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Rick McBride does not follow through on agreement to include "DeBary" in WVAC signage...in a completely unrelated issue...Norm Erickson banned from Rick McBride's Facebook page...developing...check back...


Robert Richards who prostituted his daughter, worked the concession stand at little league ball games in DeBary


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City Council Meeting from December 3rd:

Walmart is moved to January.

The Council voted “No” on the Communication Tower. The Council needs to re-visit the language in the code wherein it says the distance of the Tower “Shall” be 1000 feet followed with a “However” it can be reduced to 500 feet from homes. Never should a “shall” be followed with a “however”. Fix it.

I would go with 1000 feet. But, part of the problem is that we use the word or description “communication tower” when really these are “monopoles” – basically a straight pole with a ball on top. Not a big triangular “tower” most of us may picture. So perhaps 750 feet, splitting the baby in half between 1000 and 500 would do. But lets fix it.

True to the End: Dan Hunt voted “Yes” on that Communication Tower because of the jobs it would bring or revenue. This makes sense. VM Hunt was, I believe, the sole “Yes” on the Race Trac gas station – that was his campaign platform: jobs. I thanked VM Hunt for his service, consistency, fairness and, above all, honesty when admitting when he was wrong or apologizing for behavior. While I’ve disagreed passionately with VM Hunt on policies particularly on spending policies, he is what he is, he doesn’t hide it, and he puts his thoughts out there. If he’s re-elected, we know what we’re going to get – that cuts both ways. He does ask clarifying questions. He’s sacrificed time from his family to serve the City.

Here’s what you probably don’t know: it was added to the agenda to vote on increasing the monthly salary to each Councilmember’s pay check each month. The amount? 300.00 dollars. It’s true. There was a motion to add 300.00 dollars to each Councilmember’s paycheck, each month – this was to facilitate reimbursement for traveling expenses, etc,. It failed 2-2: Hunt and Carson voted FOR it while Dwyer and Handy-Peters voted AGAINST the motion.

This was an attempt to do an end run around the charter which requires the people to vote for raises. A stipend, an amount added each month to each paycheck, is a raise – let’s not play the word game. To just add this to the agenda last minute, last meeting, last month of the year before the new Council – well.

Lastly, Coffee with a Cop should return in January…details forthcoming…this event was ahead of the curve – getting citizens to converse with the police in an effective and safe way.

Norm Erickson



The case remains a source of division in the community. Some think the town wooed a developer only to pull the rug out from underneath them in the final hour. Others see the case as democracy in action: a town that responded to the demands of its citizens who were against a large-scale development in their quiet inlet. The Johnsons claim that they purchased the 16-acre property in 2007 with the support from town leaders who assured them that development could include a public nature walk and pier, dry-boat storage facility and townhomes on the peninsula’s southwest point.

But the Johnsons needed the town to finalize a comprehensive-land use plan to move forward with the development, and town leaders ultimately voted against those changes after a citizen-led referendum strengthened zoning regulations that prevented a dry-boat storage facility.

The turn of events left the Johnsons feeling they’d been betrayed by the city.

Shepard maintains the Johnsons did not have proper zoning established before purchasing the property — a process that required public participation and open meetings.

As the legal battle drags out, residents like Steven Smith are concerned about the financial future of the town.



At the 11/19 Workshop CM Handy-Peters voiced her adamant desire to give a raise to City Manager Parrott - watch it starting at 2:53:15 of the meeting.

Although there was a 30 minute discussion about salaries as an Agenda item, CM Handy-Peters brought this up for discussion in the last three minutes of the meeting.

The discussion, according to CM Handy-Peters, will be added to the January agenda - which is in violation to the City Manager's contract - it is to be done in August and the reason is August is the budgeting season...didn't the Council just finalize the budget a month ago? Why wasn't this discussed then?



A fight since 2008 in Ponce Inlet - 30 million dollars is the cost to the City for denying a company from developing:


The Great Carnak from 2011:

The Return of Lenny Marks (sort of)- The More Things Change...



This is Losing?

It was a smart political move for Lita Handy-Peters (LHP) and Mike Brady to switch political parties earlier in the year – right as they filed to run for office.

In an editorial prior to the election, I wrote that Democrats were endangered species – that has played out on all political levels – including DeBary. I was wrong on just about everything else – hopeful – but wrong.

Ashleigh Hart was also offered to switch parties to get help on the Republican mailer – she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Integrity. In the classroom, the teacher always gives us the lesson first and then the test. But in real life, we always get the tests first – and then the lesson. Being offered the deal of switching political parties to further advance your own personal agenda was the test – Ashleigh passed with flying colors.

Conservative Republicans – like LHP and Mr. Brady – were swept into office and we will see how they govern. Although at this point, what difference does it make? To quote Bush, another Republican, “Mission Accomplished”.

So switching parties was a good first move. A free mailer telling Republicans to vote for other fellow Republicans including LHP and Mr. Brady.

And then the second part: get your friends, like Alan Gochal from the DeBary Diner, to send out a flyer that is the nastiest I’ve ever seen that attempts to smear Mr. Kinsella, his wife and brings his kids into the fray. Call Mark Harper – get the newspapers to report on it. Mission Accomplished!

So, to win, blur lines in the City of DeBary to get the Volunteer Fireman’s Association to do something they have not done in over 60 years: endorse a candidate for one reason only: self-preservation. Candidates shouldn’t run on just one issue, but it’s ok to support a candidate based solely on one issue and not how that person or people will decide the scores of other issues facing the City. In addition, somehow illegal signs down at Dirksen and 17/92 remain while Kinsella’s legal signs are taken. Lastly, change political parties to get with the “In group” and a free mailer to fellow Republicans. Smear your opponent and his family on issues that have nothing to do with governing.

If this is winning – losing never looked so good: Integrity and a good night’s sleep.

The Good News – because it can’t all be negative: with the 3 citizens recently voted in, taxes should stay the same. Two conservative Republicans were just elected. Clint Johnson will never raise taxes. Except that all three have also promised “quality of life events” and investments in “Parks and Rec”. With LHP and Mr. Brady we will have conservative budgeting – needs not wants. But we will have events and quality of life investments. “Having it all” is a concept I left behind at age 5.

Moreover, these three individuals were following the budget talks this past summer. The City Manager made it clear the challenges we face with infrastructure and stormwater needs. That’s why CM Dywer offered the first gambit of cutting wants over needs to fund stormwater – denied. But, Mr. Brady and LHP both ran on a conservative platform with conservative financial budgeting – we will see. They knew the outlook as did others who paid attention. Our newest elected leaders are aware of the issues going forward and still campaigned on conservative ideals.

Also, this line of “keeping the lowest mil rate” is getting tiresome from all quarters. Every Council member who has ever served – even if only for a year – can claim “lowest mil rate”. It’s not an accomplishment – it’s called having a power plant in your city.

Lastly, has anyone checked on Nick Koval? Last year and this year 3 incumbents ran for re-election: Chris Carson, LHP, and Nick. All three have the same voting record. The same spending record. The same. In other words: no difference. But Nick Koval was overwhelmingly defeated with 60% percent of the votes against him – the other two individuals, with the same voting record, were brought back for more action.

Given these facts from the past two elections- from the 11th Edition of Merriam Webster’s Dictionary:

Capricious: given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.

Arbitrary: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

Registered Voters in DeBary: *see capricious and arbitrary.

**In other news: On November 13th at 7PM, Nick Koval is suggesting that a Community Garden be built on Pine Valley Ct in Glen Abbey - this is on the Economic Development Advisory Committee - what does building a park have to do with economic development? I'm sure some wonk has an answer: connectivity. Quality of life. Glen Abbey is where Carson and Koval live - where the new park was built for over 100k and half-court basketball court is being built for 15K. No word yet on the cost of the park that Nick is proposing. And how is your neighborhood doing? Elections are not over on election day...it's actually just the beginning.


Norm Erickson