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I was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Not really...but go with it for the editorial. Well, I discovered by inner "Clintonian Logic" and gaslighted the officier. Here is how it went down:



O: License and registration.

N: What? I wasn't speeding.

O: Here is the video and radar.

N: Ok. I was speeding. But I have to go to the bathroom. Would you want me to go in here?

O: Registration please.

N: Wait, you had to speed to catch me. So you were speeding, too. We're both guilty. Why is my guilt worse than yours?

O: Registration

N: Shouldn't you be giving yourself a ticket?

O: Sir

N: You give yourself a ticket first and pay for my attorney and then I'll say I was going a tad fast.

O: Sir....

N: You've been over the speed limit plenty of times I'm sure...and I heard you say in the break room the other day...I was outside the window listening in...you said....

O: SIR!!

N: Calm down. I'm the slowest driver ever. You broke the law, too....wait...wait...don't do it bro...don't do it..don't taz me, bro...don't...a.a.aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhh





Thursday, January 8, 2015

Former Volusia County Council Chair Patricia Northey Joins Ghyabi & Associates as Project Manager

Patricia Northey recently wrapped up a twenty-year tenure as a member of the Volusia County Council has accepted a position as Project Manager with Ghyabi & Associates, an engineering and planning firm with offices throughout Central and North Florida.

“We are especially pleased to welcome Pat Northey to our executive team,” said Maryam Ghyabi, CEO of the firm. “Throughout her career, Pat’s vision for our community and all of Central Florida has been the impetus for positive change in the areas of transportation, the environment, recreation and economic development. She will continue to work for better communities in her new assignment.”

From Norm: WHO IS Maryam H. Ghyabi? She is on the SJWMD and she is a “tireless advocate for economic growth”. Wow. Sounds like John Miklos has some competition…so does Clint...with Patricia Northey for hypocrisy…


Maryam H. Ghyabi
Ormond Beach
Read Maryam Ghyabi’s guiding principles

Ms. Ghyabi was appointed to a four-year term in an at-large seat on the Governing Board on May 19, 2009, and was reappointed on May 21, 2013. The Board elected her vice chairman on Nov. 12, 2013 and she served through Nov. 12, 2014. Ms. Ghyabi served as treasurer from Oct. 12, 2010, until her election as vice chairman.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Ms. Ghyabi holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in transportation engineering.

She is the CEO and President of Ghyabi & Associates, Inc., with offices in Jacksonville, Lake Mary and Ormond Beach, Florida. Ms. Ghyabi is active in the industry’s professional associations and is a tireless advocate for economic growth, having led many key transportation efforts: leading the ISB Coalition, spearheaded the I-4 St. Johns River Bridge Coalition, was appointed to the Transportation Outreach Program (TOP) Advisory Board, served as chair of the Volusia County Area Responsible Development (VCARD), and Central Florida Transportation Commission Task Force.

She is also involved in many community charity and leadership organizations: she served as the chairwoman for the Women’s Center at Daytona State College and as the chairwoman for the Floridians for Better Transportation (FBT). Her career and community activities have been recognized with awards, including the Floridians for Better Transportation 2008 Chairman Award, a proclamation from Daytona State College Women’s Center designating Nov. 7, 2008, as “Maryam Ghyabi Day,” many awards for initiatives to fund and accelerate the I-4 St. Johns River Bridge, a proclamation from the County of Volusia designating May 31, 2001, as “Maryam Hosseini Ghyabi Day,” Volusia County Metropolitan Planning Organization recognition for contributions to the Technical Coordinating Committee as chair in 1998, and the Florida Legislature has recognized her and her leadership role in the Florida Transportation Outreach Program (TOP) Advisory Board.



Citizen Editorial by Patricia Stevenson. Dec 16, 2015: Special Meeting Notes

Everyone was committed - the whole council - committed to keeping this final meeting of the year a positive one, and they succeeded hands down!

Mayor Johnson - having already stated his position on the Mayors Memo - called each agenda item quickly thru the process of motion, second, discuss, vote –not much discussion was given. Voting was reverted to Ayes and Nays rather than the roll call which had been previously been approved. 4-1 was called out for the last two votes - Yays were heard - but never the Nay vote and the meeting was so quickly adjourned the audience churned with confusion. <smh> #Decorum

Regarding the Disposal of the Ex-Mark Mowers: Mayor Johnson, on his Mailbox Memo stated: "We should sell these ourselves and put the extra thousand dollars we earned above the $900 towards local event budgets. I’d be happy to sell them for you." Will he keep this "promise" and re-deposit the profit from the mowers into City Coffers? Because he didn't re-state this was his intention at the meeting. He plans to clear "his plan" with Ardaman first - the council is going to let him run with it unanimously.

CM Brady had prepared a few questions about the land swap- the parcel is 1/2 mile closer to the TOD core, follows the lead of other cities planning and development, and will most likely become mixed use commercial/business in the near future. 4-1 vote with Johnson opposed for unknown reasons.

Funny thing Mort mentioned about campaign donations and the land purchase/swap, Florida Public Utilities, Association of Realtors - I tuned out for most of his rant - but that <might have> been his one good factual tidbit for the night.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays DeBary!



The mayor was right. Poker is coming to town and Debary will get zero tax money.

John Faucette-Harrison




What Are The Qualities Of An Excellent Mayor:

A Mayor who acts straight, and talks straight;

A Mayor who listens carefully when spoken to, who asks question when he does not understand, and does not ask questions about things that are not any of his business;

A Mayor who looks cheerful, has a ready smile for everybody, and never sulks;

A Mayor who is polite and respectful to every man, woman and child;

A Mayor who never bullies others;

A Mayor who when he does not know a thing, says, “I don’t know” and when he has made a mistake says “I’m sorry” and when he is asked to do something says, “I’ll try”;

A Mayor who does not feel sorry for himself, and not forever thinking and talking about himself;

A Mayor who makes you feel good when he is around;

*A Mayor who speaks, but only when there is a need to;

*A Mayor who is willing to put in his time to what he was elected to do;

*A Mayor who does not have a smart or sarcastic attitude;

*A Mayor who would rather resign than to deceive his constituents;

*A Mayor who the people like.

This was taken from an article printed in the early 1900’s. It was titled “Boy Wanted”. I exchanged the”Boy Wanted title to “Mayor Wanted”. It rings true even today. I added a few of my own (the ones with asterisks) that I feel fit into the theme of the article.

This Mayor is wanted everywhere. The Council Members want him and most of all the people want him. If a Mayor cannot go by these simple guidelines, it’s time to MOVE ON, wherein everyone would benefit.

Lenny Marks




The mayor`s response to Norm`s letter of August 6 is interesting. He says that Norm`s letter is not helping the "slowly mending council".

How does his criticism stand up against the "TEAM CLINT" group ? I would think that the group would be called "TEAM DEBARY. But then, it wouldn`t serve the mayor`s objective.

Mark Sandler



Our mayor gets transfixed by shiny objects. DeBary is not even close to being a "destination" town. Maybe someday but not in the near future. Creative thinking is always good but not when combined with compulsive and sub-rosa actions. People in Saxon Woods do not want the card room in OC and I understand why. However, putting it in DeBary affects even more people.

The mayor`s statements about high paying jobs and upscale restaurants are ludicrous. If restaurants won`t come here because of an inadequate "roof count" how does the card room solve that issue. Smoke, mirrors and BS.
Come to the 8/18 meeting and let your thoughts be known.



I sent the following to the City Council and below it is the Mayor's response to the issues I raised:

On Aug 6, 2015, at 6:34 PM, trinity1955@debarypop.com wrote:

This is why social media needs to be reigned in:
Mayor Johnson you wrote the following on DeBaryProud:
From Clint Johnson on DeBary Proud – 8/6/15:
….and anyone else at the meetings in the future:
If you hear things like that or someone is being rude, please stand up, gain attention from the chair, state the issue and we will ask them to stop or have them escorted out.
 I advised (names deleted - Norm) of the same thing.
From the dias and in the process of doing my job, I don't have the ability to effectively monitor every person.
Also, if there's a little snide remark or exchange, I'll generally attempt to ignore it for the sake of peace. But if one of the two people in any given confrontation calls attention to it from the board, action will be taken.
Mayor, you used the word "half-assed" at a recent meeting when incomplete agenda items were being discussed. You've used profanity at meetings before and I even said this to your face in front of Warren Graham - why is it impossible for you to run a meeting without violating the rules of decorum?  Mayor, when you indulge in such rudeness, may I gain the attention of the Vice Mayor, state the issue, and have you removed?
All Councilmembers:
You may have your meetings interrupted more because of the "new rule" the Mayor has "created" on the FB social media posting. What the Mayor is referencing in his post is taken care of by an elected official calling for a point of order due to noise or interruption.  If you don't hear it, it's not causing you a problem - but now it might. Now because of what the Mayor has posted, I guess at any moment a citizen or citizens might stand up and "gain attention from the chair" and some people in brown shirts will escort someone out?  I don't know.  Even if you don't hear the commentary your meeting might be interrupted. Before these new policies are passed on FB, the Mayor might want to talk to the Council first. 
Mayor, when you say I "embellish" things, you show that you don't even know what the word means. 
Mayor, when I ask you to clarify an issue that you raised at a meeting, raising money for some project, and you refuse to clarify your own issue, it is demonstrative of just how unable you are as a leader.  And to dismiss it in a petulant tone goes to show how immature you are.  You ran for a position that answers to the people, yet you refuse to answer to a person when asked to clarify an issue you raised.   
Norm Erickson

The Mayor's Response:

This letter is not only an embellishment but an instigation meant to divide a slowly mending council, and any qualified elected official will immediately see through it. 

 I’ve offered you many opportunities to talk and work through whatever issues are causing you to be so obsessed in your attempts to debase my integrity; all of which were ignored or refused. I can take a hint and won’t persist with another but I pray you’ll find a way to work through the bitterness. It’s not healthy or productive.






Debary, Florida a city of old losers....we do not want anything in DEBARY. Nothing is good enough for the stinking City of Debary and all the old corpses that run it.

What does NORM want.....tell us NORM what do you want for this crappy ugly city...so that it can GROW?

Debary an ugly city of suburbs, STAGNATION and EXCUSES...hello anyone home??? People need hope. progress and employment not ugly selfish old corpses screeching about a small town atmosphere that does not exist. RIGHT NORM ...is that specific enough for YOU?

Highway 17-92 is a commercial highway not the driveway for gated and golf community old selfish corpses living on social security

Mort Culligan


From Norm:

We just want it. Sunrail did not figure nights and weekend use into their budget. Really? How stupid is that? Well, they just wanted it and those numbers would add, according to the Sentinel article today by Dan Tracy, about 30 million dollars to the operating budget right off the bat. Sooooo, we'll leave nights and weekend use off and just deal with it later. The yearly budget is 35 million according to the same article. Soooo, the yearly budget is actually about 65 million if you want to ride the train at night and on the weekend...why would weekend service not be included?

The biggest complaint about Sunrail? No weekend service - that's a no brainer. We're being asked to change our language in our Comp Plan and Codes based on a picture most of which isn't actually being proposed. And I don't know if we have any information on the quality of the horse track being proposed - but some just want it. It's premature to say "Yes" or "No" to this project - we don't know enough about THE PROJECT either way yet. Gambling we know about - but not the project.

Mort did apologize a number of times for what he wrote to me. He admitted he wrote it and that it was over the top - other people have written in to tell me it was over the top and some family members have told me Mort was spot on.

I wouldn't like any "plan" that isn't honest and that purports to "propose" something it's not proposing.

From MORT:

Remember all those people that were lined up for the job fair in anticipation for the Debary Downs approval back in 08? They NEEDED WORK...but you and Shirley and JB and George Coleman and Lenny do not care about anyone else...because you have jobs or are on a government check.


It was people like YOU that have to block everything in Debary...those people could have had jobs but the selfish people of Debary want nothing and that is exactly what they deserve.

Debary is nothing to be proud of at all..it isn't...the selfish status quo lurking in their façade subdivisions afraid to take a chance on anything. Even a small Wal Mart is too much for Debary's selfish old people. Debary is just another dot on the map of Florida that has a population of 19.7 million people...many need work and incomes.

Gambling in Debary...LOL... I am going to go gamble at the VFW Bingo game then the Moose Bingo game then the Winn Dixie Lotto game. The LOTTO is gambling that helps pay for Debary's children's education NORM & Shirley , should we stop that gambling and let YOUR taxes UP? Tax increase for NORM, SHIRLEY and JB...hello!

I asked little JB if he wanted to say anything at all to me in person...all I got was whimpering. I'll talk toe to toe to anyone in Debary anytime...if they want to ,I am very easy to find.

I am sure the wimps in the city of Debary will find a way to screw up a free lunch....what can ever be good for Imperial Debary the home suburban arrogance and nothingness. Debary Proud...of WHAT?

Norm does not like Mr. Costa and his plans...tell MR COSTA NORM...talk to the man, talk to the corporation, quit being a whiner that has no answers. What do YOU want NORM a guarantee on each detail?

Norm , Shirley, JB and the rest offer ZERO...they will not be hiring and or providing jobs or revenue. Apparently they do not care about people that need jobs because they are selfish people in a town famous for selfish NIMBY people.

I like Norm and telling Norm FUCK YOU is a bit over the top and I apologized for it later ,yet it was an honest temporary FUCK YOU. The kind of fuck you statements that happen everyday worldwide. Oh Well.

I am bombastic and inappropriate at times...so the fuck what?

Morton Culligan 66 Tanglewood Rd Debary



Below are a number of emails Mort has sent in. I had to verify with Mort over the phone that he did send them as their was some confusion at first. But he did admit to sending them via email and/or through the website for publication. I used "JB"'s initials back in August when he disagreed with me on voting for Mayor - so I'm being consistent. But I did go the extra step to ask JB if I could put his name and he said fine. So I did. I'm only interested right now in 2015...but it looks like Costa is trying to pull a fast one again by putting forth a project he is NOT actually proposing. I'm not a journalist, so I don't have to have journalistic integrity. In the past I've defended Mort Culligan - read the emails below to see where that has gotten me in terms of just respectful disagreement between two human beings - not very far.

Regardless, the issue to keep at focus is next Wednesday - what exactly is Mr. Costa proposing? Changing our language when we don't have any details about the project. Unreasonable. Unreasonable.

So here are the emails:

Perhaps Norm can tell us what he has ever accomplished for the city of Debary, Florida?

What does Norm propose to do about anything to improve the city?

Norm. Lenny and George Coleman screwed up the Debary Downs opportunity last time because they wimped out..it was not good enough for them. Was not specific enough for them so we have nothing....is nothing specific enough NORM? NOTHING is specific...that is what Debary gets NOTHING.

All the spending the city does...where is all the money going to come from... NORM, where are we going to get the revenue...maybe from the Dunkin Donuts..right NORM. We want specifics NORM...how many do nuts is it going to pay for the cop shop...how many do nuts NORM...why didn't you ask? Why NORM....how many do nuts?

Norm is the type person that does lets a person like JB make attacks on me under his initials then does not print my reply to the coward JEFF BROWNING'S comments under the initials JB. Why not NORM...you doing selective editing again...because you have zero integrity.

What did NORM ever accomplish in office? I am listening NORM maybe there is something I missed...what? WHAT?

How about some journalistic integrity NORM (here they are, Mort)....I want to answer the attacks upon me by the coward JB.

Morton Culligan 66 Tanglewood Rd Debary, Fl anytime JB wants to talk eyeball to eyeball like a man.


Who is this JB person...what no name? I am easily located if you want to talk to me in person...eyeball to eyeball and toe to toe.

Talk to me personally anytime, I might just wipe that smile off your face, never can tell JB...ya little sweetheart.

Anyways YOUR sick US military machine is still doing well wasting hundreds of billions in its twin 13 year war fiascos in Laughanistan and Iraq. We are still killing from helicopter gunships and drones and accusing others of the terrorism we are very famous for. We are also sending military advisors to the UKRAINE..that should work out real great. Lets start a war with IRAN and Russia...as we are still losing the other two wars...right JB? God Blesses America..are you serious? WHY?

Maybe courageous JB should go to war or send any of his or her children. Learn more about our courageous military, read about Operation Speedy Express, Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Ranch Hand and so many other examples of American military terrorism. Maybe if JB was not so ignorant he would realize the US military is very dangerous to itself and the world...we are a terrorist nation...maybe do a body count sometime...need any help JB? Maybe you can learn something about the very bloody history of the USA from the burning of Atlanta in 1862 until the burning in Baltimore last night. The Imperial USA and its military madness is subject to criticism it is guaranteed and encouraged by the 1st Amendment ...hello...where have you been?

Changing subjects...I guess JB cannot figure out that capitalism works...that is where most jobs come from....business. That is how people get paychecks and pay their bills and taxes so we can buy new cop shops , schools and the like. Where do these mysterious businesses locate...on commercial property JB, even in little shithead towns like Debary. Florida. Debary home of nothing except cookie cutter subdivisions and zero small town atmosphere

But really why have money making businesses in Socialist Debary? Business are supposed to make money and lots of it JB, that way they can pay employees , it is called capitalism. Capitalism is not perfect but what should we put on that commercial property...more tax dodging 'non profit' parasite corporations. How about more government buildings that devour tax money instead of producing tax money?

I have a suggestion JB...consider investing in an education that includes the subject of REALITY.

Come talk tome face to face sometime JB....I am very easy to find and cannot wait... maybe we can make a date sweetheart? Bring a pair.



Norm why are you stabbing the Mayor in the back...why don't YOU PERSONALLY insult him like a MAN. Grow a pair NORM. Get in his face are you a coward Norm? Are you a coward NORM...get in his face, at least he is trying to improve the community with some jobs what are YOU doing? What are YOU doing, bragging about how you are right when you haven't a clue. What did you accomplish for Debary as councilmember?

Why are you criticizing other peoples blogs for having mysterious anonymous people making statements when YOU are letting JB on your website...are YOU JB...Norm? JB can come see me anytime.. anytime.

I think you did a shitty job as council member remember how you helped get rid of Mary Courson..how sneaky was that. Now we have Parrott. If it was not for people like YOU, Coleman and Marks at least we would have something in Debary. But you folded up on the Debary Downs issue like a cheap garbage bag

You brag about being right...about what, YOU screwing up an economic opportunity and back stabbing our former City manger. We are stuck with Sunrail might as well make the best of it...maybe YOU have a job but others do not what about them? Shirley and JB do not care about anything but themselves and you are not much better.

Is our 'Small Town Atmosphere' hiring people NORM? Are YOU and JB and Shirley hiring people and providing revenue or just blowing smoke?


And finally….

How is Norm doing?

How are you doing motherfucker....send ole  JB over to my house okay you motherfucker.  Fuck YOU....you are a piece of shit....MC



I first took note of mort culligan and his boreish commentary when he would regularly trash our military. Not a word about our military these days; guess he really really admires his man, barack?

I could always depend on mort bringing a smile to my face after reading one of his bombastic, indignant, self-righteous diatribes about our city (Debary), and our citizens.

Now the potential return of the horse track and gambling parlor has ole mort craving growth like a crack addict seeking another fix. In morts world (any) growth is his crack.

Clearly mort (and chris) believes that growth would mgically generate wealth for our communcity (lolipops and unicorns for everyone). How quickly would this flow of cash manefest into city coffers? In 1-yr? In 2-yrs? In 5-yrs? Ever? When would the budget turn Black? The truth is that growth principally benefits the "connected" land owners, realtors, contractors, and politicians; not the citizens or the city at large.

I luv it when mort (and chris) throws around estimates and projections about future tax revenue and new jobs associated with proposed construction projects. I wonder whose figures he is citing? Does his forecast tool identify all associated costs, and the un-intended consequences? The reality of mort's growth is that it often leaves the citizens forced to pick up the tab in the form of higher taxes, less responsive law enforcement/fire/emergency services, and more congestion.

How about those new schools that will have to be constructed? How about the move to establish a Debary police department and fire department? Let's hire a police chief & fire chief, and then fully staff both organizations - then buy them expensive state-of-the-art equipment for teir new buildings. How about new road projects & sewer/water projects? How about building a debary jail & court-house annex. When does debary build a new water treatment facility? And don't forget to throw in the sun rails costs that will soon be levied on the citizens of debary?

In mort's simple world growth equals millions of tax dollars, balanced budgets, lower property taxes, lower water bills, lower energy bills, and a state-of-the-art infrastrucutre (I sure wish I knew where that city is located?). Yep - this is mort & chris' nirvana.... "we want our walmart, racetrack, horse track, section-8 apartments, etc"

Beware of bombastic, indignant, self-righteous blow-hards like mort. Shirley called him out very appropriately the other day. I second that motion! Ditto for chris. Cheers.

jb - Jeff Browning


Fun to be right?

Even a broken clock is right twice a day Norm.

But remember we would already be enjoying whatever revenue from that Debary Downs project right now...right now NORM. But you Lenny and George Coleman screwed it up NORM. So we have nothing..no jobs, no revenue , nothing but old nimby human carcasses.

Do we have a worthless fictional small town atmosphere? ..give me one example..the Winn Dixie parking lot...maybe the Splash Pad?

Debary has no charm , is not quaint and is a joke to the County and State of Florida.

But who knows... we might ROAR into the future with a Dunkin Do Nut store or another dollar store.

Meanwhile...we have spoiled brats from Glen Shabby and their lawsuit. That tells the rest of the world Debary is a LOSER that wants nothing but old selfish retired crustaceans..NIMBY NIMBY not in my back yard which is Hwy 17-92

From Norm:

I was right in jokingly, sarcastically, and cynically predicting that the 20 million dollar value from 2008 which is now being touted at 30 million in the DBNJ and soon, so said the Great Carnak, 50 million…and then, BAM! there it was in print just hours later. Mort, your tone is becoming as shrill as Mica with Sunrail not long ago. Mica said, “We can’t pave our way out of this – we need Sunrail.” Now they are paving I-4 – 2 billion? Biggest FDOT project in the history of Florida. AND, I hear they are going to expand that project into Volusia….AND paving on 417 at the same time. Talk about not paving our way out of the problem.



Sorry Norm ..but are you on drugs or something? Debary has no WAL MART we just have a lawsuit. We have no shooting range...where is it Norm... lets go buy a gun at the non existent Wal-mart and shoot it at the non existent Shooting range...then play cards at the non existent Debary Downs card room. You remember the $30 million dollar opportunity you, Lenny and George Coleman SCREWED UP. You 3 screwed up a free lunch.

We do have a worthless fictional SMALL TOWN ATMOSPHERE...that has zero value even if it did exist. We also have old selfish people that want to live in the past....go ask one for a job...ask them how much revenue they bring in for our backwards facing city?

You actually call a dunkin do- nuts and two dollar stores progress? For a sluggish backwards city like Debary maybe it is...mean while other cities want to join the 21st Century. MC

If SOME people in Debary were a little less ignorant they would realize GAMBLING is all over Debary... at the Winn Dixie, every convenience store and place of business that wants the FLORIDA LOTTO. If some people in Debary were less ignorant they would realize the Florida Lotto is a WINNER and helps defray the cost of education for our wonderful 'fat pink' children.

Evil Gambling is also at the VFW ...it is called BINGO....every week they GAMBLE... get that through your thick skull Norm & Shirley....BINGO!! The Moose Lodge gambles at BINGO as well, look at their website...Hello.

But wait, both the VFW and the Mooseys are tax dodging non profit BUM parasite corporations that dodge taxes. However some of the evil gambling money may go to a good cause...but I doubt it. Debary is stuffed with selfish non profit parasite corporations...we need revenue generators...HELLO...HELLO anyone home??

Maybe Shirley and Norm could unzip their skulls are realize we all gamble ...it is called WALL STREET...hello...hello... anyone home? Let the clutch out on your slowly idling brain put it in 1st gear and wake up.

Debary is to a certain degree anti business...we are not talking about Crap business like Dunkin DoNuts and 2 wimpy dollar stores. We want to talk about real businesses the kind that provide lots of jobs and lots of revenue. JOR...Jobs Opportunity and Revenue....it is called free market capitalism in a town of selfish arrogant old people.

Maybe Debary needs people like me... that tell the truth. Shirley...Debary is a backwards jerkwater crap city that is afraid of it's own shadow. We do not want progress, jobs, revenue because people in Debary are selfish, they do not think about the unemployed and broke that need opportunity. Selfish people Shirley...think about it.

You can take your worthless 'Small Town atmosphere' and stuff it. It does not really exist. there is no such thing in Debary at all. Debary is just another common dull BURB with Hwy 17-92 ripping through it like a chainsaw.

Florida's population is 19.7 million people and growing...the selfish people of Debary will not escape from a future roaring in the distance by cowering in the past. Thanks MC

From Norm:

Mort, the Walmart was voted in – that shows developers we want development. The City changed the Comp Plan to allow bigger stores like the two Dollar Stores – that shows developers we are open for business. Whether Dunkin’ Donuts is progress or not, I do not know. What I know is that the Race Trac gas station was voted down. Other businesses were voted in. The citizens that showed up said they wanted a “small town atmosphere”. Carson pushed for those workshops: will he listen? Mayor wants to hear: Your Voice – will he listen?

Let’s not relax gambling language until we see the project. I’ve said all along, “if it’s a good project, we need something at Sunrail”. You, Mort with this gambling project, whatever it is, are playing the part of John Mica with Sunrail: we need it, we need it, we need it – regardless. Now the DeBary Downs is worth 30 million. 7 years ago it was worth 20 million. Let’s keep putting it off another few years and it will be worth 50 million. I don’t care about the gambling – what is the project? What do our codes allow? What is the Future Land Use on that property? It’s not my “small town atmosphere”, it’s the people that showed up at the workshop – I was not one of them.

Gambling is going on in DeBary. This isn’t about gambling…what is the project that is being proposed?



Mort Clarifies the Issue –

Norm uses a tool from his selective memory box again concerning the John Likikas statement on Debary Downs.

He fails to recall all the influence the Daytona Kennel Club put on the wimpy weaklings George Coleman, Norm Ericson and Lenny Marks to reject this opportunity. Remember the DKC lawyers NORM...why did not you mention how they intimidated the whole city and made your knees buckle. Remember when the DKC put Debary on its knees??

The City of Debary was made a FOOL of back in 2008 and Norm still has not figured it out. The City of Debary is a loser that cannot accept growth and change. But look on the bright side, we are rid of Coleman, Marks and Erickson....just maybe our new councilmembers will wake up to new ideas and new opportunities for the City of Nothingness called Debary. People get off at the Sunrail and see a ugly backwards city that refuses to grow up. A city of old washed up people living in the past. Debary is a LOSER a city of old deceased people that cannot perceive the future because they have none.

 From Norm:

Couple of things: I never talked to the Daytona Kennel Club in 2008. I simply read my packet, read the proposed agreement, read our codes and Comp Plan and made my decisions with a basis of denial. John correctly identifies the issues from 2008 in stating there was no timeline for development – no guarantee that additional phases would be built (where is the YMCA? It was passed by a Council to be built yet it was never built). “Pari-mutual” was afterwards expanded to blackjack tables, no specific amount of money was to go back to the City – but in the flyer put out by DeBary Downs it stated a specific amount. No zoning allowed what they proposed. There were all kinds of reasons to deny the proposal in 2008 – but let’s see what it is in 2015.

In fact, the more I’ve been going through POP Archives, I’m wondering if we’re going to get a replay of 2008. I’m going to be re-posting editorials from 2008 because while history doesn’t repeat itself it does rhyme. How much has Costa changed his plans? What exactly is the proposal for 2015? A horse track that goes unused but for a couple of races a year? All of John’s questions then are still applicable now UNLESS -

Unless the individual or Council member simply wants the project. And this is what Mort clarifies as it relates to the 2008 decision: I had plenty of reasons to deny - the reasons stated to approve rested on the threat of "low income housing" coming in at the time - never happened. We'll see what the veiled threat is in 2015. But up and against the very real reasons I listed based on the agreement offered is the response: we should have passed it. They just want it.

Much has been made of the visioning workshop from last year: did Gambling come up as something citizens want? Was it offered up as something we want? Where is it on the list? Did it make it on the list? 150 citizens gathered, very interested citizens came together - if they didn't even champion it, I take it as a "No". What I remember most is: keep us a small town with a small town atmosphere. But lets look at the list.

Secondly, Gambling is relegated to Industrial or perhaps light industrial zoning and usage - is Costa's Future Land Use Industrial? Light Industrial? I doubt it - we need an answer. Are we going to go against the Future Land Use? Isn't that what Walmart is about in part?

Gambling was discussed at the last workshop. It wasn't properly noticed on the Agenda so the citizens don’t know about it. Don’t talk about it too much. Don’t talk about the “Mayor’s Mailbox” with your Councilmembers but talk about it for 30 minutes with the City Attorney. We just want to do it, period, end of sentence. And if you have 3 votes, you’ll get it.

I was at the Planning and Zoning meeting a few weeks ago because there were rumors of gambling language being added to a TOD change – people were at the podium asking about it. People want to talk about this issue. Some are for it. Some are against it. But when there was just a rumor of it being passed at the Planning and Zoning, people showed up to ask about it. Why was it not noticed on the Agenda at the 4/18 workshop? That’s wrong. Paperwork was passed around – had a consensus been reached, it would have happened without the issue being legally, properly noticed. Back to John in 2008: “…disregarding the rules and laws….deception…”.

For some citizens and maybe a couple of Councilmembers, they are ready to say "Yes" to the project right here, right now, details be damned. And then when it is denied based on the details of codes and common sense, they become incensed. And that's fine.

Norm Erickson






Re; Norm's attacks upon Mayor Clint Johnson

Look ......Ex councilmember Norm Erickson was one of the knuckleheads that blew the $25 million Debary Downs opportunity yet he is knocking the current Mayor? Norm , Lenny and George Coleman folded under the pressure of the Daytona Dog Track lawyers and their money, they stabbed Debary in the back and we ended up with NOTHING.. Now what do we have but an empty field in a gutless dismal rotten city that cannot accept anything new. THANKS..NORM,LENNY and GEORGE??

Give the new Mayor a chance....he is trying a hell of a lot more than anyone else in the community.

His Mayor's Mailbox is a damn good idea and far better than the flawed expensive visioning process we used before. We mostly wound up with a bunch of OLD retired selfish people or special interests parasites , it was not a fair cut of the population at all.

When Norm, Lenny and George were in office what did Debary get...NOTHING but a $50 million dollar storm water system BOONDOGGLE that haunts us to this very day.

George Coleman, Lenny Marks and Norm Erickson owe Debary citizens a humble apology for their lack of vision while in office. Debary is a dismal UGLY hearted city ...going NOWHERE. At least this mayor is trying , give him a chance.

The City of Debary needs a swift kick in its ugly fat ass...maybe that will jolt it into the 21st Century.

Morton Culligan

From Norm:

At the second reading for the Walmart, CM Carson expressed confusion on how anyone could be against the gambling issue years ago and for Walmart. When the gambling came to us there was no zoning allowed for it. The applicants wanted that zoning just for them. CM Carson said "Yes" to that. But the Walmart, where the zoning is in place and the usage is in place, CM Carson said "No" to it. Try to make sense of that one. So where there is no zoning or usage - Yes. Where there is zoning and usage - No.

But let's get to the issue: The threat at the time was not a lawsuit but Section 8 housing if we said no to gambling. Where is it? We said "No". Where is the low income housing - which, by the way, is what you're really supposed to have around commuter rail. Also, the deal that was being offered to us in the Development Agreement was horrible and nothing was in place to force the other Phases to be built.

The referendum for stormwater to the tune of 10 million passed before I took office. We simply tried to spend that money and tried to get the best bang for the buck out of it.

I said "Yes" to some growth and "No" to others. I said "Yes" to a micro hotel that has not been built over by the IHOP. Said "Yes" to a development down by the river - the owner died - it was never built.

Having said all of that - when gambling comes back to DeBary for consideration, I hope Costa puts together a great plan because if it is, we need it to pay the debts for Sunrail - which is truly a boondoggle.

Mayor Johnson lied about his academic credentials on an official City application. Taking credit where it was not earned. As for the Mayor's Mailbox...is he doing that as Mayor? As a Citizen? The City is not having anything to do with it and he's doing it all on his own...that's what I heard about the fireworks when it first started - now the City runs it.

Mort, we will always disagree about the gambling issue - as to the other issues...we will see.





Debary Residents

    You may wonder why the Economic Development Corporation Team Volusia Inc. was no help securing the 90 new jobs Debary may get via the Wal Mart store.  The answer is they do not do retail, nor does our Volusia County Economic Development Department.

    However when the Daytona Speedway Corporations partners needed a FREE $20 million dollars back in June they claimed all the jobs numbers based on mainly retail jobs. $20M free grant dollars based on retail jobs numbers but we.... do not do retail!!!!

   Why should a worthless Economic Development Department or an EDC Team Volusia Inc. get involved in retail in Debary, when the majority of jobs are retail?  They want big high income jobs for the only city in Volusia County.....Daytona.

  I asked a Volusia county government official who is supposed to help get these type jobs, he claims your local Chamber of Commerce.What could be more worthless than the local chamber of commerce?

  The City of Debary is in debt ,yet it gives Team Volusia Inc. close to $10,000 annually for what?   Of what value is the County EDC....except for getting grants for wealthy corporations?  Retail is not part of our economy according to Volusia County agencies that are responsible for economic development.......that is the word.

Morton Culligan     Debary, Fl.




Where was the worthless Economic Development Corporation known as TEAM VOLUSIA INC. during the special Debary City council meeting concerning economic development for the city on January 14th??

  Our naive Debary city council gave this worthless Team 'Scheme' Volusia EDC corporation almost $10,000 for what?  So they could sit on their hands. The Wal Mart applicants needed help against the forces of negativity and NIMBYISM...but the worthless Team Volusia Inc. non profit corporate bums were no where as usual.

   Where was the Volusia County EDC representatives.....no where, they are all about DAYTONA...that is all they care about as well.

 Where was our Volusia County District 5 representative was he helping job growth associated with the Wal Mart store or keeping out of the fray so as not to lose any votes?

 Why does the county and city keep giving this worthless non profit corporation money?   Team Volusia INC. is all about DAYTONA...that is it.   

   The County EDC department needs new leadership or at least someone that cares about places other than DAYTONA.....we should drop all support to TEAM VOLUISA and give our county EDC department at kick in the butt.  There are other places in the county other than DAYTONA.

     Morton Cullgan     non country club area of ..Debary,FL