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Another storm brewing for the weekend?





Mayor found to have

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Violations all 4-0 except for 2: 3-1

Mayor not able to understand charges...

Mayor argues about the weaknesses of Charter...the same Charter that he can't follow...




Mr. Daniels interupted City Attorney and accused the City Attorney of giving "bad information"...


Both Groups of Supporters of Clint and Detractors of Clint Agree:

Clint, you do lots of stupid things. You put your foot in your mouth constantly. It's what BOTH groups agree on tonight....

Mayor asserted his 1st Amendment Rights in reading a statement from Rob Sullivan...

No 1st Amendment Rights for Virginia Heuny(sp?) from St. Ann's is stopped as Mayor tries to respond to her before she can even offer her commentary...

Mr. Mayor, it wasn't the Citizens that caused alarm with potential violence..it's your rhetoric...your behavior...not other Citizens...

Mayor walks back his faked Memo to include the Pope's words when that was not on it when he originally posted the memo...what an intellectually dishonest person...

Mayor goes off topic...and expresses his thoughts...not allowing others the same...

Mayor allows off topic commentary for supporter...

No 1st Amendment Rights for Jean Lord...can't say what she wants...but the Mayor wants to...

Mayor threw out Kenny Knapp because Kenny did NOT say, "I'm going to slap him around." No rights for Kenny...

No 1st Amendment Rights for Carla Gillen...mayor interupts her...she did great...

Patricia Stevenson did a fantastic job...

No 1st Amendment Rights for Kenny Knapp...

Mayor violates Mr. Culligan's 1st Amendment Rights and democracy and freedom and justice --and violates public speaking...he became angry...all the things he said to champion...throws out Mort..and then says he can say...

Mr. Daniels' closing is repetitive and incoherent...let me sum it up: "Um, um, um..." I'm wrong...Mr. Daniels made it clear the staff should just take it and it's not a threat to their employment...great argument...Daniels argues to let Clint off the hook so other Councilmembers won't be accused...or give staff too much power.

Hey, Clint - wizard of smart - the "safe space" sign is in the "Conduct" section of the City Handbook...go read it, wiseguy...if any employee behaved on social media the way you do, they would be fired.

Mr. Daniels slips and says Mr. Frankton: "Did not follow the Mayor's instructions." Mr. Daniels to Mr. Frankton about Mr. Frankton not following Mayor's "instructions".

Mayor "owns the documents" of the Mayor's Mailbox

Mr. Daniels and Clint's strategery: all of somebody else's bad behavior excuses Clint's charter violations...cute...I'll remember that when I get a speeding ticket...other than that...

"Flagrant violation" - Ron McLemore about text from Clint to CM to cancel Council meeting.

Mayor "I want to clap with you" as audience claps in favor of Mr. Daniels' testimony about receiving County records...bias...

Florence K. only three-quarters full...

Mayor shows bias as he laughs with audience as they laugh at Mr. Frankton's response...




Thanks to the Mayor, fewer people will be able to watch the meeting via live streaming...thanks, Mayor for cutting out hundreds or thousands of citizens from their government in action...

Meeting at Florence K. - no live streaming.

"Peaceful protests" on Mayor's Twitter...





Not trying to incite?

From the Mayor's flyer he littered the City with:

"Bring your righteous anger to City Hall this Wednesday 6:00PM..."

By the way, I never got a flyer...neither did my Mom...but everyone around us did...so...does the Mayor really want everyone there?


City changes stance on attending meeting:

Before: If you wanted to participate, you went to the City Hall

NOW: If you want to participate, go to City Hall

Before: If you wanted to watch, you went to Florence K.

NOW: If you want to watch, go to Florence K.

Before: If you wanted to watch but not participate, you went to Florence K.

NOW: If you want to watch but not participate, go to Florence K. or City Hall

Now, Clint, can we get those public records you're holding back?


Responding to Mayor's Response on Charter Violations

The Mayor's lawyer has responded to the Charter Violations on the Mayor's Mailbox - showed his whole hand.

First of all, saying "please" does not negate an order being given. If a Superintendent says to a teacher, "Please do 'ABC'", does that teacher really have a choice? It's their boss's boss - as is the Mayor to any City Staff member. Mr. Daniels argues that the City Staff has a choice to do it or not. But when they don't, they get this from the Mayor's Twitter which is NOT covered in the response from Mr. Daniels - he must have missed it:

Overpaid Records Manager Eric Frankton took surveys from my office against my express instructions, has refused to return them, & lost some.

So, the "please" did not negate "express instructions" which are orders -express instructions as defined by the Mayor himself. Mr. Daniels can't deal with this because the Mayor defined his "please" as "express instructions". And there was a list of instructions and orders. "Express instructions" and "please" do not go together...unless you're using Clintonian Logic.

Mr. Daniels states City Staff can say "No" to these orders, but if they do, then the Mayor calls for those staff members to be fired - which causes mental anguish and is a kind of emotional blackmail - after all, we're talking about City Staff members' boss's boss.

So, I think it's interesting to see what Mr. Daniels left out. The contradictions and the attempt to contravene the meaning and intent of the Mayor's emails with the Mayor's tweet that defines what "please" means: express instructions. The Council is on solid ground to find the Mayor forfeited his office.


Mayor Puts All of his Cards on the Table...BEFORE the Hearing:




A Different View in DeBary than from Daytona Beach

DBNJ’s view of what is going on in DeBary is from a distance. A safe distance. Let’s review the facts that are on the record:

After a few citizens spoke at the podium, Mr. Culligan approached the podium and the Mayor stated, “Now we’re going to hear from a sane person.” In other words, the previous speakers, I was one of them, were “insane” as characterized by the Mayor.

I was at a meeting with Mrs. Stevenson and we were just sitting there quietly and the Mayor called us “trolls” and felt justified in calling us that name.

The Mayor has likened fulfilling public records requests, Barbara Peterson where are you?, to “negotiating with terrorists”.

After reading a fact based paper from the podium on the Mayor’s actions, the Mayor’s response was, “You’re full of crap.” The Mayor was then fully impotent to contravene anything I stated - he didn't even attempt it. "Full of crap" is usually the entrée to an argument that could go sideways quickly and easily.

These are just from the top of my head and they are on the record. Facts.

I suppose from the offices in Daytona it doesn’t look like the Mayor is “inciting” anything, but from the cheap seats at City Hall, oh, “peanut gallery” comes to mind, and from the podium, the Mayor does exactly that: tries to incite emotional responses either to fact based discussions or simply just sitting in a room saying nothing. He's doing it right now with the Charter issue where he did violate the Prohibitions in the Charter so he wants to talk about anything else but those violations.

When the Mayor posts, "No justice, no peace", we in DeBary can't afford to be aloof and just dismiss it. Not with what is going on in the world today.

Things always look calmer from a distance…but for those of us who have been in the front lines…the City Manager is taking appropriate steps to prevent something terrible from happening.

If you want to watch the meeting, go to Florence K. No one is stopping you.

If you want to participate, fill out a card, go and participate. No one is stopping you.

Not that long ago, people were stopped from attending the Cardroom meeting the Mayor called – they only handed out so many tickets – people were turned away…I didn’t hear anything about the ACLU or Sunshine Law about that one…because: it all depends on whose Ox is gored…

Norm Erickson



Don't spill your coffee reading this one...

Legal Ramifications for Mayor?

Mayor Uses City Seal WITHOUT Permission to create a Fake Memo...

Using a City Seal Without Permission is...not allowed...

2016 Florida State Statutes:

165.043 Official county or municipal seal.—The governing body of a county or municipality may, by ordinance, designate an official county or municipal seal. The manufacture, use, display, or other employment of any facsimile or reproduction of the county or municipal seal, except by county or municipal officials or employees in the performance of their official duties, without the express approval of the governing body is a second degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

History.—s. 1, ch. 91-59.


Clint Johnson on Twitter:

The "Safety Memo" is an example of how little the City administration trusts or respects the residents. Disgusting!

From Norm: The Safety Memo is the City acting in the best interests of the City and erring on the side of caution.

Mr. Mayor, just because you think your words don’t mean anything, doesn’t mean others hold the same position. “No justice, no peace” is an irresponsible statement uttered by an immature boy which you are; however, the City will not respond with equal irresponsibility by not protecting the Citizens with additional security measures.

Mayor's Tweets "...an attempt to incite a riot, intimidate members of the public...and even as cause for fear of physical harm..."



TO: Mayor, City Council, Kurt Ardaman, Esq., Captain Tim Morgan VCSO  
FROM: Ron McLemore, Interim City Manager  
SUBJECT: Hearing – Enhance Security Measure  
DATE: August 18, 2016  

This memorandum is to advise you that Mayor Johnson’s comments distributed on social media on August 15, 2016 stating, “there will be no justice, so let there be no peace” have caused a substantial backlash from the public. This backlash of comments indicates that some members of the public have perceived these comments from the Mayor as an attempt to incite a riot, an effort to intimidate members of the public who may not support his continued service from expressing their viewpoints at the meeting, and even as cause for fear of physical harm.  

Based upon this feedback, it appears that these most recent comments, in conjunction with his June 21, 2016 social media comment stating, “I am calling on all law abiding citizens in DeBary to purchase, practice and carry a firearm,” have struck an alarming nerve with the public. It appears these comments may be causing a chilling effect on public participation in one of the most important events in the City’s history.  

After conferring with law enforcement, city attorneys, and city staff, it is my conclusion that an enhanced level of security is appropriate for the conduct of the hearing in order to provide for an orderly hearing process and to provide the public with the perception and reality that a safe environment exists in which to participate in their local government.  

In any situation indicating a need for enhanced security, public officials are obligated to balance the need to protect the safety of the public with their right to participate in their government and free speech. There is little question that if everything goes smoothly, city officials will be chastised for over-reacting, and if things go wrong, chastised for not being prepared.  

However, after taking everything into consideration in this situation, it is my opinion that an abundance of caution is the appropriate strategy for the hearing.  

Therefore, I have directed City staff to implement the following security measures:  

1. The hearing will take place in the Council Chambers.  
2. No one will be allowed in the Council Chambers other than persons essential to the hearing, i.e., city elected officials, attorneys, witnesses, appropriate City staff and those members of the public and others who have signed up to speak.  
3. All persons entering the Council Chambers will be screened prior to entry.  
4. We have made additional provisions for the public and others in the Florence K. Little Town Hall.  
5. The meeting will be streamed live to the public in the Town Hall and the community at large. City staff will be present in Town Hall to accept requests to speak and to operate the electronic equipment.  
6. An enhanced level or level of law enforcement will be present.  

This is an unfortunate situation. However, I am confident that this strategy will provide the level of security needed without compromising the public’s right to participate in their local government.  

Finally, we should keep in mind that throughout our history, our participatory democracy has been, from time to time, a loud and messy proposition. However, it is still the most just, constructive and productive form of government the world has ever known and we intend to do our part to keep it that way.  

City of DeBary  
16 Colomba Road  
DeBary, FL 32713  
(386) 668-2040



The Mayor sent emails and texts directing staff. The Mayor's own tweet characterizes these exchanges as "express instructions". This violates the Prohibitions in the Charter. By doing this the Mayor forfeited his office as would any Councilemmber missing more than three meetings in a 12 month period as that also is a forfeiture of office- or...would we be asked not to follow the Charter in that circumstance as well? (Sec. 4.07 b.)

Citizens voted the Charter into existence - not to follow it would be to allow "anything goes" and overturn those votes that gave us our "law of the land". These facts and the law are things the Mayor does not want to address - so he is creating a Circus of Distractions (see below) with as many rings as possible.

But remember, the Mayor in his own tweet stated that he gave "express instructions" to staff. So, over the next week the Mayor will tweet and share many, many things - but none of them will have anything to do with the facts in this Public Hearing...because...the Mayor doesn't want to talk about those things...and it's his aim that you and the Council won't either. Don't be taken in by the Circus of Distractions the Mayor is trying to create.

7 days until we can put this all behind us...remember...elections don't end in November...we live with the consequences...




Clint Johnson

There will be no justice, so let there be no peace. It's honorable to fight for the sanctity of  # DeBary  # Democracy!



Posting on Twitter by Mayor Johnson about the private conversation between the Vice Mayor and the City Manager:

Clint Johnson ‏ @ClintPJohnson Aug 12

The worst part of this conversation is everyone in city hall and possible residents could hear it. Unprofessional!

Got it, Clint. Unprofessional. And the worst part is everyone in City Hall and any nearby residents passing through could have heard it. Terrible. I mean, embarrassing, wrong, not the image our City should project. I wouldn't want to hear that conversation echoing through the halls, open areas and into other nearby offices. If I had been there I would have told the Vice Mayor and City Manager that they could be easily heard down the hallway. I would have protected the image of the City...not take notes and use it to sully the City's image.


Why did the Mayor allow it to continue? For an hour and a half? An hour and a half.

Why not go down to the office and say, "Um, guys, we can all hear you. Not good for the City image. You're both being very unprofessional", and walk away?

Why didn't Clint protect the City image?

The worst part was the conversation was overheard? No, the worst part of the conversation is that the Mayor allowed it to continue - that's worse. Only good people doing nothing is required for unprofessional behavior to exist.

But instead of protecting the City....the Mayor sat down, tightly crossed his legs and eagerly took notes while receiving the dictation for an hour and a half - I can't imagine the (hand) cramps from which he suffered...thank God for Midol. I love the 1st Amendment...as much as Clint does.

But...it's sad to see the Mayor proclaim he loves this City and is an adult and knows right from wrong but will allow a situation he describes as wrong and terrible and unprofessional to continue so he can take notes for an hour and a half.

Lastly, I don't believe the Mayor's story on how this went down. The Mayor lies - about Stetson, tax exemptions, providing records, having records, etc,. It's been proven.

But, if Clint wants to post on Twitter how he allowed a terrible, horrible, unprofessional situation to continue for an hour and a half while he took notes...who am I to criticize our beloved comrade and leader?

Norm Erickson



Though he stated it twice on two different City Applications that he graduated from Stetson...Clint never graduated from Stetson...but he put down twice that he did graduate with a degree....


I've been getting emails asking me how is it that the Mayor could actually hear the meeting outside the office. Where was the Mayor sitting listening to this and taking notes? Where was the secretary given her desk is right there by the City Manager's door? There are many questions about how the Mayor eavesdropped on this private meeting and took notes.

From a Concerned Resident:

As to the conversation itself and the notes now made public:

Damn right Clint acts like Trump

Damn right we're not paying Clint's legal fees - don't move off this position...

Damn right he's a "boy"

Damn right Clint is a "media whore"...I feel sorry for those whores who are actually trying to sell that backside...

Damn right we need more private meetings than Council meeetings...we seem to be getting to the truth of the matter sooner rather than later...

Lastly, only one page of notes from an hour and a half meeting? That's it?

From Norm: Clint never recused himself from voting on Walmart issue as Mayor, though he voted on the same issue on Planning and Zoning...also, Clint never recused himself most recently in the last month for voting on a development project by Mr. Hennin though Mr. Hennin gave Clint 800.00 dollars for advertising in the City flyer that Clint did, which, by the way, is under investigation. Clint is the only Councilmember under investigation by the Ethics Committee...Clint is the only Councilmember I know of who has admitted to eavesdropping on a private conversation, taking notes, and then sharing those notes with the public...what kind of monster does that?

Clint Johnson never graduated from Stetson though he stated he did on two separate City Applications two years apart...

Lastly, many people have been writing in about the 24th...and what the outcome will be...people are praying for the Council to find that the Mayor did in fact violate the Prohibitions in the Charter and by doing so, the Mayor forfeited his own office on his own. I don't know the future...I think dealing with the present is enough...but that is why we have music..and the link below will take those patient, faithful citizens to a song that will, I believe, get them through to the 24th:



Mayor listens in on private conversation for an hour and a half and takes notes...who does that?

So interested in that private meeting but not in reading the surveys and what Citizens have to say...

Mayor "1st Amendment" Johnson takes issue with VM and City Manager exercising their 1st Amendment in a private meeting...yeah...that makes sense for this Mayor...



I can see why the Mayor would not want to read the surveys...people were not happy with him. Many of the surveys to the Mayor told him "No!" on Walmart...he voted for it anyway...incredible. If not for my action against the City, these never would have seen the light of day...all of the suggestions and time and effort Citizens took to fill these out and send them in...the Mayor never cared....



Why did Clint do the Mayor's Mailbox? He never read what the people wrote...I did....others have...but not the person who touted how great it was...

Hey, Don Newsom (pg. 5 of surveys)...did you ever get that call from the Mayor?

Take a look at all of the handwritten input the Citizens sent to the Mayor in the Mayor's Mailbox...but...I've got some bad news for ya, Citizens...the Mayor never read them...never read them...hell...he never TOUCHED them....



Mayor Votes for Extra, Excess Money in Budget with the Mil Rate...and then BASHES his own Vote on Twitter - and...we should respect the taxpayer money yet waste it on frivolous lawsuits because the Mayour won't turn over public records...too funny...

Excess funds in budget isnt a Slush Fund for pet projects. Its hard earned tax-payer money to be respected.


Next Meeting on August 24th - will he stay or will he go?

Mayor violates Sunshine Law by imposing conditions on viewing documents - whether it's not handing them over and forcing them to be seen online when we don't know if it is the entire document, or dictating we must view the Mayor's Mailbox with him being present in the room.



Only 24 have applied for the City Manager position...gee, I wonder why?

Also, as predicted on 8/8: I predicted the Boy Mayor would make public my public record request but not give me the record. Here is his email:

“I've been busy and haven't had a chance to check my email the last few days. I will post a copy of the document he (Norm Erickson) is requesting publicly by the end of the week with some details and ensure you get a copy." Clint Johnson

I have emails from the window of time from 8/4 to 8/7 that show the Boy Mayor did check his City email and respond to Mr. Frankton and others. So his claim of not checking email is another lie in a long list of lies. Also, the Boy Mayor does not state on what website it will be posted nor if it is a photocopy of what he read from the dais. Cooperative? Hardly. Does the Boy Mayor ever just tell the truth?


People have been asking me: "Has Clint turned over those records you requested, Norm?"

"No" is the answer. I don't think Clint will turn those records over.

If I'm right in my estimation of our most transparent of Councilmembers, he will post them on some public website, never hand them over to me directly through Staff, and continue the drama.

The real issue isn't so much the Mayor playing power games with public documents, the real story is his violating Sunshine Law by "sitting in" on a meeting with another elected official - the Vice Mayor - who was unaware of his "presence" - very creepy. The Mayor has notes from a meeting he and the Vice Mayor attended which was not noticed...so, Somebody...Anybody...we have a Sunshine Law violation...basically a meeting not including other Councilmembers...just like that email Parrott sent out...will Somebody make the call? Or at least send me the number, please? Thanks.


The Rearview Mirror and the Hood Ornament



Violating State Statute 119.01 and 119.021

Click here for Statutes


I have a memo and email from the City showing the Mayor has not been cooperative or transparent as it relates to public records; Mayor accuses others of being uncooperative; Mayor describes himself as the "most transparent" of the Councilmembers.

From an August 3rd Email from City Attorney to Council:

When the attempts to obtain the records from Mayor Johnson were unsuccessful, the City Council authorized the filing of a lawsuit(s) but directed us to attempt to obtain the records without filing suit.  Accordingly, City Staff and our firm have had numerous communications with Mayor Johnson and his attorney, and met with Mayor Johnson and his attorney, Doug Daniels, on July 12, 2016 to discuss the matter.  As outlined in the attached memorandum, Mayor Johnson offered to cooperate regarding some of the requests and to produce a number of records.  Mayor Johnson has not yet produced any of the records as agreed during the July 12, 2016 meeting.


Citizens Get It

Below is an email sent to me and the citizen wanted to remain anonymous. Fine. I've also received from another concerned citizen in snail mail a manilla envelope, when I was a kid, I called it a "vanilla envelope", with a bunch of copies of records and a letter that discussed the Mayor's financial dealings with great questions as well as other individuals: Kinsella, Brady, Handy-Peters, Hart, Knapp, Lee, Lenzen, Pizzo, and Tillis. This was kind of interesting and I felt like Bob Woodward meeting Deep Throat after putting a flag in my flower pot. Anyway, I got the package.

Also, it's been pointed out that the settlement offer from the Mayor to the Council as it relates to the lawsuit says nothing about providing the actual records? I've still not received any communication or copies for the records I requested last week from the 8/3 meeting. Tomorrow I will call the State Attorney's office in Deland and see if they can help - one should not have to hire a lawyer to enforce rights provided for in our State Constitution as it relates to open public records laws. I pay taxes - the State Attorney should be able to help. Also, with the Mayor being "present" at a meeting with the Vice Mayor he violated Sunshine Laws. His listening in is tantamount amount to simply sitting there and saying nothing - is that allowed? That the Vice Mayor and City Manager were unaware clears them but paints the Mayor as the only really creepy, stalker in this City. Also, is there anything to "expectation of privacy"? Two Councilmembers were present at a meeting about City issues. That one Councilmember was unaware doesn't change that fact, it only clears the unknowing the Councilmember. But the Mayor knew it. And he knew he was violating Sunshine Law - and that's not allowed to happen with Dan Parrott or Clint Johnson - right? right? right?

From a Citizen:

The mayor wants to hear from the people just like in his first mailer.
He said he did not even look at the responses, had some one else tally the results.
I read a lot of the responses and there were some good questions and and some offered solutions.

But he did not even read them!


Let's Talk Budget...Mayor promised in mailer never to raise taxes...he's done it twice...where are the Mayor Roundtables? He promised them. Doesn't he want to hear from the people? Why campaign to hear the people and then not follow through?



Day 2 of my Records Request...let's see if I hear from the Mayor...I'm asking for the notes he shared from the dais on 8/3....

---- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Records request
From: Eric Frankton <EFrankton@DeBary.org>
Date: Thu, August 04, 2016 1:39 pm
To: "trinity1955@debarypop.com" <trinity1955@debarypop.com>, Ron
McLemore <RMcLemore@DeBary.org>
Cc: Clint Johnson <CJohnson@DeBary.org>


I have your request and will ask the Mayor to bring them in so I can make a copy for you.  


Bugs in City Hall?

Has the Mayor planted webcam bugs in City Hall? How did he listen in and take such copious notes from a private meeting in the City Manager's office? Kind of creepy, stalking behavior from our Mayor...

I've made a public records request from Mayor Transparency for the notes he read from last night...those are public records. He offered to read more. I've requested them. Will Mr. Transparency, the person who said he has been the most transparent of anyone up there, will he give me copies of what he read just last night? I emailed Mr. Frankton and the Mayor this morning. I don't think Mr. Transparency will come across with those records. Why? Because the these things with the Mayor are not about 1st Amendment rights or anything else except one thing: Power. He has them. I don't. I've asked for them and he won't hand them over. He hasn't handed records over...to anyone requesting them. He talks about having them...and then not having them...and then having them. But...he doesn't hand them over.

Clint violated the Prohibtions of the Charter. He forfeited his office himself - we didn't do it. He did. We didn't send the emails and texts - he did. He did it. Not us. He's not being voted off...he did this to himself. We've lost sight of that with all of his talk. The Council need only follow the Charter. But Clint did this to himself. No one made him give "express instructions" to staff - and that violates the Prohibitions in the Charter.

December 1st of 2015 the Mayor thanked people on FB for donating to "No Shave November" with a check to St. Jude's. I've got screen shots of it all. Did the check get there? It seems it did not...Did the Mayor collect money for St. Jude's and then keep it? It seems so...unless a check that was deposited by St. Jude's appears, I'm thinking Clint pocketed money collected in the name of sick children...

The problem is...no one can find the original posts...they have been taken of FB. But Mr. Transparency always says: "They're on FB...go get them!!!" No, Jackass. They are not. But people have saved them. Did Mayor Clint Johnson collect money on behalf of sick children and then not send the money? Just show us the cancelled check, Clint. Show us the back of the check too, eh? Great.



From City Attorney to Council - Clint's Proposal to "put this behind us":

Lita, Rick, Mike and Chris:

The settlement discussions that were authorized by the City Council have not been fruitful. In response to my communications with Doug Daniels, Mr. Daniels’/Mayor Johnson’s settlement proposal would require the City to pay Mayor Johnson’s legal fees as well as the City’s legal fees (Mr. Daniels claims fees of over $40,000.00), elimination of the ethics complaint filed by Dan Parrott on behalf of the City, and no admission by Mayor Johnson of any Charter violation but he would apologize for personally offensive statements and acknowledge the need to refrain from such behavior in the future. Mr. Daniels also suggested that a first amendment/Charter City Council Member workshop seems futile, but that they could agree to some code of conduct applied consistently with some applicable penalty.

Given the above, and unless the Council directs otherwise at a public meeting, I do not intend to take any further action toward settlement.



Jackass Mayor who doesn't want to make potentially private emails public, just made what was in fact a private meeting public. But, he wants everyone to know he's never ever done anything wrong, he's always been transparent in holding records back or losing them and he's always cooperative. He's a great guy, just ask him.

Jackass Mayor violated Prohibitions in the Charter - Jackass Mayor forfeited his own office in doing that...follow the Charter...forget all of the the jackass behavior...follow the Charter...

The Mayor Knows the End is Near...it will all be put behind us when the Council follows the Charter and finds that the Mayor forfeited his office when HE violated the Prohibitions in the Charter...

Vice Mayor's position on removing the Mayor has shifted from "Yes" on July 13th to a possible "No" tonight and the Mayor GOES OFF ON HER!!!

Maybe she shouldn't have changed her mind...

Did Mayor Johnson admit to eavesdropping on a Meeting between the Vice Mayor and the City Manager and take notes while listening in? He seemed to have represented statements from the Vice Mayor that she stated in a private meeting with the City Manager.

Mayor stated that was willing to "swear under oath and commit perjury" to what Vice Mayor said in private meeting. That's not a typo, folks. That's Clintonian Logic...

It seemed like the Mayor shared publicly the notes he wrote down as he listened in on a private conversation. And then...and then...the Mayor stated he did not want to release all records requested of him because some of them are private...and, he said, it wouldn't be right to make public, information that was written (or spoken) in private. Yeah, that's our Mayor...that makes sense to him...and it's everyone else that's crazy. Gaslighting....gaslighting....

Council stays the course for Public Hearing on Mayor on August 24th.

Mayor thinks that violating the Charter is the same as violating a Prohibition in the Charter - The Mayor does not know how to read and understand the Charter - so how can he argue he's never violated it? Well, he just does.

Mayor is shredded by Mr. Culligan. Mayor says he is the most transparent Councilmember - he's yet to turn over records kept on his private server - hilarious.

Mr. Lombardi was very strong tonight on process and the Charter.

Patricia Stevenson, Seat 2, presented a paper of facts about the Mayor's contradictory and inappropriate behavior.

Then the Mayor in a very creepy and stalky manner went after the Vice Mayor...he appears to still feel jilted over the fact that she won't talk to him alone or privately. It's kind of scary.

Mayor spent ten minutes talking about himself.

Ultimately CM Carson said the best thing: Follow the process. We're all in a tough spot, Mayor. The City is in a tough spot. CM Carson responded in an even manner citing the process and showing that this involves the City...we are in this spot because the Mayor violated Prohibitions.

Video for Mayor's Next Few Weeks:



A description of Clint Johnson as overheard at National Night Out:

A businessman with no businesses.

An entrepreneur with no entrepreneurship...

But he is an innovator...a restless innovator who is always finding new methods to make a jackass out of himself and this City...


As sent in by a Citizen:

Moving to Debary FL has been the worst decision we ever made. There is constant noise from fireworks, mortars, ATV's, altered exhausts, peel outs, burnouts, loud music and people who like to play their drums outside in the back yard at midnight.There is also constant speeding and a lot of stop sign running. We have asked for help from City Hall, wrote the Mayor and tried a couple of other things. Needless to say NOTHING gets done. This is by far the worst place we have ever lived. We can't move soon enough. Don't believe the hype about Debary, FL.


This has been sent to me by over a dozen different Citizens who are really tired of Clint's behavior and transgressions - he violated Prohibitions in the Charter - CM Dwyer stated that fact at the July 6th meeting - Clint's tweets confirm he gave "express instructions" - the Charter is being violated by pushing this Public Hearing back and back...but Clint violated Prohibitions in the Charter - and there are only a few Prohibitions:


Don’t Let Mayor Clint Johnson Get Away with Having His Hand in Your Pocket!!

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal: DeBary Legal Fees Over $160,000 (Norm: I think the 160K is for total City legal bills. Clint is responsible for only 40-50K)to defend himself against legitimate Public Records Requests. 

WHY is Mayor Clint Johnson Evading Public Records Requests on the Public Dime? ( Norm: I still don't have the records I've requested and I'm not alone. I do have a lawyer's number that I've used before....I don't want to soak the City for anymore money...but...if the Mayor refuses to turn over records...I and many others may be forced to either hire a lawyer or make contact with the Russians to get those records...)

Is He Making Money and Profiting from his Title as Mayor??

Collecting $$ During his Bike Trip

Collecting $$$ for his Newsletters

Did He Collect $$$$ from Sponsors for His Proposed Cuban Raft Trip!??

13 Charges of Violating the Charter!

ACT NOW and Contact your Council- Tell Them to Hold the Mayor Accountable for his Actions!

Stop the hemorrhage of legal fees and get this imposter out of office!

Forward this Information to Your Concerned Friends and Neighbors!!

Chris Carson - ccarson@debary.org - 407-474-4453

 Lita Handy Peters - lhandypeters@debary.org - 386-747-9525

 Rick Dwyer - rdwyer@debary.org - 386-337-8470

 Mike Brady - mbrady@debary.org - 386-668-0883

 Ron McLemore - rmclemore@debary.org - 386-668-2040, x304


I know I've been out of it and I know the daily temps of 127 degrees may have fried my brain...but people are telling me the Council is once again discussing the Public Hearing on the Mayor for forfeiture...this hasn't happened yet?

It's actually on the 24th??!!

I thought the Charter stated that it "shall be at the next regularly scheduled meeting" or some such thing. Due process?

It's almost as if they want to have a public hearing before the public hearing.

Where is the lawsuit the supermajority voted to have filed? That's what we should all want to know as it was voted through by a supermajority...where is it?



My wife and I enjoy watching Turner Classic Movies. These films come from a time when movies weren’t all prequels, sequels or remakes. They are originals or some of them are based on novels or plays.

We watched a great one the other night I had not seen before: Gaslight.

At least…I thought I had not seen it before.

For those who don’t know the film, Gaslight is a story wherein a husband manipulates his wife into thinking she is crazy so he can rummage around in the attic to find jewels he had missed taking years before when he strangled his wife’s aunt. The husband, played brilliantly by Charles Boyer, does all kinds of mean, manipulating and tricky things to his wife to break her. Ingrid Bergman, Joe Cotton and a young Angela Lansbury also star. Ultimately the truth sets the wife free. And as she embraces the truth, she becomes stronger and finds her own voice rather than her husband’s.

As I watched the movie unfold and saw the lies, manipulation and betrayals of the husband, I kept thinking I had seen this film before. Somewhere else I had witnessed the same kind of tactics and exploitation for personal gain. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Somewhere else some individual used this form of psychological abuse, “gaslighting” is the term, wherein victims are manipulated into doubting their own memories and perceptions of reality.

Sociopaths and narcissists frequently use gaslighting tactics. Sociopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically are also charming and convincing liars who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their perceptions. Some physically violent spouses may gaslight their partners by flatly denying that they have been violent (Wikipedia - gaslighting). In the film, the husband actually accuses the wife of doing things she has not done – but he has! Imagine that.

And one witnesses all of that in the film…but still…it all seemed so familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Norm Erickson


Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – Wins Highly Sought After Non-Endorsement, Endorsement

Clint Johnson posted the following on his Twitter account:

Clint Johnson ‏ @ClintPJohnson Jul 26

Can't help but laugh @ Pat Stevenson running for # DeBary council. She's nothing more than a creepy hatemonger that will bring more gridlock!

Ok. So. Clint is an agent of Clintonian Logic. Clintonian Logic is logic whereby Clint states something and the opposite is reality.

Examples: I graduated from Stetson – he didn’t.

He stated he was not fired from OCPD – he was.

He’s stated that he’s given over all records requested of him – he hasn’t.

He didn’t pay state sales tax on the bike as he was exempt from state sales tax – he was not exempt – he had to pay.

I could go on and on.

So, when Clint, an agent of Clintonian Logic states that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – is “creepy” it tells me that she is normal and not creepy.

When Clint, an agent of Clintonian Logic states that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – is a “hatemonger” it means that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – will bring peace to the Council dais.

When Clint, an agent of Clintonian Logic states that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – will bring “gridlock” to the governing process, it tells me that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – will facilitate the governing process and get and keep the process on track. Even when the Mayor brings Pokemon to meetings so Clint can sadly pronounce: “Look at me I’m over here”, “I’m here”, “I’m here”, “Pay attention to me”, “Pay attention to me”, “Pay attention to me”.

I’ve been off the radar for two months but Howard Gates and Mort Culligan and many, many others are calling out this Mayor for what he is. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last two years and the same people who complained about my commentary then are echoing it now. I love it. I was wrong then in my criticism but they are right now with theirs. Too funny.

Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2.

Even by using Clint’s own logic and public record, spoken and written, we both agree that Patricia Stevenson – Seat 2 – is a normal, peace bringing, pro-process Candidate that will be a positive impact on the Council.

Yes, this was fun to write.

Yes, it really did write itself.

Norm Erickson