-22398   8/15/2013  An Aluminum Fryer valued at $1000 stolen from the Fraudbary, Fl.    Burger King on Dirksen Dr.  the perp was apprehended, so that makes another temp. crime job opening in Debary.    Go Debary.... the crime jobs are poppin all around the city!

  Case # 13-0023274  8/24/2013   Residential Burglary ...copper wiring stolen, yet no one was caught... no job opening here but, it may have been good for Debary's economy when the crook spends the money he will get for the copper. The taxpayers will save money as well, it is not cheap to process criminals, more than the value of the copper is my guess.

  Case # 13 -21980  8/15/2013   901 Old Deland Rd...50 to 70 copper A/C coils valued at $800 stolen.....again, the crooks got away saving the taxpayers even more dollars in VCSO criminal recycling fees and expenses.

   Perhaps the criminals can bundle their crimes and only face arrest after a certain dollar value has been exceeded... saving the taxpayer  money. Crime value bundling...a new concept for the system to consider as the jail overflows with low mileage used criminals. Crime value and volume bundling... we could issue criminals credit cards, only after enough points they can go to jail and waste more taxpayer money on processing, incarceration and defense.

    I think it was back in JUNE 2013 when local crooks scored a TRIPLE Play at Debary's Gemini Springs Park with three car breakins in one day...not bad stats considering one day's productivity.    Then there was the car breakin at the Debary Splash Pad Park  in July.....the usual credit cards and stuff stolen...not good for the Debary Florida IMAGE.   Make sure ya do not tell anyone because Fraudbary aka Debary is trying to maintain and image to keep its property values up..... ya know.  The reality of crime and debt are always on the back burner as IMAGE is the only priority for the City of Debary.  This same unnecessary water park was vandalized recently...why...because it was there...GO DEBARY!  Local criminals love our parks and visit often.

   What will City manager Dan Parrott and his parakeet councilmembers do about crime in Debary....NOTHING... they are good at that. The council parakeets assume no leadership role or responsibility because that is the type people they are.  The current councilmembers just rubber stamp whatever items  their  Parrott leader puts on the city agenda and praise themselves and their corporate sponsors.

    Remember back in early 2012 when one of the Gemini Springs Park  car break in victims told her story to the Debary city council...the Mayor said "we will not tolerate this"....oh yes you will Mr. Mayor, oh yes you will. Gemini Springs Park has to hold some sort of  crime record for local parks....I lost count of crime events at that park long ago.

    What is the City of  Fraudbary, Fl doing about crime in the city......nothing... just more talk from Dan Parrott and his parakeets. Their answer is a tax increase and more wasted money on parks and foolish fundraising celebrations.  Visit the City of Debary website and email  our parakeet councilmembers Garcia, Koval, Hunt, Peters and Firecracker Carson.   Call em at city hall 386 668 2040 that is our the expensive city hall, that has not been paid for yet, as the parakeet councilmembers waste money and rubber stamp anything  city  manager  Boss Parrott  dumps on to the city agenda ....anything!

    Debary's Mayor Garcia was recently quoted "we need to think out of the box" at a city council meeting.....what the city elected officials do not realize is.... they are the box and do not know what to think. This of course makes them perfectly normal image Americans caught in the real dynamics of change vs. the crumbling political Status Quo in a morally and economically  bankrupt nation.


   MC     taxpayer/voter  Debary, Fl.




Debary Voters and anyone else that might care
          The Debary City Council workshop of June 19th  was another classic! Ya gotta view the tapes it is better than TV. There are links to the amazing Debary Council workshops on the DebaryPOP.com website and the City website.
      Mr Gerald Lombardi  has lived in Debary forever and had some real interesting things to say about the city council. Apparently he is related to council member Firecracker Carson and admits it in public!
       He claims the Debary City Council members deserve respect, yet also says they need to earn it.  He claims taxes keep going up and it is driving the elderly out of town. These council members just raised taxes and have no respect for the taxpayers at all , the elderly are watching and voting.
     Watch as our manipulative council members manipulate......Firecracker Carson wants to move the parks dept out of their building in Gateway Park...why? He claims the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce needs a home and guess who is on the board of directors at West Volusia Chamber of Commerce....Sandra ' Cash box' Wilson...owner of the rest of that 'commercial circus' that was once a park. Is manipulator Cashbox Wilson pulling Firecracker Carson's strings AGAIN or is it someone else?
      Is the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce part of Debary government?  Of course not...he is just trying to please the manipulative organization and get more votes. That organization pays NO taxes and deserves nothing from the taxpayers and taxpaying businesses that do.....zero.
      Watch as CC member Hunt and Manager Parrott manipulate for the new public Safety building or Cop SHOP.....they want the city to buy land first, then consider how much the entire project will cost.  That is called FRONTLOADING a project....maneuver the government into committing money to a project before the entire cost becomes apparent.  That is what the voters and taxpayers are fed up with...runaway spending and borrowing on all level of government'  Sun Rail is an example of a front loaded project that is a guaranteed loser and is already costing everyone before it fails.
  We have had the same VCSO 6th District headquarters for years.. and could use something better.   However why a new one ..is it the fact that SOMEONE has land to sell and a local influential un named contractor is waiting on the sidelines to grab a fat municipal contract??
      Mr Culligan had some interesting things to say as well...he reminded the forgetful council of the cost of their previous borrowing.  He keeps mashing facts into the city council's face about the city debt payments, he continues to do it, just like your would mash a pie into their face.    Rarely does this irresponsible council of free spenders want to be reminded of the $22,714 per week P&I payment the city must make next year.   The big spenders Carson ,Hunt, Koval and Lita do not want this fact to be mashed into their ugly political face because it makes them feel guilty for their wasteful spending and irresponsibility.
     Watch on video tape the manipulators Parrott, Carson , Koval and Hunt especially...visit previous workshops and watch them manipulate each other with zero respect for the taxpayers. How much more can we spend on parks and entertainment is unknown, we are a city of amenities and entertainment on money legally taken from the taxpayers.
     Under the Dan Parrott regime this city has raised taxes, hired more employees , spent more money and could care less about who has to pay for it long term.  As all other governments and individuals tighten their belt this group of elected officials says full speed ahead for spending. City Manager Parrott works for the city council not the taxpayers.
    We need to get rid of these council members ASAP.  Two are up for election (VM CARSON IS BEING CHALLENGED BY DAWN FITZPATRICK AND CM KOVAL IS BEING CHALLENGED BY RICK DWYER - NORM)...just look at their records of wasting money and selfishness.   Let the record speak. look at the tapes see how much they gave away and spent on frivolous projects.
    Mr Lombardi reminded this selfish city council that they work for the taxpayers, he is correct.  Our selfish council members want to spend now and let someone else pay later.
    Mr Hunt says "  we need not be intimidated by those that say the sky is falling"  the sky is not falling Mr Hunt but the debt is moving towards the sky on all government levels because of the irresponsibility of elected officials like we have on the City of Debary council, County of Volusia council and the federal government. Politicians are like a 'one trick pony'  tax, borrow and spend...that is all they are capable of as they serve fat slabs of political pork to their friends in return for support and votes.

M Culligan Debary,Fl

From Norm: I would add that the Mayor was trying to explain to the Council on June 19th that the County might have more taxes in store that may impact our budget. CM Hunt seemed adamant to either not understand what the Mayor was saying or not understand what the Mayor was saying. Either way, full steam ahead...the taxpayers will pay and the police station/fire station will be done before this election season is over. The Mayor seems to be alone is thinking about the fiscal responsibilities of the Council and their impact on citizens.

Of course, given that this Council is the first and only Council to my knowledge to censure another Council member (for expressing his opinion to the press and, generally speaking, being obstinate?), I understand that the Mayor may feel constrained to full voice his opinion - given that was what he was, in part, censured for. The Council members censuring the Mayor were probably the same ones complaining that we had a public hearing on the Mayor to find out if he should be reprimanded or not - this Council skipped that process and just censored away and then when informed that actual violations of the Charter, our sacred document, occurred the Council members who voted for censure did nothing. I don't know if they really know why they do anything they do...they just do it. They just want it...to the last penny of your money.


Debary Taxpayers
         Debary City Council member Chris 'Firecracker' Carson is caught on tape attempting to manipulate an advantage for his friends at the Gateway/Arts political center at 880 hwy 17-92. this is also known as the Gateway Center for the Arts INC. which is a non taxpaying greedy organization built on free taxpayer money.
        Listen to the words of Mr Carson as he acts as a LOBBYIST for the west Volusia Chamber of Commerce INC at the expense of the taxpayers.  Visit the Debarypop.com website, go to city council video tapes for June 19th 2013 and scroll to 2013-2014 budget discussion at time stamp 56.25 approx.
       Mr Carson proposes removing the parks dept from their building on Gateway Park property and having them build a new building somewhere else.  This is to accommodate the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce INC.  another non taxpaying parasite corporation that holds fundraisers and bums money from local businesses . The politicians and social parasites that infect Gateway Center for the Arts INC.  are associated with the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce Inc. parasites and hold annual fundraisers on that property that was supposed to be for the arts.  The art of manipulating money from government is the true ART at GCA Inc.....their CULTURE is a sense of entitlement to taxpayers money for a tax dodging private business.
      Mr Carson was collecting 'parking'  money at the gate at  last year's Gateway Center for the Arts Youth Arts Celebration which was actually a fundraiser for that money oriented organization. This corporation had the nerve to solicit $3.00 donations for parking at a public county park for a fundraiser for their non taxpaying corporation. Mr Carson collected money in cash and presumably delivered it to his  unknown business associates at GCA Inc.
     How much did the money oriented corporation Gateway Center for the Arts INC. get in cash from its multiple fundraisers at Gemini Springs Park? How much did a sitting council member Chris Carson collect for that non taxpaying corporation at last years event? What are the relationships of our city council members to non profit organizations that are constantly bumming from the taxpayers thru the moral weaklings and manipulators on the Debary city council? How much did the City of Debary spend "partnering" with the City of Debary....ask City Manager Dan Parrott how much it cost the city to "partner" with the GCA INC and who was behind it. ASK Dan Parrott or ask Chris Carson 386 668 2040..or email em....ask all our irresponsible council members why they give away tax payer money to their friends in these non profit corporations?
   Debary city council members are supposed to represent the taxpayers and protect them from parasite corporations like Gateway Center for the Arts INC., Little League Baseball Inc. Chris Carson's own Community Partnership Program INC. Team Volusia Inc. Glen Abbey Homeowners association INC  etc......none of these manipulative bum organizations pay a dime of taxes in Debary,Florida and deserve ZERO representation from our irresponsible council.
   Watch as citizen Lombardi chews out our city council and tells them they should have respect but they need to EARN it at approx 102:30 of the same budget discussion. Mr Lombardi is followed to the podium by Mr Culligan who is equally disgusted with this city council and their ' lets spend  free taxpayers money' attitude.
  This council has raised taxes and allowed the City  of Debary to get larger and more oppressive and expensive.   Just look at the arrogance of this city council it is right there on tape, they even tried to stifle freedom of speech by residents at their  stinky budget workshops ...that is the type people we have elected to this city council.   It is all on the tapes located on DebaryPOP.com or the City of Debary website.

M Culligan Debary taxpayer


Debary Citizens
        Here we go again..the Debary City Council says Debary has to have a new police station......of course it MUST be brand new and cost millions.   Local politicians fail to mention *someone* wants to sell some land and +someone+ wants the fat contract...that is major factor in WHY  we need a new cop shop all of a sudden.
      We already have plenty unoccupied empty commercial  property all over Debary, it is everywhere. The VCSO 6th district substation and covers all the way to Deland..why is it Debary's issue alone?
        Actually we already have a brand new multimillion dollar building that would be perfect in Debary and it was paid for by taxpayers yet is owned by the Gateway Center for the Arts Incorporated.
      Debary's twisted sense of priorities has already delivered a taxpayer funded $3.6 M building at 880 Hwy 17-92.  It is called the Gateway Center for the Arts INc. a non taxpaying loophole money making business.
      This expensive farce is now operated by old ladies so they can have arts shows, fundraisers and a flea market at public expense.  Perhaps we can figure a way to get rid of the Arts and Culture bums, and get them to move to the old Debary police  substation.  Just swap out...I am sure it would not be that simple, but it is a thought.
       The greedy Debary Arts and Culture CULT members out rank public safety and protection in the foolish City of Debary. It is part of our culture, image and arts before necessity and public safety. The Arts building was FREE and their park is FREE so they can make money  with greedy fundraisers and expensive shows.
      But why consider anything that might make sense..the City of Debary is all about spending money on stuff....gotta have stuff, like more debt.     The ridiculous Gateway Arts Center is all paid for yet the Debary City Hall is not, plus we are paying rent on the VCSO Cop Shop...makes sense to anyone?
      No matter how ya cut it we have to have Law Enforcement and Fire protection...yet they are last in priorities to the worthless City of Debary government  and the Arts & Culture bums.
     Like it or not we must have police & fire protection ..so who gets the FREE spacious building and a FREE park......the  Wealthy/Elite  Arts Bums of Debary.
      Another option would be to put Debary city government in the current VCSO  6th district building and give the VCSO 6th District the new City Hall ......after all what good is Debary government anyway? Of what value is Debary city government as it drags the taxpayers into more and more debt?

Mort C.   Debary voter




Debary Taxpayers and voters
      The June 19th 2013 Agenda for the Debary City Council workshop had a last minute revision.      Yet there was no explanation for the elimination of this agenda item give away to non profit  corporation the Debary Little League INC.  What happened to get this agenda item removed?
   One of the issues to be discussed was another giveaway to Dan Hunt's Little League Baseball corporate friends.  Apparently Debary was to pick up the tab for more sports equipment for this PRIVATE CORPORATION that pays no taxes in Debary.
   The Debary City Council already spent over $7997.00 to buy sports equipment so this non taxpaying corporation could hold one of its events already.....but apparently the corporation wanted more freebies.
    How did this item get on the agenda Mr. Parrott???   Who influenced you to put it on the agenda to begin with...was it Dan Hunt...Mr Garcia...Carson...who was it Mr Parrott?
    City Manager Parrott puts minimal information on the agenda for the Debary workshops so the our  liberal spending elected officials  can keep their projects and giveaways under the radar of the taxpayers.   Why alert the taxpayers by being open as to what is going to be discussed at these city workshops?
     Why was this particular spending item put on the agenda Mr Parrott?  I think you owe the taxpayers an explanation.
     Why was this spending item removed from the agenda Mr Parrott? I think you owe the taxpayers an explanation.
    I personally did what I could to expose the farce of another non taxpaying corporations efforts to get money from Debary taxpayers.   The manipulators from the Little League Baseball INC.  The Gateway Center for the Arts INC. Community Partnership Program Inc. Team Volusia Inc. American Cancer Society INC. etc. need to be exposed by Mr Parrott and responsible council members each time they attempt to get money from the taxpayers via politics and influence.
    The City Manager should report all attempts by non profit, non government corporations to get money or have their bills paid  directly or indirectly from the taxpayers by getting their issues on the city agenda.
    I propose an ordinance where elected officials or city managers or department managers must report any effort to influence them to propose agenda items that will cost the taxpayer.   This ordinance should reqiure exactly who proposes these items and which persons sponsor these agenda items, it is the responsible thing to do.
    Our elected officials work for the taxpayers and should not be under the influence of influential contractors, non profit or for profit corporations.
      The city treasury is not a political toy box and the City manager needs to be far more open on how and why some of these spending items get on the city agenda.
      I request a response from you as an elected official or city official as to how we can expose the influence of special intrest groups, contractors and non profit corporations and how we can minimize their parasitic influence upon city officials and elected officials.
     Debary is a poor indebted city that does not need to keep increasing its debt for projects it does not need or deserve.

M Culligan Debary taxpayer




From the DeBary Newsletter: "Parking and admission to the event is FREE." It's not "free" - when the taxpayer's pay 25,000 dollars for it, it's not "free". CPPI was supposed to provide this without taxpayer money. That was the original intent and the mission statement - just ask Mr. and Mrs. Koval - they left CPPI because they abandoned that mission statement. Norm

Debary residents

Ref City of Debary Newsletter Issue #3 for 2013

The newsletter article quotes " Debary families and visitors are invited to celebrate Independence day with "Freedom and Fireworks" at Gemini Springs Park. Who is extending this invitation? Is it the City of Debary and if it is, who authorized it and at what expense? I can recall a city council workshop where council members authorized by consensus/vote a $25,000 expenditure for this FREE celebration after a suspicious Non profit organization hounded them with a 1 hour sales pitch.

Parking and admission is free...can you imagine that, saying that this celebration is free, if so, who paid for the rental of the park, traffic control and security and the fireworks show? This is NOT a free show for Debary taxpayers if they paid for it from the city treasury. This celebration may have free admission but there is NOTHING free about it if the taxpayers are picking up the tab. YES or NO?

What organization started this NON FREE fireworks extravaganza, was it the City of Debary. If there is any profits from this event will these monies go to Debary taxpayers?

Will the City of Debary leadership and management come clean with the taxpayers and quit hiding how much money this is costing the taxpayers? Perhaps Debary management and leadership should be more forthcoming to the taxpayers and voters as to how much tax money will go up in smoke with these fireworks.

The City of Debary is millions in DEBT...when our council members face that reality and quit wasting money on empty celebrations and foolish spending ..will that will be worth celebrating...YES...NO ?

M Culligan Debary taxpayer



Here are the figures for the properties being offered to the City: 298K for the Commercial and 95K for the residential (that's 400K before anything is even built - was the old City Hall site summarily dismissed? We could have sold that property to use that money for the sheriff station) - The City will pay for title work and closing costs. The Mayor did not like these figures. It is 3 properties total by Ted Cranias - JTC Commercial, LLC. This is now all subject to negotiation and it is 3 properties that are being considered.

Council's "To Do" list over next three years: $kateboard Park. Co$t: 300K to 1 million - Kreskin and Carnak the Magnificent have spoken...

Norm Erickson



If what I am reading on POP is true, why is the City of DeBary buying commercial property on 17/92? First of all, when I moved to DeBary we had $8,000,000 in the bank and now we are over $10,000,000 in debt. I know that the storm water issue was being used as an excuse; however, the funding for that project came primarily from Federal and State tax dollars. Shouldn’t we be seeing a reduction in our debt balance by now? I know the county approved the developments where the homes were built in flood zone areas. When are we going to stop picking up problems the county cost shifts our way.

The Sheriff’s dept. is a county responsibility; let them pick up the tab for the substation. Why not have Sheriff’s Dept. lease VACANT commercial space on 17/92. This has a multiplier effect in our local economy. The property owner now has revenue that they can spend to buy goods and services in our community that keeps re-circulating through their businesses. The commercial lots on 17/92 stay on the market for a future tax paying business. When the lots are sold the same process just mentioned above occurs plus this new business now adds to our tax base at a higher level than residential property.

This enables DeBary to keep property taxes lower on homeowners in the city. The new business(s), as well as the homeowners tax saving can now also generate economic activity throughout our local economy as mentioned above. The tax payers could even decide to send their new found tax savings to their local government representatives at their own free will if they chose. This of course would not have the same stimulative effect on the economy and not generate the same level of tax revenue.

I thought the purpose of Sunrail was to spur economic activity on 17/92. However, it looks like we are turning our limited commercial property into non-taxable government property. I.E. Sheriff Sub-station, Splash Pad and Sunrail to name a few, plus what may be planned for the future. Here Is the negative multiplier of these transactions – we use tax payer money to purchase land, then tp money to develop land, TP money to maintain property thus creating the need for higher tax rates to make up the shortfall that these type of transactions create from not allowing the properties to generate revenues in the local business economy where people CHOOSE to conduct business. This money could be better used to pay down the debt the city has incurred. By paying down the debt the city could lower the tax rates thus allowing more money to circulate through the “productive” part of the economy creating more tax revenue for the “unproductive” part of the economy.

Two books that I would recommend to our council member are “The Laffer Curve” by Art Laffer and “The Law” by Frederick Bastiat. The latter can be downloaded for free on the internet and is very short.

PS, If the county was trying to work with SW Volusia municipalities why are they not allowing DeBary, Deltona and Orange City to have CRA’s? If the county needs X amount of dollars to meet their budget needs and they allow chosen municipalities to keep a portion of their tax dollars only for that particular municipality, who do you think is paying extra taxes to make up the short fall? The answer is DeBary, Deltona, Orange City and unincorporated Volusia. We need leaders who are going to represent our needs in the community not cost shift our limited resources to the county who does not play well with us. Maybe we can teach the county basic economics after we start practicing them first.

Rich Gailey


Debary Residents and taxpayers

Speaking at Debary City Council meetings is like 'Howling at the MOON'. A wolf can howl at the moon all night but Debary citizens only get 3 minutes to howl about government spending which is out of this world as is the moon.

Looks like our progressive city council is spending into the future again. These council members do not want to be reminded of the city DEBT at all, they appear to hate it, kinda like reminding a kid to do his homework or eat spinach.

On the federal level where does all the government tax , borrow and spend mentality end? We are finding out little by little as the currency is being debased and our dollars are more worthless every day. The Federal Reserve System has been described by financial experts as the biggest PONZI SCHEME ever created. Creating money from thin air is illegal but if the government does it , will they arrest themselves? The government has no choice anymore they gotta keep borrowing money to pay the interest on the money they borrowed previously. It is like being caught in a lie..ya gotta keep lying until the truth runs over you like a MACK TRUCK.

I have a 'BIG OLE' ' what if ' ....for YOU...'what if '.... the dollar becomes so worthless that it does not matter if you go to work or not ...you are still broke? What if ? Is that where we are headed...something has to give....YES/NO/Maybe?

Remember when 'running the numbers' was illegal...now it is called the Florida LOTTO and has been repackaged as something good for the kids by financing education. Gambling is terrible... unless it is repackaged as a good cause and government sponsored. Government gambling is okay it is part of the fraud we have become. Gambling and Ponzi Schemes in our government...say it ain't so! If God blesses America then he blesses Ponzi Schemes and Gambling...right?

Debary is paying something like $2750 per day in P&I on its loans just for the storm water project as we wallow in a drought. Plus the P&I on the City Hall Bldg and whatever else we borrowed. So lets borrow more on the backs of our children...let them face the music as we live for today as....... PROGRESSIVES.

On the federal,state,county levels they are cutting back on spending because they have to....but not Debary...progressives are raising taxes , spending more than ever and letting local government get larger. Has the word irresponsible been redefined as progressive in Debary?

Oh WELL......someone has to howl at the moon....nome sayin?

MC Debary.Fl. ' the Image City'



Debary Residents,

I know how much elected officials like to hear from the people they claim to represent, so they can have another ear full.

As many already know the recession/depression is hitting those on the bottom of the economic food chain the worst. It maybe news to elected officials from our golf or gated communities but there is plenty of poverty in Debary.

On Monday May 6th 2013 there was a domestic violence call in the poor City of Debary, the address....a tent in a field. VCSO case # 13-12302. V-1 was battered by D1 a longtime boyfriend as they were living in their tent in a field in Debary,Florida. Read it yourself at the VCSO website under 6th district archives.

On that same date within a short walk from Gemini Springs Park there was a residential burglary attempt at 247 Pine Springs Dr. Case # 13-12287 at 0737 in the morning. Apparently the day shift of burglars was getting an early Monday morning start. I personally know the residents at that address and they are scared...scared in Debary, Florida..... 'Home of the World Famous Splash Pad'...8th wonder of the world.

Just figured I would let the elected officials from IMAGE DEBARY what is going on in the 'non image' real Debary,Florida.

In other news from IMAGE DEBARY.....the local council members are trying to figure out where they are going to get the money for a new VSCO police substation ref. the April 17th CC workshop.

They just spent $470,000 on an unneeded Splash Pad and $85,000 on a mini park in Glen Abbey.....why did these unnecessary projects trump a police substation?

Ask lobbyist/ council members Carson, Koval, Hunt and Peters why they jumped these parks over something of a higher priority like a 'cop shop'...where was the pressure coming from for these uneeded parks coming from? I have repeatedly asked City manager Parrott how this garbage gets on the city AGENDA but he gives me double talk...you ask him 386 668 2040 ask him why the city is so far in debt, yet we waste money on more needless parks. They say CONTRACT MONEY has a way of getting around ...but who really knows what goes on behind closed doors in a poor shriveled city like Debary. These foolish spending projects start at City Council workshops with our council members and their friends. Is anything fishy going on ? Who knows, just look at what the city pays for projects and equipment they do not even need to begin with....you figure it out.

Ask Danny Hunt ,Danny Parrott and 'Park Boss' Fletcher about the plans for a concession building at Rob Sullivan Park for the Debary Little League Inc. at a cost of $200,000. They discussed this at the April 17th workshop. Is the Debary Little League INCORPORATED part of Debary government ? Ask Dan Parrott why we are paying their equipment bills. Did anyone elect any non profit business to city council....who is doing their lobbyist work on the council ? Look at the tapes, watch these manipulative schemers as they help their friends to a free building. Are our council members acting as lobbyists for local freeloading non profit businesses? Ask em about their relationships to these freeloading non profit businesses and the contingency fund giveaways. Let them discuss their relationships with people and businesses that may benefit from these silly projects. Believe it or not council members are supposed to be frugal and protect the taxpayers from people that want to waste money.

The consensus at the April 17th CC workshop was to build a brand new VCSO substation, which would require the purchase of land? Who is selling land to Debary when there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much commercial space for rent or sale in Debary?

I have a good idea, let the cops work out of the Splash Pad building..at least it is paid for...city hall isn't. Or...let em take over the $3.5 million dollar Gateway Arts Center building that was paid for by the taxpayers already. It is just a fund-raising platform for CASHFLOW WILSON and her Arts Bum friends anyway.

Visit wonderful Debary Florida where the $3.5 million dollar ARTS CENTER was paid for by the taxpayer yet is owned by a corporation or the Splash Pad Park that is paid for as well. Of course our current COP SHOP is a rental and the Dumbary City Hall is not paid for. Watch the Debary City Council and workshop meetings on tape at DebaryPOP.com of the Debary City website....you will see a selfish bunch of elected officials manipulating money from the taxpayers and calling it good government.

Recently Debary's financial auditor did a smoke and mirror presentation about what good financial shape Debary is in....... never mentioning the $10.5 million dollar debt and the intrest or the fact that one day the city may pay off the city hall building ...after wasting money on the interests of selfish city council members and their manipulative friends.

How many homeless people in Debary,Fl. ask a country club councilmember...ask em 386 668 2040..leave a message.

MC Debary Fl 'The IMAGE City'


Volusia County Citizens,

They did it again.....another smash and grab from a vehicle at Burglary Springs Park in Debary,Fl. Case # 13- 9747. ' Burglary Springs Park' formerly known as Gemini Springs Park is a favorite amongst BDDA's 'broke,dumb and desperate Americans'.

At the same park on April 21 Case # 13 10801 a BDDA stole a metal storm drain. How dumb and desperate do you have to be to steal a storm drain? How much could you get for a storm drain assuming anyone would buy it? The smash and grabs at Burglary Springs Park are off the charts, what is the city doing about crime in Debary...nothing, which is something they are good at.

On April 18th a couple of BDDA crooks, a 34 yoa male and 26 yoa female were arrested for stealing a tool at Debary's Bill Keller Park, case # 13-1058 they claimed they were looking for scrap metal. These were not kids, one can only assume Gemini Springs Park was out of scrap metal to steal. There is no longer any metal to steal at the Sun Rail site all the steel has been stole.

Other thefts for the criminal's Debary 'spring offensive' occurred at businesses such as the Citgo on 17-92 , Swamp House Grill, Atlas Moving, Highbanks Marina. Two residential burglaries on Lake Rd. one on Madera Dr. and a smash and grab on 274 Debary Ave. This is just a small sample of crime in Debary ,Florida...just in April of 2013.

You won't hear about this at a Debary City council meeting where they discuss wasting more money on parks. Check out the last Debary CC April 17th workshop where they are lining up the wasteful projects for Rob Sullivan Park. They also want a $15,000 website upgrade to improve Debary's fraudulent cyberspace image. Debary is all about image,too bad the reality of Debary is not cooperating with the image.

The Debary City council members at the April 17th 2013 workshop look like a bunch of teenagers with a stolen credit card, look at the video tapes for yourself. Not one of em has the guts to even question their wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. These people are a bad influence on each other and their irresponsibility must be contagious.

The ten year old mentality council members already wasted $475,000 on a worthless Splash Pad , yet now they wonder where they are going to get money for a new VCSO substation. These council members are too ignorant to realize they had the money but wasted it already on junk parks and giveaways. This city council should be on a Dumb and Dumber reality show, just set up a camera and press.... record.

Next time you see a Debary council member ask em if Debary City hall is paid for? Ask em how much the interest payments are on the $10 million Debary owes. The ten year old council members are interested in sports and parks because they are irresponsible like any other ten year olds.

Listen carefully to the council members plans on the April 17th Debary City council workshop tapes and try to keep in mind these are adult elected officials in charge of a multi million dollar budget. The city workshop tapes can be viewed from the DebaryPOP.com website or the city website if you have the stomach for it.

Seriously the entire Debary City Council should be replaced with High School kids, they would do a far better job and could be trusted.

Consider the amout of money stolen in the street crimes in Debary in a year...it cannot compare to the money wasted by the current council and City management.

MC Debary,Fl ' The Image City'


Volusia County Residents

I sent out some emails yesterday concerning Burglary Springs Park ( formerly Gemini Springs park) in Debary,Fl. Since, there was another vehicular burglary case # 14-11532 there that wasn't publicized at that time. It happened on Sunday 4/28/2013 as the victim went for a 45 minute jog. His window was smashed out..nothing was taken but it was the thought that counts.

On Friday 4/26/2013 another burglary of a residence at 6 Plantation Dr in Debary, case # 13-11329..... plus there was the THEFT of $650 worth of copper wiring at on Saturday 4/27/2013 case # 13-11431 from Debary Elementary School. This is just a sample read the VCSO reports for yourself...not really that bad...considering .

When the City of Debary wastes another $15,000 on its new website hopefully their will be a link to the Volusia County Daily Activity Reports for District six on there so residents can get information of the NON IMAGE.... real Debary.

Over 1 year ago when a nice young lady was complaining at a Debary City Council meeting about how her car had been broken into at Gemini Springs Park our Mayor said "we will not tolerate this"...oh yes we will tolerate this and worse.

I have a newsflash for the incompetent Debary City Council....people are broke they do not need more parks and amenities and wasteful spending on image. Debary poverty,joblessness and crime are real and all American.

Welcome to the new normal ...thousands of broke and desperate Americans with no jobs other than their own survival...this movie is playing at a theater near you ....and you will attend ....no choice involved.




Debary Citizens,

As we already know the Debary city council shows no respect at all for hard working businesses and individuals in the community, we know that because they recently passed an unnecessary tax increase with zero debate.

But why does our city council give away money to it's nonprofit corporate friends so easily? They find it easy to give money they never earned, that is the type people they are....selfish.

The money hungry Gateway Center for the Arts Inc. already got a FREE $3.5 million dollar building and it's own FREE Park at 880 Hwy 17-92 so why did the corrupt City of Debary give them money again? Did the City pickup the tab for security at their recent thinly disguised fundraiser at Gemini Springs Park, how much did the city give away this time to its corporate friends? What was the TAKE at this fundraiser disgusied as an event?

Sandra 'Cash-box' Wilson founder of this corporation claims that the City of Debary "partnered' with them again this year at their fundraiser where they made MONEY by exploiting a public park . They already have their own park in Debary but it was busy making MONEY as a Farmers Market and Church. The Cashbox never closes at Gateway Inc a corporation that hounds all levels of the community and government for MONEY...Money and more money in the name of the Arts.

Call City Manager Dan 'The Salesman' Parrott and ask him how much the "partnering' with this ugly corporation cost the taxpayers in the city this year, and last year? Ask Council member Chris Carson how much he collected for parking at last year's GCA INC. fund-raising event. Gateway Inc. had two Debary public parks tied up MAKIN MONEY as they pay no taxes as a questionable non profit 501C3 bum corporation, one many non profit BUM businesses infecting the city.

The Debary Little League INC. got the City of Debary to pay for its $7000 worth of sports equipment. Ask Dan Hunt about how the city buys sports equipment for his friends and their biz at taxpayer expense. The little league is a business that avoids taxes and is not necessarily an asset to the community, look up their assets on Guidestar.com

Firecracker Carson's CPPI got the city to commit to spending $25,000 for fireworks at their event, it is right their on the city workshop tapes. Over a half hour sales pitch from this sleazy non profit corporation's representative. It was not a vote but a "consensus " as the city council VOTED to give this money away.....these dishonest council members like to call a vote a consensus because they are fundamentally dishonest with themselves.

One city council-member was so arrogant that he tried to get citizen participation excluded at Debary Council workshops. That is how arrogant our current council is. These council-members are in effect voting on spending in these workshops yet they deceive themselves by claiming they do not...because our council is fundamentally dishonest. Several times in council workshops you can here these people refer to voting...then they correct themselves and call it gaining a consensus...because they are dishonest with the community and themselves.

Non Profit corporate MOOCH BUM's that hound the city for taxpayer money include Carson's Community Partnership Program INC. Hunt's favorite Little League Corporation, The multi million dollar Gateway Center for the ART of Makin money at 880 hwy 17-92, Team Volusia INC. the multi BILLION dollar American Cancer Society Inc.

Our selfish city council members readily give these corporate non taxpaying BUMS...free money AFTER they raised taxes on everyone else in Debary because they are selfish and dishonest.Call Dan Parrott and ask him about the giveaways from the city contingency fund and the tax increase he pushed for at 386 668 2040...call ..start asking questions.

Debary is becoming the Burglary Capitol of Volusia County as two more citizens cars were broken into at Gemini Springs Park last week, 3 houses were burglarized on Lake drive in the past month...but that is okay with the ignorant Debary City Council...they have priorties like firecrackers, splash pads and the arts. Visit the Volusia County daily activity reports for the VCSO 6th district and the archives and see the other Debary....if your laptop has not been stolen.

Debary is a crimebitten city with a foolish, selfish city council and very poorly managed ...that is why they raised taxes and recently amended the budget.

MC - Mort Culligan



Call me a little slow but dividing my time between Debary and the west coast I missed the installation of the new bus stop shelters. Three years ago I was vice chairman of the Street Scape Committee. The very first item I addressed was the bus shelters. To me the then current design did not provide much of a shelter so I set out, on my own time and money, to investigate what the surrounding cities used for their bus shelters. I found a few options and submitted them to the committee.

At the same time the committee was being presented with a proposal from a local developer to install the bus shelters in exchange for the ability to advertise on one end of the shelter. Personally I was all for it. I believe we even got to the design stage that had the City of Debary logo on one end and a lit paned for advertising on the other. To me it made common sense to have one end covered to keep out bad weather plus it would be lit so it would provide a safety factor. But what happened……....nothing. Monthly meetings kept getting postponed, members didn't show up and therefore most meetings did not have enough members to vote on a proposal that would be submitted to the council.

After a year of getting nothing done I resigned out of frustration. So now we have bus shelters but what happened to the shelters that would have generated the city advertising revenue. What happened to the developer that was going to pay for the shelters in exchange for being able to advertise on the shelters? What happened to the design that would have one side lit for safety from the weather and provide more safety for the citizen? It appears that again our city council has used tax payer dollars on a project that could have been paid for, and made more efficient, by using another way of achieving the desired purpose.

Three years ago there was no talk about a splash pad and yet it got finished without much of a notice to anyone. It got finished at the expense of the tax payer.

The bus shelters got installed at the expense of the tax payer (I guess) because the idea that was being considered when I was on the committee is not the shelter that is now standing. I really don’t understand the common sense and logic that is governing Debary. Or maybe there is none.

I am so confused I don’t even know what it all means but I do know if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a duck and this duck looks like something is in wrong in Debary.

Bob Waldorf
'tolerating the illogical'



Volusia County voters

Today's Volusia County agenda has the TEAM VOLUSIA INC. non profit in the taxpayers wallets again. How much this time $125,000? How much last time $250k ask Pat northey she loves to give away her money to these non profit bums.

Will anyone mention the fact that Volusia County already has an economic Development Dept. Why does this non profit 501c3 get so much money...why is Pat Northey always pushing for more money for this bum non profit?

This is EXACTLY how government gets bigger...by funding non profit so called public/ private bum organizations like this. BIGGER government is all about this kinda giveaway, face the truth vol co. councilmembers.

Team Volusia INC. is Scheme Volusia...another example of too much government...when we need less government.

Watch how Pat Northey supports this then ask her why she has pushed for this and loves to give away money to anyone that asks. The QUEEN of free government money Pat Northey....that is why she gets re-elected.

She represents herself and her friends well...gotta give her that.

MC - Mort Culligan


Volusia County Citizens

Why don't you attend a Volusia County Council meeting and watch as your elected representatives give away money.

That is what they do, that is their job, redistributing money from hard working taxpaying businesses to suspicious non profit organizations like TEAM VOLUSIA INCORPORATED. This SCHEME VOLUSIA is another so called economic development scheme, when we already have an economic development department with paid staff. Ask County manager J Dineen how many are on the County EDC staff and what their budget is..ask him, you may even get an answer.

Volusia County already has all kind of organizations claiming they are trying to drum up business and jobs for the county, try the various chamber of commerces and their tax free status as well. Consider the fact that every county and major city in the USA has the same game going in an economic mess. However the only 'growth industry' you can put your money on is fraud, corruption and street crime.

Our current crop of County council members is more of the same....they give away taxpayer money to their friends and never consider the fact that they should DEFEND the taxpayers from these manipulative non profit corporate BUMS.

County Manager Dineen said " we are always trying to find ways to save money"...I have a bright idea ...quit giving it away.

Councilmember Cusack said " we need to think out of the box"....this council is the BOX. You people could think out of the box but what would you do out of the box, that would take courage, try standing up for the taxpaying businesses and individuals against these giveaways.....

I have watched my non representative Pat 'Free Money' Northey as she has manipulated free money for her ugly political friends over the years and she knows it works. Greedy manipulative people always have their representatives in position in government and know how to keep them there.

How many BUM non profit organizations will get FREE MONEY from the Volusia County Council. Click on Guidestar.com and run your favorite zip code for a list of non profit parasites. None pay taxes...many just live from taxpayer money because they are parasites, a disease upon the taxpayers. These corporate bums vultures infect the City of Debary, the county ,state and country...none pay taxes..all claim some GOOD CAUSE...everything from a disease cure to veterans to the arts.

Anyway if you want FREE MONEY that is also TAX FREE...just start a 501 C3 or C6 scam, the potential for fraud is built in, you can be the CEO, shop for a politician or two in order to influence the influential

Last time I was at a County council meeting our councilmembers gave away $20,000 to a failed baseball event, last week it was $125,000 for Scheme Volusia Inc. This council has no respect for taxpayers money because the taxpayers are not looking. Maybe we have the government we deserve, how many taxpayers show up at these meetings? The tax money takers representatives always show begging and manipulating from elected 'give away artists' like Pat 'Free Money' Northey and the rest.

The taxpayers should be recognized as a GOOD CAUSE, but they are ignored by the very people they elect. It is time for politicians to quit the giveaways and act like responsible honest adults with guts enough to say no to non profit corporate bums.

MC - Mort Culligan


To whom it may concern

As we witness the vulgar spectacle 10 year anniversary of our government's illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq , George W Bush and his evil associates remain free and uncharged as the war criminals they are. There never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks 9/11/01. It was an illegal attack by a wealthy politician from Texas and his war profiteering neo con conspirators and business associates.

Over 150,000 Iraqi civilians , 4488 US troops and war contractors are dead and 32,000 are wounded because of this man's illegal war, yet this wealthy war criminal remains free

. Trillions of borrowed US taxpayers dollars were wasted on a war that should have never happened yet the vast majority of the american people could care less. Many irresponsible spoiled americans are so concerned with entertainment and sports they lack the courage to even acknowledge the criminal acts of our government.

Political assassinations,torture, false imprisonment, espionage, carpet bombing , incendiary , chemical and nuclear attacks are all part of the US government's actions over the years as we accuse others of being terrorists. The majority of the american people could care less about the est 2 million people our government killed in the Vietnam war or the est. 150 ,000 we killed in Iraq. We like to claim our service members as heroic but forget the people they killed, hundreds of thousands many of whom were innocent women and children.

If any other nation had pulled off such an illegal invasion and war the USA would have been outraged. When the Soviet Union did basically the same thing by attacking and invading Afghanistan in 1979 the US called them an EVIL EMPIRE, yet americans forget the blood on their hands. Americans are conditioned to believe that God Blesses their nation , a nation that has bombed and attacked so many other nations and has a huge body count they rarely account for publicly.

Americans like to point out the evil of terrorism as they forget to admit the reality of their own terrorist actions. Americans want to remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11/01 yet forget the millions they have killed with their fleets of bombers and sophisticated weapons of war.

The US government was a short term winner yet long term loser in Vietnam,Iraq and Afghanistan because they were unnecessary and un-winnable wars in the long term. US troops did what they were told but it did not matter because the US government does not want to end war by winning war. US politicians and war profiteers hide behind the flag and sacrifice of US troops as they cash in billions on war profits. "Why spoil a perfectly good war with victory" was a favorite quote of many US war veterans that know what their nation has become in terms of its war and our paranoia pushing government.

'Operation Iraqi Freedom' was actually ' Operation War Profiteering' and is estimated to cost possibly in excess of $6 TRILLION in long term costs of health care for veterans and added interest on the debt according to a a recent LA TIMES article by David Lazarus. Every dime of the money to finance this sick illegal war was borrowed from future US generations as the american people slept and ignored the truth. That figure is very arguable but gives you an idea of what these disastrous wars have cost...long term.

History states that WW1,WW2 and the Korean war were concluded violently and quickly because they were real wars as opposed to economic opportunity wars for the corporations that dominate our corrupt government from the Pentagon.

The US Government is a corrupt disgrace devouring its troops and citizens with war and debt while hiding behind an abused flag. The enemy of the american people is the american people, we are our own terrorists,that is why the gun store shelves are empty , our prisons are full and you lock your doors. Americans are conditioned to fear foriegn terrorists as americans killed over 15,000 americans last year, while not one american was killed by a terrorist last year or the year before that in this country.

Does God Bless the heavily indebted military empire known as the USA? Is it un american to tell the truth or even question such an imperial arrogant superpower?

The damage from the last 40 years of US government arrogance and spending is just beginning to be felt and has a momentum that is unprecedented. Americans will have a heavy price to pay when the dollar collapses under the weight of its abuse by our irresponsible elected officials and reactionary paranoid military government.

God Bless America....... an great nation that has degenerated into an paranoid empire that has borrowed itself into a new era of poverty and social unrest.

We all claim to love peace too bad there is no money in PEACE. The USA is not a superpower it is a superparanoid mess that must face the truth about its real enemy, its closest and most deadly enemy...itself.

MC - Mort Culligan



Debary Residents

You have to see the latest Debary CC meeting held on March 6th 2013 . The video tape can be viewed from the city website ,scroll to Live video web casts or from the DebaryPOP.com website.

Watch as the mayor and the two Catholic coucilmembers from the Glen Abbey Golf Community try to raise traffic issues to deny a permit for the Islamic Mosque. What a farce, that Mosque has every right to be there, just like that Catholic Church or the other Jesus Hustling, money making , tax evading..Spiritual Franchises do.

But wait it gets better...scroll down to the end section as the city council's Chris Carson the city's leading firecraker,parks equipment salesman..... starts flapping his jaws, he starts flapping right after the Mayor. This is the section where it gets most ridiculous, you cannot make this kinda stuff up.

Chris shows a cheap T shirt claiming Debary as a progressive city ! He keep flapping his jaws about the many accomplishments in the two plus years he and Dan Hunt have been in power. This guy is serious or could he have been drinking, should the CC members been drug and alcohol screened before the meetings?

Lets list some of those accomplishments of Debary's Progressive Council..shall we:

A TAX HIKE voted for by Hunt,Lita ,Koval and Carson ...AGAINST the citizens..but FOR the wasteful city government. Council members bought into Mr Parrott's unnecessary tax hike, like the fools that they are. Only the Mayor defended the taxpayers, as the Gang of Four voted yes to Mr Parrott's Tax INCREASE.

An $8000 pay raise for City Manager Dan Parrott..at taxpayer expense of course. Mr Parrott works for the city council from his knees, not for the citizens of Debary. Apparently Mr Parrott sets the agenda where all these giveaways originate....ask him about it.

Seven Thousand dollars wasted for a 'Special Master' Code Enforcement Attorney to do what was accomplished for free before. Ask Nick Koval about why he pushed for it and his relationship with the attorney.

A preposterous Splash Park located on 17-92 to keep children in maximum danger crossing the busy highway. This was $460,000 wasted as these 'clown council members 'raised taxes. At least someone made some money from these vultures at city hall. It is going to cost thousands of dollars per year to keep this 'attractive nuisance' open and endangering children.

Another mini park located in Glen Abbey the same golf community where two council members live,...... another $100,000 up in smoke. Ask C/M Nick Koval is he can see this park from his house?

$25,000 consensus for money to be spent on fireworks, after listening to a hour long sales pitch from Chris Carson's favorite non profit bum corporation the 501C3 CPPI. These schemers claim they do not vote at the city workshops, another lie. Chris likes firecrackers, most other ten year old kids like em as well.

Another $25,000 for the 501C3 NON Profit redundant TEAM VOLUSIA INC. one of Pat Northey's projects , that produces little and cost a lot. Pat is the Queen of free Volusia County money, it keeps her in office.

Another $10,150 for a sound system for the idiotic Splash Park so Hunt, Koval ,Carson and Lita can hear Christmas Carols over the hwy 17-92 traffic. Firecracker Carson recommend the vendor..what a surprise! Apparently Chris knows a lot of vendors when it comes to park equipment.

$7000 plus in spending for sports equipment needed by the 501C3 Non Profit Debary Little League INC. This is a favorite of C/M Dan' Mr Baseball' Hunt. Dan likes to spend taxpayer money on his friends and never considered the fact that the Little League INC should support itself 100% and get off city welfare. Dan likes to give away money as well, he voted for the tax increase because that is the kinda guy he is.

How much our BIG SPENDERS have wasted from the contingency fund on friends of the council is information that should be made PUBLIC. This way we can see the relationship of which non profit bum organizations get money and which council members are supporting which non profit bum organization to get their claws on taxpayer money. 501C3 and C6 freeloading corporations have infected government on local, county ,state and federal level...none pay taxes, all want free handouts from politicians.

If wasteful spending, tax hikes and giveaways are a sign of Progress then we should all agree with Mr Firecracker Carson about our progressive city.

Some of the issues councilmembers do not address are Debary's debt, Crime , Poverty, joblessness. These councilmembers fail to realise Debary is not an entertainment EVENT an IMAGE or a Fundraising Platform for non profit bum corporations.

Which is the next EVENT or project the' Fabuous Four 'councilmembers will waste money on ? Ask City manager Dan Parrott he writes up the agenda items for these irresponsible selfish councilmembers to vote on.

Mort Culligan


One thing for sure I do not know everything. Therefore I do not know how the city council is trying to use 'blight' as a way to get money. Isn't 'blight' a term used to describe run down decaying areas? How can we have 'blight' when we have a new 'Dollar Store' store being built on 17-92. How can we have 'blight' when the SunRail is taking shape and will be ready for use in the not to distant future. My answer is liberals. Liberals always want it both ways. Waste money on a Splash Pad and then try to convince others we are a 'blighted' city. Even most liberals can't swallow that and must consider the 'blight' is at the council level. And by the way.......can anyone please....tell me when you have seen ANYONE using the Splash Pad Park. I have never seen a car there unless it was a maintenance vehicle and please don't think people are staying away because of the weather. For one thing the weather has not been bad and for another there are other things to do there beside using the 'splash pad'. So let's do a real fast recap of the last few years. The council (former) turned down the Debary Downs that would have brought money into the city and they did this while claiming it would bring crime but crime has been increasing even without the Debary Downs and probably would have been better controlled with the Debary Downs because of more visible security. But instead we got a gun store. Crime??? The current city council turned down the Rac Trac that would have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the city but instead they approved a DOLLAR store. Wow.....that will sure generate revenue for the city and bring the higher roller type person..or not. And last but not least we now have two more parks. One on busy highway 17-92 that I never see anyone using and one in Glenn Abby where two of the council members live. Hmmmm.....what does all this mean? It means that you need to add the pros and cons of this council and make a informed decision when it comes time to vote. Now it the time to start paying attention and don't wait until the last minute.

Bob Waldorf

'tolerating the illogical'


Debary citizens,

The City councilmembers are concerned with Debary's Image and mandate expensive monument signs for local businesses. Yet they trash up the city at the intersection of Hwy 17-92 and Saxon at the official Debary advertising chainlink fence @ 880 Hwy 17-92 north.

The City of Debary lets any money hustler advertise their shameless fundraising events on the chainlink fence at the 880 Hwy 17-92 location because we have a trashy city that is full of elected hypocrites. Two sets of advertising rules, one for taxpaying businesses the other for non profit bum corporations that exploit the community with fundraising schemes and pay no taxes.

The Gateway Center for the Arts INC. is advertising their latest fundraising money making EVENT /Scheme as a Youth Celebration for the Arts for March 9th 2013 at Gemini Springs Park. This should raise more money for the NON PROFIT corporation that took in $246,000 last year from the taxpayers and whomever was nieve enough to give this corporation money. The Volusia County Cultural Council gives away money to this corporation plus other arts bum corporations like it all over this county, $610,000 last year alone. Government giving away money to non profit corporations is part of our vulture culture...getting free money thru grant hustling is an art form.

At last year's Gemini Springs fundraising event the GCA Inc.was collecting money for parking @ $3.00 per space and calling it a donation. Debary City councilmember Chris ' Firecracker' Carson was actually collecting parking money for the GCA Inc. at last year's event. I do not know what financial relationship Mr Carson has with this money soliciting arts corporation as it collected for parking at a county PUBLIC park. The event is about fundraising and money, using children to raise money is nothing new for corporations.

This corporation will have have two Debary parks tied up with their money making schemes that Saturday. The Church located at corporate Gateway Park will be shaking down the faithful for tax free money this Sunday as well...it is all about Arts, Culture,Jesus and MONEY, tax free money from a park that was once meant for the public to enjoy. I remember Gateway Park before it was corporate controlled do you?

Check out the Volusia County Cultural Council on the Vol.Co. they gave away $610,000 dollars to this non taxpaying bum non profit corporation and others like the GCA INC. last year in the name of CULTURE. Check who is on ther board of directors at the VCCC see how they vote money to their own organizations in the name of culture. Why should taxpayers be forced to grant these corporations tax free money...ask Pat Northey and her fellow councilmembers they have been giving away grant money to these corporations for years.

As tax paying businesses and individuals suffer from the economy these non profit bum culture corporations get taxpayer money, yet pay no taxes......because that is they type people they are, selfish with an exaggerated sense of entitlement to taxpayer grant money. Taxpaying businesses and individuals take a backseat to non profit bum corporations and their allegedly GOOD CAUSES. Perhaps Debary City councilmembers and County councilmembers will consider taxpayers as a good cause one day and quit giving their money away to their friends in our vulture culture.

Gemini Springs Park has recently been in the news for what it is most famous for....car breakins. Enjoy this corporate fundraiser/ celebration and watch your vehicle..do not bring anything you cannot afford to get stolen. Local parks are becoming fundraising platforms for non profit bum corporations, remember when they were nice places for the public to enjoy?

Mort Culligan



My hat is off to Mr. Marks for hitting the 'mark' right on topic.  The budget. Mr. Koval the councilman for the people was going to complete storm water problems. Remember? Oh well all of us with intelligence higher than a grape can easily see what we got running the city.  Yes I said 'what' we got NOT who we got. I must admit I did get a little giggley when Mr. Marks mentioned 'common sense'. Who wanted to be on the council and used the theme of 'common sense and logic'? Oh that was me.......thanks Lenny maybe now they will get it.

Bob Waldorf

'tolerating the illogical'


Debary Taxpayers

      Why is the Debary City Council spending the way they do...what is wrong?

   Read former council member Lenny Marks  editorial on DEBARYPOP.com

     It explains how this council leapfrogs projects over its own plans

   It is an article entitled the ' Council Jumps over the Moon" from Jan 27th located under citizens editorials.

    Look at the figures, why are they spending so much on things the city does not need?

   Is this called being Progressive? Spending recklessly on projects that are unneeded..is that progress?

   We have a generation of elected officials that are just irresponsible and do not know how to say no to spending.     Just like teenagers with a stolen credit card...who cares, they never had to pay from their pockets..everything is on the house.

   The Ship of Fools in Washington DC set a bad example as this country sinks into a sea of debt and dishonor.

    From the local to the federal we have a generation of lawmakers  raised in wealth spending far into the future generations money, yet claim to love the children as they spend their money.

    The Debary City Council cannot even find a name for their $460,000 Splash Pad Park on Hwy 17-92.   It never occurred to these people that the park deserves  NO NAME because it is nothing to be proud of. It is a foolish project born of the same fools on the city council that bought $25,000 worth of fireworks....to celebrate the  4th of July birth of a nation that is $16.5 trillion beyond broke.

    Anyway perhaps you should read Mr Mark's Article and see how foolishly the current Debary City Council treats taxpayer money.   Perhaps you can ask a Debary City Council member why the  city hall building has not been paid for or why they give away taxpayer money to non profit corporations they are personally associated with.   Call  the mortgaged City Hall 386 668 2040 why we just wasted $500,000 on two new parks when we had 10 parks already...ask em.

    Watch a Debary City Council meeting the link to the tapes is on DebaryPOP.com or the City of Debary website...watch as they 'fumble into the future 'concerned with sports, parks and foolishness.  Any resemblance by this city council to responsible adults is pure coincidence.





Norm Erickson’s editorial “A Look Back On 2012” brought out some interesting facts that should make every taxpayer in DeBary very angry. He broke down crime and pointed out that Debary is far from being crime free. He broke down the cost of “Event Management” and the cost these events cost the taxpayer. He mentions the cost of the ‘ Splash Pad Park’ and the park in Glenn Abby. He mentions that the council is looking in to a football field/stadium to be built in Rob Sullivan Park.

I have added up all of the cost attributed to these items:

Lights for Rob Sullivan Park: $160,000

Little League: $7,000

Alexandra Woods: $80,000

Splash Pad: $448,000

Fireworks (non profit): $25,000

Harvest Festival (non profit): $3,000

Improvement of 5 parks: $1,200,000 million

That comes to a total of $1,923,000, that’s taxpayer dollars that should have gone toward important capital improvements that were leap-frogged over.

Let’s get into these capital improvements that were leap-frogged over. The items listed below are from the ‘Five Year Capital Improvement Program (2012-2017) found in the 2012 budget.





















Finding Sources

2. Grants/Special Revenue


4. Self-Funding Projects




1. General Fund

3. Debt Financing (i.e. Lease/Purchase

5. Donations/Volunteers


As Amended City

Council Meeting 6/6/2012










Project Description

Funding Source

Total Cost




























General Fund Departmental

Capital Outlay










Fire Hydrants










Tree Purchases










Road Level & Resurfacing (Franchise











Sidewalk Construction Repair










Capital Improvement Projects Fund










West Side Emergency Flood

Management System










Public Buildings & Park Improvements










Woodbound Lake Outfall










Lake Charles Pump & James Pond

Pump Station










Hammock Oak Circle










River City Nature Park Improvements










Gateway Park Improvements










Power Park Improvements










Rob Sullivan Community Park











Keller Park Improvements










Sheriff Substation (Loan)










Fire Station (Loan)









































All of the above projects were leap-frogged over by the council. The $1,923,000 that was spent on items not on the list above were voted on and passed by the council with the exception of the Mayor. He voted no to most of the tax wasting items. Good for you [us] Mr. Mayor!! Why were these projects approved and the ones on the Five Year Capital Improvement Projects jumped over? Are any of these projects done for the general welfare of the taxpayer? I think not!

Why not do capital improvements for which the whole community will benefit? Are there personal agendas at work here? It seems the PEOPLE who are at the head of the City’s Organizational Chart (meaning the City) have little or no powers to stop this runaway spending Council. How about paying off the City’s debt?

Now, the Council has started a precedent, where rules and common sense only exist for their agendas. It seems that no matter what the people desire, the answer more than likely is, too bad, we will do what we want, we are the Council. This is our money they are burning on their special projects.

The Council needs to understand what the word “leadership” means. You need to understand you serve the whole city not just a segment of the city. You just need to learn how to say NO!

Lenny Marks




Volusia County Residents,

As many of you may know on Jan,10, 2013 the Volusia County Council gave away $20,000 to continue a baseball event called 'A Brawl at the Beach'. This giveaway was paraded under the banner of economic development by the  Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce Inc ?

The event salesman/ lobbyist spent perhaps 20 minutes or so on this sales pitch for this baseball event , fortunately two councilmembers voted against this $20,000 giveaway of taxpayer money, that was packaged as an investment. I appreciate the fact that County Chair Mr Jason Davis and councilmember Mr. Patterson voted against giveaway. Those two council members stood for the taxpayers and against this lobbying special intrest group, many taxpayers will remember and appreciate the fact that they did so.

I appreciate the Volusia County council letting me speak against this giveaway of taxpayer funds. I feel that someone must stand for the taxpayers of this county against the relentless lobbying efforts of non profit organizations to get money from Volusia county.

From what I gathered from the statements of councilmembers they are plauged by these organizations for money throughout the year for and perhaps many do not appreciate that fact. Money that is goes to these non taxpaying, non profit organizations could go to pay raises for county employees, it could put more VCSO deputies on the street , any number of far better uses than to be given away to uneeded baseball events.

I appreciate Councilmember Kusack's comments during the meeting about " thinking out of the box" and I agree.  I have an 'out of the box' suggestion for the council that may help slow these special intrest lobbyists.

Is it possible to pass an ordinance that requires Non profit groups to register as lobbyists in order to solicit money from the Volusia County Council.  The fee to register as a lobbyist should be set as at least  $1000.00  Each seperate request for money should require a $500.00 solicitation fee.  That is ' thinking out of the box' , because it makes sense, in a world of politics that needs proposals that make sense.

As I stated to the council  Volusia County has over 2547 Tax Exempt/Non Profit organzations that have assets exceeding $2,976,436,043 and the taxpayers need protection from some of these money hungry ' non taxpaying'  businesses.

Volusia County taxpayers have a duty and responsibility to share their opinions, facts and recommendations and I would appreciate any response to this possible Lobbyist Registration Ordinance. The largest room in Volusia County government and government in general is the room for improvement, so lets get to work.

Morton Culligan

Taxpayer  Volusia County,Fl


Debary Citizens

Read the latest 'Twilight Zone' article on DebaryPOP.com  concerning the  Volusia Titans Inc./ Stadium con job. I did not write it but I agree because I am watching this waste of money evolve.

Why is Firecracker Carson talking to the Daytona Beach News Journal INC. about these idiot plans for a sports stadium?

Build it and they might NOT come...ever think of that? Look at all the empty commercial property in Debary...they did not come did they?  Life is not a game Mr Carson and Mr Hunt , times are changing fast....real fast.

The Volusia Titans INC. can stay where they are, in a PO Box in Deltona. This non profit group pays no taxes Debary or anyplace else ...do they?

We have plenty sports already Mr Hunt...baseball, dodgeball, soccer....12 parks and an $11million dollar debt.   High school, college and pro football......isn't that enough GD football? Perhaps we can start a prenatal and post mortem football program. WTF is next?

Do Nicky, Hunt and firecracker Carson wanna do something for the kids...try paying off all that municipal debt so the KIDS will not inherit it.  Fiscal responsibility...is not a game, it is a reality the politicians locally and nationally need to get into their thick skulls.

Okay  Nicky..Hunt and Firecracker....go to the blackboard and write 1000 times.....I will attempt to grow up and learn fiscal responsibility for the kids!

Take your cheerleader with you she can write...500 times .....I will stand up for the taxpayers against the rest of the council one day and quit being a follower for the KIDS!

Please read the following sentence twice so it sinks in.   This nation is on the verge of financial collapse, people are stealing everything that is not nailed down, when they are not shooting each other and YOU idiots are worried about FOOTBALL?