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Debary Residents

    You may wonder why the Economic Development Corporation Team Volusia Inc. was no help securing the 90 new jobs Debary may get via the Wal Mart store.  The answer is they do not do retail, nor does our Volusia County Economic Development Department.

    However when the Daytona Speedway Corporations partners needed a FREE $20 million dollars back in June they claimed all the jobs numbers based on mainly retail jobs. $20M free grant dollars based on retail jobs numbers but we.... do not do retail!!!!

   Why should a worthless Economic Development Department or an EDC Team Volusia Inc. get involved in retail in Debary, when the majority of jobs are retail?  They want big high income jobs for the only city in Volusia County.....Daytona.

  I asked a Volusia county government official who is supposed to help get these type jobs, he claims your local Chamber of Commerce.What could be more worthless than the local chamber of commerce?

  The City of Debary is in debt ,yet it gives Team Volusia Inc. close to $10,000 annually for what?   Of what value is the County EDC....except for getting grants for wealthy corporations?  Retail is not part of our economy according to Volusia County agencies that are responsible for economic development.......that is the word.

Morton Culligan     Debary, Fl.

5/22/2014: The Idiocy of Rudolph Conoley - The Quitter -

Grade: "I" for "Incomplete"

How soon Rudy forgets that he was in dissension about Mr. Parrott. He was too busy crying and whining over Ken Weaver, the candidate for CM that he wanted. He still whines about it. Shows him what Stormin Norman truly means!!!

"Insider 17" -

Editorial Comment from Norm: "Insider 17" is not a real name. On Rudolph's blog there was an "Insider 7" that posted stuff on there. It's not a person's real, legal name. Like Rudolph Conoley likes to use "Van" as a screen name or nickname - even on official election ballots Rudolph did not use his real, legal name - his name on both ballots in 2005 when he lost and in 2008, when he won only to soon quit, was "Van" in quotes; so this person who wrote into POP likes to use "Insider 17" in the same manner as Rudolph uses "Van". I'm sure both Rudolph and "Van" can appreciate that choice others have made as it is the same choice both Rudolph and "Van" have.



Where was the worthless Economic Development Corporation known as TEAM VOLUSIA INC. during the special Debary City council meeting concerning economic development for the city on January 14th??

  Our naive Debary city council gave this worthless Team 'Scheme' Volusia EDC corporation almost $10,000 for what?  So they could sit on their hands. The Wal Mart applicants needed help against the forces of negativity and NIMBYISM...but the worthless Team Volusia Inc. non profit corporate bums were no where as usual.

   Where was the Volusia County EDC representatives.....no where, they are all about DAYTONA...that is all they care about as well.

 Where was our Volusia County District 5 representative was he helping job growth associated with the Wal Mart store or keeping out of the fray so as not to lose any votes?

 Why does the county and city keep giving this worthless non profit corporation money?   Team Volusia INC. is all about DAYTONA...that is it.   

   The County EDC department needs new leadership or at least someone that cares about places other than DAYTONA.....we should drop all support to TEAM VOLUISA and give our county EDC department at kick in the butt.  There are other places in the county other than DAYTONA.

     Morton Cullgan     non country club area of ..Debary,FL