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July 16th - 2016

Hillary Clint Johnson...private record keeping and losing...

Mayor Johnson - Under Investigation...

Mayor Clint Johnson is now the only Councilmember under investigation by the Florida Ethics Commission. He's the only one and they will be looking at everything. How long would possible violation have continued had this not been filed with the Commission? This involves money and political elected office. Just as Clint and his supporters are in agreement that potential Sunshine Law violations may have occurred, so they are, I guess, in agreement that potential ethical violations should be investigated and they are being investigated. Possible corruption by the Mayor must be rooted out just as possible Sunshine Law violations must be rooted out.

And transparency for all....

Clint thinks it is frivolous...is the investigation of Sunshine Law frivolous?

Let's see: John Miklos was awarded contract money from the City at an open vote to conduct studies he would NOT vote on on the SJWMD - he would have recused himself. And lots of people including the Mayor think this is bad...corrupt. Investigate. Get the State Attorney involved for a vote not cast. Ok. Fine.

Clint took money from Mr. Henin and then actually VOTED on a development project put forth by Mr. Henin...Clint doesn't understand how this could be construed as something wrong. Clint thinks that because he only did it once...

So Mikos is catching hell for a vote he did not cast after getting money while Clint doesn't understand the reaction about his actions for taking money from Mr. Henin and then casting a vote on Mr. Henin's development project. And Clint thinks the Council is being political about tabling Mr. Henin's latest request from the City so they can be fully informed before voting. Well... of course Clint thinks they are being political and not transparent.

Did Clint take money from other people and then vote on issues connected with those individuals?

The Council decided to table an issue to a later date and Clint called a special meeting for an earlier date to deal with it sooner. Clint thought that was ok.

But when the Council set a May4th date for Clint's public records and then changed it to an earlier date in April, Clint and Mr. Daniels didn't think that was right. So if the Council does it, it is wrong. If Clint does it, it is ok. Too funny.

Clint collected money for a children's hospital and then...I don't know...did he give the money? There's no money trail. He has no evidence that he gave money; therefore, I don't need evidence to claim he did not give the money. His behavior is terrible.

He is under investigation. He has lawyer bills he wants the taxpayers to pay for when he was irresponsible with public records. He was the custodian of those records and he is not producing them by either not being cooperative or he's lost them.

Citizens requested public records. Where are they, Clint? Where are they, Mr. Daniels? Where is our "due process" Mr. Daniels? Where is it, Clint? Due process...it's so important for Clint, but not citizens? We still don't have the records Clint kept and will not turn over while he's complaning about a lack of and strongly urging the need for transparency? Yes, he is and this bipolarity of Clint's is not new and we are not surprised. But we're also not going to remain quiet about it. Clint is not following open public record laws as stated in the State Constitution - while wanting Sunshine Law to be adhered to.

He kept public emails on a private server and refuses to turn them over - why? What is he hiding? His devices need to be confiscated by law enforcement.

Where is the lawsuit? The Council voted to file suit against the Mayor. The Mayor has always claimed he's done nothing wrong - so why hire a lawyer - our County Councilman who is to represent DeBary is defending the Mayor - how is this allowed in this atmophere where above board dealings are a must?

Where is the lawsuit the Council voted to have filed? There should be no negotiations...the Mayor needs to pay his attorney fees...20K at last count.

We have a third party investigating the Mayor and let them render a decision. The public hearing on forfeiture should have happened on July 6th. It seems 3 councilmembers want to decide what the outcome of the public hearing should be without having a public hearing. The Mayor violated prohibitions of the Charter - we have the Mayor's tweets to substantiate the violations...either kick him or keep him...but dragging it out is not needed.

Maybe after the Ethics Committee and the Governor look at the Mayor's possible violations, suspension from office will make the public hearings moot.

Councilmembers, do not use taxpayer monies to pay for Clint's lawyer. Just as Clint incurred the bills to the City by not providing public records, so too he has incurred his own legal bills for his own poor behavior.

Back to the family for me...

Norm Erickson


July 4th - 2016

The Ship Has Sailed

When summer time comes, I disconnect from DeBary politics and spend time with my wife and kid; however, POP has been at the center of social media before FB...before Twitter, so it can't be helped that I receive information all the time. So let's take a moment and review:

We have hired a interim City Manager - that is good. Now we need to find a readied City Manager. My pick is Bob Francis. We'll see what happened.

CM Dwyer motioned to cancel the hearing on Mayor. Denied. But the July 6th Hearing was moved to...August? Where is the due process for citizens as guaranteed by the Charter? The Mayor's due process is so important, how about ours? It's not cancelled, the July 6th is not upheld, we move it to August. Not liking it. Where is due process for the people? The hardball truth is this: now the Charter has been violated by moving it to August as the Charter calls for a public hearing at the next regularly scheduled meeting. It's not an express prohibition...but in the spirit of things...it's gone on too long, now. Cancel the whole damn thing.

Mr. Daniels, Clint's lawyer, wants us to pay 20K for his legal bills. Why? If the Mayor had turned over public records and behaved, there wouldn't be any worries or bills. Also, the Council voted to file a lawsuit against the Mayor over public records. Now Mr. Daniels is "negotiating" with City Attorneys over this? No good. Who overturned the votes of the Councilmembers put in there by the people? Where is the lawsuit? Who said to negotiate? We pay? No way. Clint is always looking for someone else to pay for his being irresponsible.

CM Dwyer stated at a meeting that Clint violated the Charter - there was no push back on this. It's the truth and Clint's Twitter post proves it by describing the nature of the emails as "express instructions". It's just that this does not rise to the level of forfeiture for CM Dwyer. I disagree. But it's the job of the Council to review the evidence and render a decision. It has nothing to do with 1st Amendment rights which is laugable. What about Dan Parrott's 1st Amendment rights to talk to Councilmembers? Oh, you mean we still have to follow rules even with 1st Amendment rights? Oh, ok. Get it, Clint? No, because then he'd have to be responsible. The emails haven't changed. The evidence is the still the same. So why the delay?

Legal bills. Why are we spending taxpayer money to investigate Clint Johnson? 40K on just this guy? Why are we trying to hold him responsible? In fact, why spend taxpayer money with a raid on City Hall to hold Dan Parrott accountable? Just let these two people do whatever they want. Furthermore, why spend taxpayer money investigating Mr. Miklos on SJWBMD? Just let him do what he wants. If we simply just let Clint, Dan and John do what they wanted to do, we wouldn't have such high legal bills, do the supporters of Clint agree with me?

Let them all do what they want. Or.

Or...we could spend taxpayer money and look into holding all three accountable of whatever they did or did not do...and I think that's what we're doing. For all three. And that's ok, right Clint supporters? It is with me.

Dave Swanson satirized POP with his own website that lasted about 30 seconds. Mr. Swanson took a shot at John Likakis - a dead WWII and Korean War Vet who can't defend himself. Tells me all about the feckless Mr. Swanson to do such a thing - he and his wife are big time supporters of Clint. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'll end with Clint Johnson. I've received enough information from many different sources to know that, except for newspapers with the desire to sell ink (which I understand and accept), Clint has jumped the shark. Citizens read about his twerpy, irresponsible behavior and just sigh, nod their head, and turn the page. They are over it. Soon he will be gone and we'll have normalcy return.

People are there where they know Clint is now just saying and doing things to be provocative and get attention - it's been that way since he lost the Cardroom - representing campaign donations to get a project pushed through where no application was submitted- this is the man complaing about corruption. Too funny.

I've been sent articles about important City issues where the Vice Mayor and the other three members are quoted but not Clint - because he brings nothing to the table other than shadowy language about "moving forward" and "healing". The fact is, when you read Clint's posts and his chatter, he talks about governing and government as if he has nothing to do with it. It's as if he is in no position whatsoever to do anything about government. He's not because he doesn't have the aptitude, but to read his outbursts, it's like he's begging to be in the position of an elected official so he could somehow correct the system.

Also, Mayor Johnson's voting record is at direct odds with Clint Johnson's Twitter posts - especially with this last vote on the Interim City Manager. So if the Mayor can't get on the same page as Clint, certainly no one else should be expected or even try to get on the same page with the Mayor...or Clint...

I don't know if Clint did his Cuba trip - when Mr. Sandler brought it up, Clint censored him...thus violating Mr. Sandler's 1st Amendment rights - but that's ok, right Clint? But as far as the people are concerned, Clint's ship has sailed here in DeBary. He's running down the pier looking for attention.

Ok. That will do it for a month or so...

Back to family...I suggest you do the same...

In August: DeBaryPOP Doo Wop will return...because we need some good music and laughs...wait for it, faithful reader.

Norm Erickson