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How soon Rudy forgets that he was in dissension about Mr. Parrott. He was too busy crying and whining over Ken Weaver, the candidate for CM that he wanted. He still whines about it. Shows him what Stormin Norman truly means!!!

"Insider 17" -

Editorial Comment from Norm: "Insider 17" is not a real name. On Rudolph's blog there was an "Insider 7" that posted stuff on there. It's not a person's real, legal name. Like Rudolph Conoley likes to use "Van" as a screen name or nickname - even on official election ballots Rudolph did not use his real, legal name - his name on both ballots in 2005 when he lost and in 2008, when he won only to soon quit, was "Van" in quotes; so this person who wrote into POP likes to use "Insider 17" in the same manner as Rudolph uses "Van". I'm sure both Rudolph and "Van" can appreciate that choice others have made as it is the same choice both Rudolph and "Van" have.


Debary Voters & taxpayers

      These city council meetings are getting more better, which is the same as less worser.....

 Last night's workshop was a goodie, no one was thrown out, only a couple of random 'F' bombs were thrown out .  People are missing a great show actually, last nights CC meeting actually bordered on entertainment.    The city should start charging admission , anyways its on tape for your viewing pleasure.

   Of course I had something to say as usual....you ask for public participation... so that is that you get.

  I got to pitch a bi**tch about all the banner & sign  pollution over at the ex Gateway  Park....it was once a nice park, now it is a commercial circus, fundraising center and church. But fundraising is an ART and money hustling and tax dodging is part of our CULTURE.   The story of how a 'money sucking' corporation got a free 5 acres of prime land in a public park can be answered by dialing 386 668 2040 ext 2.  You could also call or E mail Pat 'free money' Northey a Volusia County councilmember, ask her how her friends got the Free 5 acres of land in Debary for their private business in a public park.  Pat Northey also voted to GRANT a free $20 million gift to the powerful Intl. Speedway Corp in Daytona,  Pat loves to give away taxpayer's money, that is how she stays popular.

   My suggestion that we run all the arts & culture hustlers out of the Gateway Center and make it the new police and fire building was a good idea. That would save the city millions...but...we all know in the  City of Debary arts and culture extremists out rank the police and fire departments.

   Guess who..... me , got to point out the fact that the 3 minute ...citizen participation slot at CC meetings is often abused by non profit corporate beggars to manipulate money from the city.  Case in point being the 'Relay for Life' which is actually a Relay for MONEY from the American Cancer Society, The ACS Corporation took in $935 million in 2012 and their CEO John Seffrin made $2.4 million.  The ACS Corporation has never paid a dime in taxes and has existed since 1913.  So we have a wealthy corporation that has been searching for a cure for cancer for over 100 years .     With a 'cash pipeline' like that ....I do not think they will find a cure in the next 100 years...just sayin.   It is a Relay for Money...hundreds of millions...

   Anyways  Debary City Council meetings are actually getting better, only two "F' bombs were tossed out , only one ex councilmember stormed out and no one was thrown out.  That is my spin of the day...thanks

                                 Morton C        Debary voter


Sandra Wilson has sat on the Cultural Council Committee for years. This Council recommends to the County Council that, among other expenditures, that they give money to the Gateway Center for the Arts whose President is, yes, Sandra Wilson. She probably recuses herself on particular votes because of the unethical practice – still, her friends on the Cultural Council vote in favor of her private corporation paid for and supported with public taxpayer money. When Mort spoke at the latest Cultural Council meeting, Sandra Wilson left before Mort came up to talk. When Mort asked if she was going to stay and listen, she said she had heard enough of what he had to say.

Thus her motivation of having Mort taken out by police not once, but twice. The first time was to have him arrested and given a mugshot. So, when this Cultural Council votes to recommend expenditures of funds in favor of the Gateway Center for the Arts, they are supporting a dictatorial corporation that is private, exclusive and not for all citizens – only citizens not disagreeing with the Gateway Center for the Arts.

When the County Council actually votes to give taxpayer money to a private corporation – Gateway Center for the Arts – they are supporting the evil of quashing a citizen’s 1 st Amendment Right and using your money to do so. That kind of behavior by Sandra Wilson should not be supported with taxpayer money. I’m going to be sending emails and trying to attend some of these meetings. It is difficult as these meetings occur on weekdays in the morning – wonder why.

Norm Erickson

From Mort Culligan:

To Volusia County and Debary taxpayers

   I would like to speak today about the money making private corporation.... Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary, Fl.  This corporation is a very political ,money hounding corporation operating from a public park.

    This corporation uses their  FREE  $3.5 million dollar building, primarily for making money for that corporation.  This corporation claims to serve the public yet also claims to be a private business when it wants to eliminate taxpayers such as myself from their premises.  Taxpayers that have been critical of their relentless greed and non stop hounding for  money from the community are not welcome at their taxpayer funded building in a public park. This money hounding corporation enjoys an almost free 5 acre section of a public park at 880 hwy 17-92 for its money making, political and religious activities. Schemes such as permitting the selling questionable food from food trucks on Thursdays, a flea market and bakery on Saturdays and regular church services at THEIR church/arts building on Sundays. None of this has anything to do with arts and culture in violation of their lease with the city, as I understand it.

    This non taxpaying, freeloading  corporation over the years has hounded the City of Debary, County of Volusia, State of Florida and every business and individual it could in the area for MONEY....yet pays no taxes because of its 501C3 status.   

     I am proud of speaking out against this manipulative corporation years ago when they tried to manipulate intimidate the City of Debary for a $600,000 grant.   The GCA Inc. manipulators flooded the city hall meeting with children and their arts projects during the meeting, but their strategy of using children, is an old political trick that did not work.

     Approximately one year ago thus same corporation tried to get the City of Debary to clean their bathrooms at taxpayer expense in violation of their contract with the city. Again they failed because myself and others spoke out against the manipulative leaders of this' money hungry' ugly political corporation.

     Since then this outrageous organization's founder has had myself illegally trespassed and arrested for coming on their property .....property leased from the City of Debary, property that I pay taxes on. This trespass arrest in 2011 was illegal and I was acquitted in  a court of law. Never has the vicious arrogant leadership of Gateway Center for the Arts INC. ever apologized for their manipulation of the police involved nor myself.    I will continue to expose every effort this manipulative political corporation uses to devour  taxpayer money from the City of Debary and County of Volusia, I have a civic responsibility to do stand up to all FREELOADING corporations that enjoy taxpayer money, yet pay no taxes.

    The political director of this money hungry corporation Sandra Wilson has since called the VCSO to have myself removed from a POLITICAL DEBATE they sponsored at that facility that is supposed to be for the ARTS . I said nothing to deserve this , it was a public meeting I was invited to by the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce of which Frau Sandra Wilson is a board member. BOSS and Founder of this money oriented Arts corporation,  Sandra Wilson is a considered by some to be a vindictive woman that is a disgrace to the Arts community and the entire City of Debary, Florida.  Others may think she is a nice old lady , I advise them not to get between this nice woman and a tax free dollar.  That is my opinion based upon the various police incident reports her and her flunkies have submitted against me over the years

     The Gateway Center for the ARTS is all about money,  religion and politics  and is supported by Pat 'FREE MONEY' Northey that was on their board of directors.... as this corporation manipulated for even more money from ECHO and the county.    It is unknown the amount of money this corporation has sucked from innocent taxpayers through their friends in politics, it is in the millions.   The people in charge of this corporation have a wild sense of entitlement to taxpayer money for their tax dodging business.

     In the opinion of this taxpayer and some others, the tax dodging corporation Gateway Center for the Arts Inc. does not deserve one more thin dime of taxpayers money....this corporation is not an asset to the general community it is an embarrassment to the City of Debary and County of Volusia

 MC – Mort Culligan


Debary Voters and taxpayers

     I feel much better about the Debary City Council  after the January 15th meeting and especially after reading The Deland Beacon's article on the subject. Reporter Pat Andrews did an excellent article on our new City Council member Rick Dwyer.  Perhaps you should read it, only a few clicks away.

         Rick claims to want to act as a fiscal watchdog for the city and that is a good thing, because we need people that are not just about the GD image of the city.   Many taxpayers are fed up with paying for image and events when we need fiscal responsibility ,limited government growth and jobs.  Mr. Dwyer looked good as a councilmember and may be the independent voice Debary needs.    The DebaryPOP.com website has a pretty good review on that meeting and of course you know I had something to say.  

      My rant was the usual about out of control government spending on anything. It appears that elected officials  are all about throwing borrowed money at everything.  $500 million for a center for the performing arts in Orange County Fl.......no big deal.  $600 million per copy for F35  fighter aircraft on the federal level... no big deal.       The Fraudulent States of America  just built an $8 billion dollar aircraft carrier maybe it can launch the $600 million dollar aircraft to bomb starving  peasants and empty mud huts in Afghanistan, as fat greedy American generals and admirals play golf in Washington DC near the Pentagon.   It is all being accomplished using borrowed money as we rape future generations and destroy the dollar with our ignorance and arrogance as a nation. As I said at the meeting ....God May Bless America but he ain't stupid and he will not pay our bills or wash our bloody hands.

      Hey...if a few Debary homes get flooded lets spend $17 million on a flood water system and ignore the fact that we have no flooding problem to begin with.  We have a problem of foolish people building on low land often near lakes that get bigger during tropical storms.  These 'suburban mutts' wanted waterfront property, they got it...now the taxpayers have to bail them out.   It seems that every city council meeting the council rubber stamps more money for CEI or Pegasus Engineering or who ever is milking the storm water cow.  Where does it end and is all this rubberstamping justifiable is a question the council needs to address.      When you build a house upon the mountain top do not complain about the wind and if you build next to the water..... expect water ....lots of water.

    The real estate salesmen/hustlers and developers that sold the 'swamp properties' in Glen Shabby and Debary Golf and CC are long gone and laughing at the taxpayers. These homeowners were outraged as their properties went underwater yet none have ever said anything about their own personal responsibility as far as being foolish enough to buy these properties to begin with.  Selling swampland in Florida is nothing new, developers would sell you a lot on the bottom of the St John's river if YOU were stupid enough to purchase it.  People that trust government to protect them are not very smart because government is for sale and under the influence of the influential.   

    Read the city budget....if you think that is bad, read the county and state budget...if you really want to stretch your imagination to its breaking point ,read the federal budget.......no fiction writers could think this stuff up.....it is beyond fiction and classic irresponsibility of epic/ biblical proportions.   Oh well... the future approaches with all its baggage...ready or not. Explain to your grandchildren how we are stealing from their tomorrow ...to satisfy ourselves today.

                   MC    Debary voter


To whom it may concern

    You can do it.......just visit the City of Debary website and click to the city council meeting videos.  Visit the last Dec 18th 2013 city council meeting and watch three DEBARY council members eat crow. Watch as citizen after citizen chews out these 3 arrogant councilmembers  CARSON, KOVAL and HUNT about their lack of judgment and compassion concerning a 3 year old boy's and his parents efforts to keep 3 chickens on an acre of land.  The Hart family stood up courageously for their child against the imperial city of Debary and won.

    These are the same three councilmembers CARSON.KOVAL and HUNT that embarrassed the entire City of Debary on nationwide television via the TODAY SHOW as Matt Lauer's crew had to ask for the compassion that these three councilmembers lacked.   Finally under a threat of a lawsuit did these three  disgraceful councilmembers relent and permit a child to have 3 chickens on an acre of land in the imperial City of Debary.  To their credit both Mayor Garcia and C/M Lita Peters stood up for what was the right thing to do in this case from the git go.

    Many citizens believe the most arrogant of all these council members is Vice Mayor Chris Carson....this person actually stated late in the Dec 18th  city council meeting at time stamp ...1:54... " Our job is to educate people".   This part time politician and full time idiot apparently does not even realize his job is to REPRESENT citizens.......all Debary citizens, even three year old children with disabilities.   Chris is famous for his foolish statements and his ability to represent his wealthy friends and so called non profit organizations he is associated with , above the citizens and taxpayers.   Perhaps ,  V/M Chris Carson needs to invest in an education for himself before he attempts to educate others.

     This is not the first time this elected representative insulted the citizens of Debary, if you go through the city tapes this person states on many occasions "his job is to educate the citizens of Debary". This person still has not figured out what an insult that really is , he in effect is calling the citizens of Debary ignorant. He also claims he works for the City of Debary...no ...Chris you work for and are supposed to REPRESENT  all the citizens not just YOURSELF and your manipulative greedy friends. You do not work for the city government CHRIS, you were elected to represent ALL the people.

      Mr. Carson is considered by some as a 'middle aged brat' from the country club that was re-elected because he is often a dupe for the country club crowd...this council member was even quoted as saying he has the "city by the cojones".

     Watch at this same meeting as a former councilmember points out how Chris Carson added time to a speaker's 3 minute time limit during the meeting without consulting anyone. The speaker was an instigator in the complaints against this child's having a couple of chickens and went well over his allotted time at the Dec 4th city council meeting and is a friend of  recently ousted Debary C/M Nick Koval. You have too see the Dec 4th meeting on tape it shows what kind of people are on the Debary council...look at the tape let it speak for itself.

    Carson , Koval and Hunt were also a  prime movers behind the waste of so much taxpayer money, watch the meeting where they and other councilmembers waste $503,000 on a unneeded park directly on dangerous Hwy 17-92,   this park attracts children to cross 17-92 with no crosswalks and is another embarrassment to the city.   Chris 'country club' Carson also voted for a $100,000 park in his neighborhood near councilmember Koval's house, not far from Chris Carson's mommy's house.

    The voters  rid the city of hardline councilmember Nick Koval yet somehow Chris Carson slipped in by 23 votes, which apparently means another 3 years if Chris 'country club' Carson's favoritism towards his friends, the wealthy and ' non profit corporate manipulators'  that haunt the city.

    Debary councilmembers Chris Carson, Dan Hunt and Nick Koval in the opinion of many citizens owe the Hart Family and the rest of the citizens of Debary, Florida a full public apology for their arrogance , ignorance and meanness as elected officials.  To my knowledge none of these elected officials have ever apologized for their arrogance and selfishness as elected officials and that fact will be remembered on election day...count on it.

        Morton Culligan, Debary voter